Week’s top posts: Thieves warning, Menards, speeding stops

Three of the top four posts in the past week had something to do with crimes or misdemeanors of some sort. A homeowner who won the right in court to keep his house, and not be bought out by the Menards coming to Richmond Heights was the second-best read. Brentwood signs warn of thieves
Menards is on schedule, house is staying, or not
Where are cops making the most speeding stops? Four teens suspected in crime spree
September 9 Zillow listings for Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights
Pizza Hut robbery suspect arrested
A service dog for Fr. Siefert
Church’s Chicken building up for sub-lease
Maplewood council tackles seat belts, texting while driving, stop signs
RFT reviews A Pizza Story

Flash floods cross York Village streets

The corner of York and Middlesex in Brentwood’s York Village neighborhood saw clear cutting of a small forest of trees in January. In April a sinkhole several feet across opened up at the intersection. Now, flood waters rush over the road and out the sink hole. Residents are blaming the lose of the trees, according to Fox 2 News. “It’s ironic, it didn’t have a problem until they cleared the trees…I’ve been here now 12 years.

Sinkhole opens in York Village

A York Village resident Monday emailed 40 South News that a sinkhole opened last week at the intersection of Middlesex and York drives. She said MSD came by to inspect. She also said she thinks it’s growing. This is the same corner where a non-resident owner clear-cut every tree on the lot in January. One notice on the lot, from the neighborhood trustees, informs the owner that the lot is not buildable.