Delivery truck hits parked car

Maplewood Police on Saturday reported to a vehicle accident in the 7300 block of Marietta Avenue after a delivery truck hit a car parked on the street. The contact apparently broke two windows and caused other damage. The driver of the truck stayed in the area and cooperated with police, the department reports.

3 commercial buildings sold in Maplewood

A longtime owner of three commercial buildings in the 7300 block of Manchester Road has sold them all, according to a tenant. Sole Survivor owner Steve Rye said Friday that T. Rohan — owner of 7310, 7312 and 7314 Manchester Road — has sold out and plans to move out of 7310 Manchester Road. Rohan ran his interior design business on the first floor until he moved upstairs in 2014 and eventually leased the street level space to Larder & Cupboard. Rye said the new owner plans to renovate the upstairs of the buildings and lease them out for offices.

Red Brick removes piano bar sign

The Live Juke Joint Piano Bar closed in July after an approximately year and a half run at the corner of Manchester and Sutton. The sign is now down. Red Brick Development employees were removing the sign Friday morning. One said, “Mr. Rothschild told us to take it down.” (Pete Rothschild owns Red Brick.) They also said they were sorry they didn’t have a new sign to put up.

New look for Shop ‘n Save in the works

The Maplewood Shop ‘n Save has changes on the way — “wall to wall” — according to an employee on Tuesday. Employees there said the pharmacy is being moved to the north side of the building, with a drive-thru added. Other walls will go up and down, with changes in groceries displays.

New Maplewood city officials say why they ran, and more, on city website

Mayor Barry Greenberg and council members, Steve Moseley (Ward 1) and Ray Crader (Ward 2) were elected to office in April. Jenny Schmidt was elected to fill the empty Ward 1 council seat in August. The city of Maplewood asked each of them five questions:

Why did you run for office? How long have you lived in Maplewood? Please tell us about your professional background and current employment.

Local man charged with DUI

Tracy Bernard Gnau, 45, of 2015 S. Big Bend, was charged last week for operating a motor vehicle while being intoxicated, according to court and police records. He was arrested in the 3200 block of Laclede Station Road on March 12, 2017. Maplewood police report that Gnau smelled strongly of an odor of an intoxicating beverage, and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Also his speech was slurred and mumbling. He refused a field sobriety test.

Maplewood officials OK liquor store; to vote on AirBnb at next meeting

Maplewood officials at the council meeting on Monday unanimously approved a package liquor license, including sales on Sunday and special package tasting license for a store set to replace the former Conoco station at 3600 S. Big Bend Boulevard. The owner, Gaurang Bhavsar, has operated the Conoco station for thee years, and told the council it wasn’t making enough money as a gas station. Council members asked Bhavsar before the vote about his request for the package tasting license, which is separate and above a liquor license, City Manager Marty Corcoran said. Bhavsar said the additional license would allow tastings that package liquor companies sometimes sponsor. Mayor Barry Greenberg asked Corcoran if there was a history of problems at the store.

Package liquor store could replace gas station

The owner of the former Conoco gas station, at 3600 Big Bend Boulevard, will ask Maplewood city officials at their meeting on Tuesday to use the building as a package liquor store. The awning and pumps were removed recently. Gaurang Bhavsar will request a packaged liquor license and Sunday packaged liquor license for the store, according to the meeting agenda. Maplewood city staff recommends approval the the store. Also at the meeting:

Resident, Adelina Mart’s term on the board of adjustment is to be ‘corrected.’

Block captains to prepare for Maplewood Regional Night Out Against Crime

Maplewood Police Sergeant Michael Martin on Monday sent out the first email to 31 previous block captains for Maplewood’s St. Louis Regional Night Out Against Crime, this year planned for Tuesday, Oct. 3. The event will again kick off  with a t-shirt contest. The artwork theme should be anything related to community togetherness, neighborhood safety or any symbol in which reminds you of the City of Maplewood.

A Dollar Tree mystery

Dollar Tree in Deer Creek didn’t open this morning, according to a report to 40 South. A local resident got there at about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday, and there was a woman making a phone call to the company. The company was aware, but no one had put a note on the door saying the store hadn’t opened. Apparently the manager didn’t show up and employees couldn’t get in. After hanging around for a while the resident called the police.

Live Juke Joint Piano Bar shuttered: Facebook, Yelp

According to Facebook and Yelp posts, Live Juke Joint Piano Bar in Maplewood has closed permanently. A Facebook post says it closed on July 22. Partners Andrew Graefe, and Phillip “Spanky” Manaois to open the restaurant/bar at 7376 Manchester Road, in November 2015. Back to approximately 2010, the corner has been the Live Juke Joint Piano Bar, the Blind Tiger restaurant, the Jumpin’ Jupiter cabaret, and Jive and Wail piano bar.