3 arrested after fleeing from accident

Following an accident on highway 64-40 Sunday night, three suspects fled on foot into Brentwood and Ladue, where all were arrested, according to Brentwood Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald said on Facebook Sunday night that all suspects are in custody. One was arrested in 9300 block of Sonora Avenue and two were arrested in Ladue, he said. Lieutenant McClure, with the Ladue Police Department, said the driver was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and a passenger had outstanding warrants from other departments. No one was seriously injured.

Brentwood man secretly filmed woman under dress at Target: police

According to court and police records, at the Brentwood Target, on August 31, Joseph Mansker Jr., of Brentwood, used a hidden camera to secretly record a woman under or through her clothing without her consent. A similar incident occurred at the Target store in May 2015, when Matthew Foerstel, of O’Fallon, Missouri, was charged with secretly filming a woman under a dressing room door as she tried on a swimsuit. Foerstel’s case has been in the county court system since then. In Foerstel’s case, a settlement conference is scheduled for Nov. 11.

Woman runs from Famous Footwear, apparently barefoot, with stolen shoes in her purse

According to court and police records, Arlene Veronica Kirn, 34, of St. Louis, at Famous Footwear in Brentwood, on September 7,  selected a pair of shoes and put them on her feet. A store employee saw her walking around the store wearing the shoes and told her she needed to return them. Kirn set down her purse and removed the shoes from her feet. The employee could see there were two other pairs of shoes inside Kirn’s purse.

St. Louis woman charged with stealing from Ulta store

Tynesha Cain, 27, of St. Louis, was identified as one of two people at the Brentwood Ulta Beauty store at The Brentwood Promenade, on June 23, concealing merchandise in their bags. According to court and police records, when Cain left the store, she grabbed the clerk’s arm and pushed it out of the way to leave through the door. She and another took the merchandise and fled in a car. She was charged with receiving stolen property, valued at at least $500.

Multiple car windows shot out in Brentwood

Car were targeted in Brentwood Saturday night, the same night that approximately 20 car windows in Maplewood were apparently shot with a pellet gun. Twenty-one cars were hit on Louis, Ruth, Helen and Florence avenues in Brentwood between 1 and 3 a.m. on Sunday according to Brentwood Chief of Police Dan Fitzgerald. Approximately 20 car windows broken: police

He said some had windows shattered, some had holes in the windows — shot with a pellet gun. Nothing was taken from any of the cars. The department has no leads.

Man charged with stealing at Brentwood Target

James Peterson-Bey, 50, of St. Louis, was charged with stealing a jacket and six bottles of Dove Shampoo on August 20 at the Brentwood Target store. According to police and court rerecords, he put the items in a backpack and walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay. He was apprehended outside the store and the items were recovered. It was his third stealing offense in 10 years.

Brentwood officials OK joining joint fire command study

Brentwood officials in a meeting Monday night approved a resolution to commit the city to working out details of a joint fire command with Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights and Rock Hill. The five cities would each have their own fire departments and fire stations, but would share a joint fire command staff structure. “The feasibility study by a national expert simply said ‘it sure looks like that conversation is really worth having,’” City Administrator Bola Akande said in an email. Mayor Chris Thornton said in the meeting that one advantage would the possibility of having someone dedicated to inspecting places like the Brentwood Recreation Complex, which has ammonia tanks for cooling. He also said any reduction of service to Brentwood residents is a non-starter.

Thefts in Brentwood, Maplewood

Attempted thefts at Target and Walmart in April and July were reported, according to police and court records. The defendants were charged. 

Marlon Anthony Bush, 20, of Florissant, was charged stealing three digital thermostats and a backpack at the Maplewood Walmart on July 20. According to records, Bush put the thermostats in the backpack, walked to the lawn and garden department and tossed them all over the fence. After leaving the store he walked around and picked it all up.  Maplewood police responded to the area and arrested Bush, who still had the items with him. Lironz Kristopher Carroll, 36, and Nathaniel McDaniel, 50, both of St.

Thefts at Ulta Beauty store, Drury Inn

Police and court records reported thefts in Brentwood in May and June. Taylor Marie Borick, 23, of St. Louis was charged with stealing $1,440 worth of merchandise from the Ulta Beauty store in Brentwood on June 16. According to police and court records, Borick put the items in a mesh shopping bag and quickly left the store, not paying for the items. Borick dropped her mobile phone as she left. She was identified via video surveillance of the theft.

Woman stole to pay for prior stealing charge, police say

Police and court records reported these charges in Maplewood: a man stealing a wallet containing credit cards at Applebee’s and a Walmart employee stealing from her cash register. Matthew Misselhorn, 37, of Arnold, MO, was charged with stealing, at the Maplewood Applebee’s on July 8. The victim, an employee of Applebee’s, said that her wallet, containing at least two credit cards, was stolen from her purse as she prepared to leave the restaurant at the end of her shift. She had placed her purse on a table near the bar before leaving. Video from the restaurant showed her wallet being removed from her purse by a man; he could be seen hiding the walled in his waistband and briefly sitting down at the bar before leaving.

Joint fire command would help eliminate waste: Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in an editorial, calls it “encouraging” that Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights and Rock Hill are talking about ways to consolidate their firefighting efforts, but says it’s unfortunate the talks are about unifying the command structures and not overall fire departments. According to the Post-Dispatch, the five fire departments serve a population of 45,031, and the five fire stations are mostly within two miles of each other. Also that the departments are top heavy with chiefs and assistants. Joint fire command to include Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights
One chief proposed for 5-city joint fire command: Post-Dispatch

The plan calls for consolidating the command functions into one management team with one chief, three deputies, three battalion commanders and two inspectors.

One chief proposed for 5-city joint fire command: Post-Dispatch

Clayton, Rock Hill and Richmond Heights have approved a resolution to work with Brentwood and Maplewood (not yet approved the resolution) to study a joint fire command for the five cities. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: A study by Emergency Services Consulting International concluded “a consolidated administrative and support branch to oversee operation of the five fire departments would lead to improved efficiency and elimination of redundant effort,” improved firefighter safety and possibly cost-savings. Richmond Heights approves joint fire command study; Brentwood and Maplewood: not yet

The Post-Dispatch went into more detail about the proposal recently:

One chief would direct operations for the five participating cities. There would be three deputy chiefs, three battalion commanders and two inspectors.