Maplewood officials move to amend nuisance ordinance; approve settlement with Rosetta Watson

On Tuesday evening the city council unanimously approved a resolution to execute a $137,000 release and settlement agreement with Rosetta Watson, the woman who was declared a nuisance and had her occupancy permit revoked. In addition to approving the settlement, the council also moved through the second reading of an ordinance to revise the Maplewood nuisance ordinance, which was cited in Watson’s case. The council is scheduled for a third reading and a final vote at the next meeting on September 25. If approved, the ordinance will take effect on October 10, and will prevent officials from taking action against anyone who was a victim in the incident which prompted the nuisance enforcement action. “It’s not necessarily an admission of guilt…

Maplewood officials set to vote to change nuisance law; settle with woman who lost occupancy permit

Maplewood officials are set to vote on Tuesday on a ‘release and settlement agreement’ between the city and Rosetta Watson, who had her city occupancy permit stripped after being declared a nuisance under the city’s nuisance ordinance. The ACLU filed a suit against the city in her behalf. City officials are also set to vote on an amendment to the city’s nuisance ordinance, cited in denying Watson her permit to live in the city. Per the ACLU: “Between September 2011 and February 2012, Rosetta Watson’s former boyfriend punched her, shoved her, choked her, and refused to leave her property, resulting in calls to the police on four occasions. Based on these four incidents, and even though city officials were aware that Ms. Watson was the victim of repeated domestic violence, Maplewood found that Ms. Watson was a nuisance, revoked her occupancy permit, denied her a new permit for 180 days, effectively banishing her from the city.”

Side Project Brewing plans to open 3rd location

As reported in the Webster-Kirkwood Times, Side Project Brewing will be part of a mixed-use development on a seven-acre property at Rolling Ridge Nursery in Webster Groves. The $25 million development is to include a total renovation of the 26,000-square-foot Rolling Ridge building (60 N. Gore Avenue) including a coffee shop, brewery, restaurant and apartments according to the Times. 

William Barnes, principal at NAI DESCO, said Webster Groves will be Side Project’s third location. The brewery’s two Maplewood spots are staying. He said he’s representing Side Project owners Karen and Cory King on the lease. “It is a beautiful building and unique redevelopment,” Barnes said.

8 businesses affected by Maplewood fire, cleanup begins

Crews were at work Wednesday beginning the cleanup after Monday’s fire in downtown Maplewood. Harmony Health and Healing (7342 Manchester, second floor) where the fire started was damaged the most, has a fund to help them renovate and reopen. Shanti Yoga, next to Harmony Health and Healing, had extensive smoke damage, has started a recovery fund to help pay the teachers who are out of work during their renovation. According to the owner, on Facebook: “After two days of round the clock cleaning and treatment, not much progress has been made in regards to the level of smoke damage in our space.” A Woodard employee said eight businesses were affected by the smoke.

Maplewood street to get speed bumps; and more from council meeting

After a discussion of traffic calming measures on various streets, Maplewood officials on Tuesday approved the city manager purchasing speed bumps for Marietta Avenue. Residents of Marietta have said that the number of children on the block has increased from one to 17 in the past 12 years. They’re concerned about speeding drivers, especially during morning rush hour. The city’s traffic study showed that it qualified for speed bumps, both in the number of cars going over the limit, and total number of cars. See also: Parents on Marietta concerned about speeding drivers

City Manager Marty Corcoran said after the meeting that he knew of only one resident of the street who didn’t want speed bumps — she favored narrowing the street with planters to slow traffic instead.

Schnucks hiring for new Maplewood store

Hiring for the new Maplewood Schnucks store has begun. The store is due to open in August. Interviews are at the store location, 7345 Manchester Road, beginning Thursday, July 26, and continuing Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. until the store is staffed. Apply online before interviewing at the store at:

These positions are being hired: bagger, janitorial, checker, floral clerk, meat clerk, produce clerk, deli clerk, center store clerk, bakery clerk, overnight baker, seafood clerk and liquor clerk. See the Schnucks Maplewood Hiring Flyer here

Police: cars ransacked on Saturday morning

Maplewood Police posted on social media that on Saturday morning officers discovered that several unlocked vehicles were rifled through in the Maple, Flora, Canterbury avenues area. If you were affected by this please call Maplewood Police at 314-645-3000. They posted this map of the affected area. Also on Twitter, a resident posted his car on Commonwealth had been ransacked Friday night.

New window and door appear in downtown Maplewood

Workers cut through an exterior wall on Wednesday, making a holes for a new window and door for the future Elmwood restaurant in Maplewood. The windows and door will be on the Sutton Boulevard side of the new restaurant, with a new address: 2704 Sutton Boulevard. Inside, workers have removed the old bar and stage. See also: Restaurant planned for former piano bar space

Pedestrian struck, killed on Big Bend

At approximately 2 p.m. on Monday a man in his 60s crossing S. Big Bend Boulevard just north of Manchester Road was struck and killed, according to Maplewood Police. Maplewood Police Lieutenant Matt Neighbor said the driver of the car was apprehended south of the area by another police department and was being questioned. The accident is being investigated as a crime scene by police. No other details were available. Traffic was moving through the intersection on Manchester, but S. Big Bend is closed from Rannells to Flora avenues until at least 5 p.m.


