Maplewood Police adds two new officers

Maplewood Police has hired two new probationary officers recently. Both were announced on the department’s Facebook page. Probationary Police Officer Ryan Gibbons (below) will be assigned to the patrol division. Officer Gibbons is a nine-year veteran of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and has served in various specialized units.

Maplewood Penzeys recouping from fire: reopening date uncertain

Penzeys Spices, in the 7300 block of Manchester Road, opened soon after a smoke and water damage from a fire in August in a second-floor business  forced its closing, but closed again for repairs. A source has said it’s hard to know when the store might reopen, but progress is being made and they might have a better idea within a week or so. The source added that it’s certain that Penzeys will reopen in its current space in Maplewood. A sign on their door says for now to visit the Penzeys store in Chesterfield.

Maplewood business to move to larger space a block away

Business is growing for Maplewood business, Sole Survivor Leather, so owners Steve and Kay Rye began a search for a larger showroom with more inventory space. They found it at 7401 Manchester Road — the northwest corner of Manchester and Sutton — the business announced Sunday. They’ve been in business since 1968. They moved to Maplewood  (7312 Manchester Road) from University City in 2015. The business is expecting to open in the new space on or before November 23, Black Friday this year.

Leopard Boutique announces Maplewood opening

Join Leopard Boutique on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7407 Manchester Rd. in Maplewood to celebrate the grand opening of its Maplewood store. It’s their third in the area. From their press release: Founded on the principal of providing a positive boutique experience for women, Leopard continues to aim for excellence via its promise to redefine femininity for the modern woman.

‘Brentwood’ to be removed from dealership name in Maplewood

A staff member of the city of Maplewood’s public works department convinced the former Volvo Cars Brentwood to remove ‘Brentwood’ from the exterior of its building, soon to be renovated. The dealership, at 7700 Manchester Road in Maplewood, is undergoing renovations to its interior and exterior. The exterior design was approved, minus ‘Brentwood,’ by the Design and Review Commission in May. It began in Brentwood but moved to Maplewood approximately than 20 years ago. The building east of the current showroom will become a separate showroom for luxury cars; it’s now being worked on.

Total Access Urgent Care president explains why they’re now not coming to Maplewood

When Total Access Urgent Care backed out of its plan to come to Maplewood at a former car lot, Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg explained his view of the decision, and described a conversation he had with the company’s president, Dr. Matthew Bruckel. Bruckel, though, wasn’t asked for his view — why his company decided not to come to Maplewood after all. He wasn’t happy about that. See also: Urgent care is out on Maplewood lot; it’s to be a car lot again

He saw the article as negative to his company, and gave his phone number in a comment on the article so he could give his side. He did that in a phone call on Friday.

Citizens voice concerns over newly amended nuisance ordinance

On Tuesday evening, three Maplewood residents voiced their objections to the updated wording of the Maplewood nuisance ordinance, saying they didn’t believe the city was doing enough to resolve the issues. In a public forum held during the city council meeting, Maplewood residents Kyle Oberle, Jim Breihan, and Jason Goldkamp addressed the council, commending them for taking the first step in amending the broken ordinance, but saying they did not believe the proposed amendments would resolve the fundamental problems with the ordinance. “I am distressed by the proposed nuisance ordinance. We are not facing the fullness of the problematic nature of our ordinance,” Oberle, the first to raise an objection, said. “I simply do not see the justice of forcing someone out of our community.

Maplewood Taco Bell to open in October – November

The new Taco Bell coming to the west end of Hazel Avenue, at S. Big Bend Boulevard in Maplewood, could open in late October according to a construction worker on the site, or early to mid-November according to Bell American Group Director of Real Estate Bob Lach. The new Taco Bell was announced in April. It will replace Tim Hortons, which closed its doors in December 2017, along with all other St. Louis locations of the franchise.

