Brentwood officials take oath

Following the election this month, Brentwood’s officials elected for new terms took the oath of office Monday evening at City Hall, swearing to “support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution and the Laws of the State of Missouri, and the Ordinances of the City of Brentwood…” All were incumbents. Incumbent Brentwood mayor Thornton wins another term

Brentwood resident working to restore paths from former elementary school

Barry Williams went to Frazier Elementary in Brentwood. The school is no longer there, but some footpaths that students used to walk to the school remain. Williams still lives in Brentwood not far from where the school stood, and he’s on a mission to restore two of those paths for the walkers and runners of today. The school has been replaced by houses in Brentwood’s Ward 1. As a result, two out of four original paths remain (one of those  is in good condition and one needs maintenance), one was lost with no hope of being restored (between Parkridge Avenue and St.

Incumbent Brentwood mayor Thornton wins another term

One-term incumbent Chris Thornton won the race for mayor of Brentwood over Barbara Clements in Tuesday’s race for mayor. Thornton won 53 to 47 percent (893-784 total votes). He won another two-year term. Clements filed to run in 2015 but dropped out; Thornton defeated Mark Wilson and Ward 4 Alderman Patrick Toohey. Clements previously served 19 years as Ward 1 alderman.

Brentwood votes, campaigns

Brentwood voters went to the polls Tuesday to decide to keep Chris Thornton as mayor, or elect Barbara Clements. They also had six names on the ballot for three school board seats. The ward seats were unopposed.

One Brentwood candidate has filed with ethics commission; one hasn’t

Of the two candidates running for mayor of Brentwood, one has filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission and one hasn’t. Incumbent, Chris Thornton, filed (see report). Thornton’s report 40 days before the election show no contributions or expenses, (see report). Thornton’s report eight days before the election show contributions of $525 and expenditures of $430 for advertising, paid to Gene Del printing, (see report). Barbara Clements, running against Thornton for mayor, hasn’t filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, which means she didn’t accept enough contributions to be required to file.

Brentwood needs a new clerk

The city of Brentwood is looking for a new deputy clerk. The previous clerk, Dusty Hosna, was hired to replace Octavia Pittman, who retired from the city on September 30, 2016. Pittman was hired in April 2012. She is now the clerk for the city of Ferguson, according to her LinkedIn page and the city of Ferguson website. The city clerk position was posted on the Brentwood city website on March 3, 2017.

Brentwood officials OK plan to slow down traffic

Brentwood officials Monday night passed a resolution aimed at slowing down traffic on residential streets, with the Brentwood Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. The the Brentwood Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) is planned as a collaboration between city residents, officials and staff to identify traffic problems and fix them, according to the plan, in the meeting agenda. The goal is to put people ahead of traffic, making safer, more livable streets. The process begins when a resident living within one block of the area of concern fills out a request to the city for traffic calming. A petition with signatures from two-thirds of the residents on the street is also required.  Then the city will visit the site, looking at the streets, signs, sidewalks, traffic volume and other factors.

Brentwood mayoral candidates meet in a forum

The two candidates for mayor of Brentwood, Barbara Clements and Chris Thornton, met Monday at the Brentwood School District conference center in a congenial League of Women Voters forum. There was often agreement in  the 28 questions posed by audience members, read from cards by a LWV moderator. Around two dozen residents came, maybe a few less than attended the forum for the Brentwood School Board last week. The moderator alternated who answered first. Some of the questions, and answers:

Brentwood’s biggest challenge?

Brentwood officials honor Louise Charboneau

Brentwood resident, Louise Charboneau, who passed on last month, and who was known for her passionate activism for Brentwood’s trees, was recognized in a new city tree guidelines manual on Monday. Charboneau spoke often at board of aldermen meetings and was active in other city commission meetings. She was a candidate for mayor of Brentwood when she died. Brentwood City Administrator Bola Akande reported in an email to 40 South that city officials OK’d prefacing the city’s new Tree Policies and Guidelines Manual with a recognition to Charbonneau. Parks and Recreation Director Eric Gruenenfelder and Parks Superintendent Peter Van Lin updated the department’s ‘Policies and Procedures Manual’ by including a new chapter entitled ‘Arboricultural Specifications.’

Brentwood mayoral debate is on: Thornton responds

Up until Friday, Feb. 3 it appeared to 40 South, sponsor of the League of Women Voters forum for mayor of Brentwood, that after candidate Louise Charboneau passed on it would be canceled unless incumbent Chris Thornton said he would take part. He hadn’t responded to emails and phone calls from 40 South asking if he would. The forum can’t take place with one candidate, and it appeared that Barbara Clements was the only one willing. However, a volunteer at the LWV office said Thornton had emailed and called there, and had agreed to participate.

Brentwood mayoral forum to take place

Brentwood candidate for mayor, Barbara Clements, on Monday emailed 40 South that she’ll take part in a League of Women Voters candidates forum. Candidate, Louise Charboneau, has said she would participate, which means the LWV will organize a forum — it takes a majority of candidates. Incumbent Chris Thornton hasn’t responded yet. The proposed date is March 13, but could change since it needs to work into the LWV schedule. The Brentwood School District has said the forum can take place at the district headquarters.

Brentwood police officer retires, honored

Retiring Brentwood police officer, Sgt. Tom Zurheide, was recognized at last week’s Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting. Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald said Zurheide came to Brentwood’s police department after working in St. Louis city, and that he and others who previously worked in St. Louis brought invaluable experience.