In the press: Law allowing eviction for multiple 911 calls

Fox 2, KMOX, KSDK, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Public Radio were among the outlets reporting on a meeting on Maplewood’s nuisance ordinance. 

Fox 2 – Maplewood residents learn making too many calls to 911 can lead to eviction
KMOX – Maplewood Evictions, Smoking Bans & Snuff
KSDK — Police: Treasurer confesses to stealing from PTO bank account
KSDK – Ordinance allows Maplewood to evict for calls to 911
KSDK – Fight against Maplewood nuisance ordinance
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Community meeting set on Maplewood nuisance ordinance that prompted ACLU lawsuit
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Maplewood officials say Shop N Save departure left budget hole

Drawings for Maplewood Total Access Urgent Care submitted

Drawings of a Total Access Urgent Care are with the Maplewood building department and will be considered by the Design and Review Board on Thursday. Brian Herr, Maplewood building inspector, said that the drawings are conceptual — not a site plan. It will still need to go through planning and zoning and the city council. The building is in consideration for 7469 Manchester Road, site of the former Rafferty Auto Sales. The board will also consider:

Just Practice Yoga, 3518 Greenwood – window display sign
Taco Bell, 2750 S. Big Bend – wall and pole sign
Schnucks, 7355 Manchester – wall and ground sign
Messenger Church, 2150 Yale – wall sign
Chateau Maplewood, 7326 Manchester Road – window display sign

Her also said Thai Table restaurant (7403 Manchester Road) is ready to begin hanging drywall on its buildout.

Maplewood nuisance law meeting pulls a crowd

On Wednesday the ACLU Missouri and Equal Housing and Opportunity Council hosted a discussion on on Maplewood’s nuisance ordinance laws at the Salvation Army in Maplewood. The law allows the city to revoke a tenant’s occupancy permit for “more than two instances within a 180-day period of incidents of peace disturbance or domestic violence resulting in calls to the police,” according to the ordinance, in part. St. Louis Public Radio, KSDK, KMOV, 550 KTRS and Fox 2 were among the outlets covering the meeting.

Maplewood officials hear more from proponents of community policing

In a meeting with less on the agenda than two weeks ago, Maplewood city officials on Tuesday heard from members of the Maplewood Community Builders group about community policing and from one Marietta Avenue resident about slowing traffic on the street. They also OK’d a tattoo studio (parking was the only issue discussed) and filled the last vacant position on the city’s commissions. With many Marietta Avenue residents at the previous meeting, several Maplewood Community Builders group took the opportunity on Tuesday to speak in the public forum. About a dozen came and five spoke. They’re hoping to influence decisions about next year’s budget on how to spend the city’s Proposition P funds — more with the community’s needs in mind, rather than just hiring more officers.

Loss of Shop ‘n Save costing Maplewood thousands in tax revenue

According to the city manager, the loss of Shop ‘n Save in Maplewood is causing an adjustment to the city’s budget, currently being worked on by the city staff. Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran told 40 South that when all sources of revenue related to Shop ‘n Save are considered, the loss to the city is estimated at over $500,000. That amount will be taken into consideration in the city’s 2017-18 budget. City officials have planned a work session at the beginning of the next city council meeting to discuss the budget. To put that in some perspective, the total property tax revenue for the city (estimated) for 2016-17 is $3,450,000, and for 2014-15 it was $3,126,274 (actual).

Another good sign in Maplewood

Chateau Maplewood’s buildout is progressing in the former J&E Office City location, 7326 Manchester Road, looking at its Instagram posts. Owner Brian Hobbs told Maplewood plan and zoning last August the wine bar will have about about 20 tables and a wine bar for eight. He said then that he plans on serving lunch, dinner and desserts, but the focus will be on wine. The Mid County Chamber of Commerce plans to move its office to the second floor of the building. See also: Here’s a good sign

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Maplewood officials consider tattoo studio, Prop P funds

Maplewood city officials on Tuesday in a voice vote in the first readings, unanimously approve a proposed tattoo studio at 2801- 2803 S. Big Bend Boulevard. The third and final vote will take place at the next council meeting. Council member Ray Crader asked owner asked about age restrictions, and owner, Alan Thompson, said state regulations allow no one under 18 to get a tattoo without parental consent. He said 16 is the minimum age; also that minors aren’t allowed in the shop. Council member Sandi Phillips said she was at the planning and zoning meeting where it first approved, and that parking was the number one issue there.

Maplewood City Council discusses how to control traffic on block with 15 kids

About a dozen of approximately 30 in the audience at the Maplewood City Council meeting on Tuesday came from Marietta Avenue. Their block carries higher than average traffic for a residential street according to a city study, and a percentage of those are speeding. The residents who are also parents see it at the bus stop on Marshall Avenue.  They said drivers don’t yield to pedestrians, cut through a parking lot on the corner, exhibit road rage, and swipe parked cars as they come north on Marshall and turn left on Marietta. The city had sent a letter to the residents with a suggestion from a traffic consultant to allow parking on the north side of the street to discourage the cut-through traffic. Not one resident or council member liked the idea.