Brentwood mayoral forum to take place

Brentwood candidate for mayor, Barbara Clements, on Monday emailed 40 South that she’ll take part in a League of Women Voters candidates forum. Candidate, Louise Charboneau, has said she would participate, which means the LWV will organize a forum — it takes a majority of candidates. Incumbent Chris Thornton hasn’t responded yet. The proposed date is March 13, but could change since it needs to work into the LWV schedule. The Brentwood School District has said the forum can take place at the district headquarters.

Brentwood police officer retires, honored

Retiring Brentwood police officer, Sgt. Tom Zurheide, was recognized at last week’s Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting. Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald said Zurheide came to Brentwood’s police department after working in St. Louis city, and that he and others who previously worked in St. Louis brought invaluable experience.

Brentwood Library out of space — expansion not feasible

The Brentwood Public Library has grown in annual attendance from 45,000 to 65,00 in the past three years, according to head librarian, Vicki Woods. “We’re just popping out at the seams,” she said in an interview at the library on Wednesday. “We’re a victim of our own success.”

She said it’s 6,000 square feet, about half the size of Maplewood’s. The cities have similar populations. After school 15-20 students go to the teen space, once an underused reference room.

Tax abatement for Brentwood apartments progresses

Brentwood officials on Tuesday night approved a resolution for city staff to work with Kansas City developer Gary Hassenflu on a financing deal for his apartment project on the northwest corner of Manchester and Hanley roads. Hassenflu, who was at the meeting at city hall, is requesting 70 percent tax abatement on the proposed apartment building for 10 years. The resolution approved city staff to work with Hassenflu on a deal, then come back to the officials with an agreement for them to vote on. A pedestrian bridge over Black Creek, on the west side of Hanley Road, is part of the deal if approved. The bridge was Alderman Steve Lochmoeller’s idea — as a way to compensate the city for the abatement, he said.

Brentwood mayoral forum in the works

One of three candidates for mayor of Brentwood, so far, have agreed to take part in a League of Women Voters (LWV) forum. Louise Charboneau, the first to file, said on Tuesday she would participate. Incumbent Chris Thornton hasn’t responded immediately to an email. Candidate, Barbara Clements didn’t supply a phone number or email address on her declaration of candidacy; she will receive a request to participate at her home address. The tentative date is March 13 or 14.

Now a 3-way race for mayor in Brentwood

As of Tuesday afternoon three candidates have filed to run for mayor of Brentwood (2-yer term) in April 2017. All are well-known. Louise Charboneau, filed last week. On the last day to file — Tuesday, Jan. 17 — incumbent Christopher Thornton, and Barbara Clements, in that order, have also filed.

Developer seeks tax abatement in Brentwood; BOA could tack on pedestrian bridge

The developer of a 6-story, 80-unit apartment building at the northwest corner of Manchester and Hanley roads in Brentwood is asking for a tax abatement due to “extraordinary site development costs” according to a city resolution the board of aldermen will consider at the board of aldermen meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 17. The aldermen will consider two options. Both require the area to be blighted, resulting in up to 70 percent tax abatement for 10 years to the developer, Gary Hassenflu. The amount of the real property tax abatement would be approximately $445,000.

Woman files to run for Brentwood mayor

Dec. 17 was the first day for candidates to file to run for office in Brentwood. Until today no one had filed for mayor — Wednesday morning Louise R. Charboneau, of 8830 Madge Avenue, became the first. Her name is on the updated sheet taped to the city clerk’s office. Charboneau has been attending most meetings of the board of aldermen, and many other city boards and commissions for several years as a resident.

Brentwood aldermen talk tree removal; mayor won’t apologize

The subject of trees to be removed by the city came up several times in the Brentwood Board of Aldermen on Tuesday. On Dec. 23 the city removed a resident’s oak tree on Urban Avenue without notifying him, which upset him. The resident, Doug Gruder, told the aldermen in the meeting that cutting down the 120-year-old oak (by his estimation) from his yard was “wrong and criminal”. He asked if a title search had been done to determine if the tree was in the city right of way.

Brentwood releases list of trees to be removed

The Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department provided an update on city Resolution #1058, regarding city trees to be removed in early 2017, according to a post on the city website on Tuesday. See the plan to remove city trees. Davey Resources Group completed a tree management plan for the city in 2014, “in an effort to promote and preserve the City of Brentwood’s urban forest and improve the management of public trees.” The plan identified 99 city-owned trees that were recommended for removal. Of those 99 trees, 68 remain.

Rosalie tree marked for removal

A week after a Brentwood resident’s mature oak tree on Urban Avenue was removed without notice to him, the city of Brentwood has posted a notification on a tree on Rosalie Avenue that it’s due for removal. The stump of a recently removed tree — at ground level — was nearby. At a meeting following the removal of the oak with the resident, city staff members and elected officials, it was determined that any future trees to be removed would be well-marked. No list of other trees to come down could be found on the Brentwood city website.

Brentwood incumbent aldermen filed to run; not the mayor

As of Thursday, Dec. 29, the incumbent aldermen for each of the four Brentwood wards, whose terms expire in April, have filed to run for another term. An elected official not filed (Dec. 17 was the first day), is Mayor Chris Thornton. When asked in city hall on Thursday, he was noncommittal; he said he hasn’t made a public statement.