Maplewood officials move to amend nuisance ordinance; approve settlement with Rosetta Watson

On Tuesday evening the city council unanimously approved a resolution to execute a $137,000 release and settlement agreement with Rosetta Watson, the woman who was declared a nuisance and had her occupancy permit revoked. In addition to approving the settlement, the council also moved through the second reading of an ordinance to revise the Maplewood nuisance ordinance, which was cited in Watson’s case. The council is scheduled for a third reading and a final vote at the next meeting on September 25. If approved, the ordinance will take effect on October 10, and will prevent officials from taking action against anyone who was a victim in the incident which prompted the nuisance enforcement action. “It’s not necessarily an admission of guilt…

Maplewood officials set to vote to change nuisance law; settle with woman who lost occupancy permit

Maplewood officials are set to vote on Tuesday on a ‘release and settlement agreement’ between the city and Rosetta Watson, who had her city occupancy permit stripped after being declared a nuisance under the city’s nuisance ordinance. The ACLU filed a suit against the city in her behalf. City officials are also set to vote on an amendment to the city’s nuisance ordinance, cited in denying Watson her permit to live in the city. Per the ACLU: “Between September 2011 and February 2012, Rosetta Watson’s former boyfriend punched her, shoved her, choked her, and refused to leave her property, resulting in calls to the police on four occasions. Based on these four incidents, and even though city officials were aware that Ms. Watson was the victim of repeated domestic violence, Maplewood found that Ms. Watson was a nuisance, revoked her occupancy permit, denied her a new permit for 180 days, effectively banishing her from the city.”

Side Project Brewing plans to open 3rd location

As reported in the Webster-Kirkwood Times, Side Project Brewing will be part of a mixed-use development on a seven-acre property at Rolling Ridge Nursery in Webster Groves. The $25 million development is to include a total renovation of the 26,000-square-foot Rolling Ridge building (60 N. Gore Avenue) including a coffee shop, brewery, restaurant and apartments according to the Times. 

William Barnes, principal at NAI DESCO, said Webster Groves will be Side Project’s third location. The brewery’s two Maplewood spots are staying. He said he’s representing Side Project owners Karen and Cory King on the lease. “It is a beautiful building and unique redevelopment,” Barnes said.

8 businesses affected by Maplewood fire, cleanup begins

Crews were at work Wednesday beginning the cleanup after Monday’s fire in downtown Maplewood. Harmony Health and Healing (7342 Manchester, second floor) where the fire started was damaged the most, has a fund to help them renovate and reopen. Shanti Yoga, next to Harmony Health and Healing, had extensive smoke damage, has started a recovery fund to help pay the teachers who are out of work during their renovation. According to the owner, on Facebook: “After two days of round the clock cleaning and treatment, not much progress has been made in regards to the level of smoke damage in our space.” A Woodard employee said eight businesses were affected by the smoke.

Maplewood street to get speed bumps; and more from council meeting

After a discussion of traffic calming measures on various streets, Maplewood officials on Tuesday approved the city manager purchasing speed bumps for Marietta Avenue. Residents of Marietta have said that the number of children on the block has increased from one to 17 in the past 12 years. They’re concerned about speeding drivers, especially during morning rush hour. The city’s traffic study showed that it qualified for speed bumps, both in the number of cars going over the limit, and total number of cars. See also: Parents on Marietta concerned about speeding drivers

City Manager Marty Corcoran said after the meeting that he knew of only one resident of the street who didn’t want speed bumps — she favored narrowing the street with planters to slow traffic instead.

Schnucks hiring for new Maplewood store

Hiring for the new Maplewood Schnucks store has begun. The store is due to open in August. Interviews are at the store location, 7345 Manchester Road, beginning Thursday, July 26, and continuing Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. until the store is staffed. Apply online before interviewing at the store at:

These positions are being hired: bagger, janitorial, checker, floral clerk, meat clerk, produce clerk, deli clerk, center store clerk, bakery clerk, overnight baker, seafood clerk and liquor clerk. See the Schnucks Maplewood Hiring Flyer here

Police: cars ransacked on Saturday morning

Maplewood Police posted on social media that on Saturday morning officers discovered that several unlocked vehicles were rifled through in the Maple, Flora, Canterbury avenues area. If you were affected by this please call Maplewood Police at 314-645-3000. They posted this map of the affected area. Also on Twitter, a resident posted his car on Commonwealth had been ransacked Friday night.

New window and door appear in downtown Maplewood

Workers cut through an exterior wall on Wednesday, making a holes for a new window and door for the future Elmwood restaurant in Maplewood. The windows and door will be on the Sutton Boulevard side of the new restaurant, with a new address: 2704 Sutton Boulevard. Inside, workers have removed the old bar and stage. See also: Restaurant planned for former piano bar space