‘Chateau Maplewood’ wine bar passes P&Z

Maplewood planning and zoning Monday night approved a new wine bar/restaurant, with retail wine by the bottle at the former J&E Office City location — 7326 Manchester Road. Owner, Brian Hobbs, was the general manager at Bar Les Freres in Clayton for four and a half years, a job he left two and half weeks ago, he told the commission. Hobbs plans on calling the new wine bar Chateau Maplewood, he said after the meeting. It will have about about 20 tables and a wine bar for eight. He plans on serving lunch, dinner and desserts, but the focus will be on wine — a “full wine experience,” he said.

Maplewood P&Z to consider restaurant/wine bar

The Maplewood planning and zoning commission is set to consider on Monday a new restaurant in the 7300 block of Manchester Road. The commission will hear citizens’ comments on a request by Brian Hobbs for a conditional use permit and a liquor license  to operate a restaurant/wine bar and retail shop at 7326 Manchester Road, according to a notice sent to residents nearby. The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. at Maplewood City Hall on Aug. 7. 7326 Manchester Road is the former address of J&E Office City, in business in Maplewood for 40 years.

3 businesses aiming to open September 1

Three businesses are working to open on September 1 in Maplewood in the building on the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Sutton Boulevard, according to August Schlafly, agent with Schlafly Corporation. He said the building is now full. The Blue Duck restaurant already opened there earlier this year (the door is on Sutton). Aiming for September 1 are: Goebel & Co. Furniture, mStoner (a design agency in Chicago opening an office here), and a hair salon.

Maplewood firm to use caboose for office

Seafoam Media, a marketing firm in Maplewood, moved recently from an upstairs office on Manchester Road to 2732 Sutton Boulevard, and owner Nikki Bisel loves an extra that came with the new space — a caboose. The new office is next to Maya Cafe (which reopened in March 2015). Maya owner Jay Schober once had plans for the caboose. Now, Bisel said it would be a neat place to meet with clients. The caboose is right behind Seafoam, and Bisel hopes to use it either for her office or as a meeting room/quiet space.

Antiques shop planned for Big Bend location

An ‘antique, vintage and collectible store’ is planned for 2301 S. Big Bend Boulevard. Maplewood Planning and Zoning is set to vote on a recommendation for the shop at its July 5 meeting, at city hall at 7 p.m., according to a city notice on the door. The commission will also hear citizens’ comments. Ronnie Vinton made the request for planning and zoning to consider the store. Maplewood City Council will hold a public hearing on the matter at its meeting on July 11.

Yoga studio opens new location in Maplewood

Calliope Massage Studio, which has operated out of 7346 Manchester Road, has moved to 2104 Bellevue Avenue. Shanti Yoga first opened at 7346 Manchester Road (upstairs). Now other businesses are sharing the space. Calliope Massage Studio and Kathryn Stinson, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) have both made the move, to join Foundations Massage and Wellness at the new location. See also: Business combine purposes at new Maplewood location

Live fiddle music in Maplewood, and a book for sale

Howard Wight Marshall, author of the new book Fiddler’s Dream: Old-Time, Swing, and Bluegrass Fiddling in Twentieth-Century Missouri, will hold a book signing on Friday, July 7 at 7 p.m. at The Book House, 7352 Manchester Rd. The program will feature live fiddle music from local musicians, according to a press release. Howard Wight Marshall is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at the University of Missouri and former director of the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center. He is also the author of Play Me Something Quick and Devilish. This book explores and documents the heritage of traditional fiddles and music in Missouri, with emphasis on the 1920s-60s, decades of great change in cultural traditions, in daily life, and in styles and repertoires of fiddle music.

Business combine purposes at new Maplewood location

Two Maplewood businesses that operated out of 7346 Manchester Road plan to combine their services at a Bellevue Avenue location, according to a press release. Calliope Massage Studio and Kathryn Stinson, LPC have expanded operations from 7346 Manchester to join Foundations Massage and Wellness at 2104 Bellevue. Though operating as three businesses, the owners plan on working toward the common goal of offering a safe, client-focused space to assist in alleviating and easing various types of pain. By providing a variety of tools for care, this collaboration hopes to reach a wide spectrum of the community. “Each client is the expert on their own life and experience, and building a good working relationship means honoring each individual’s expertise and hard-won knowledge,” says Kathryn Stinson.

Salon owner moving from Clayton to Maplewood

Maria Arobasso lived in Maplewood until the fourth grade. She now lives in Affton, but is returning to Maplewood as the owner of Modesta Salons. Arobasso has been a hair dresser in a rented space at Salon Lofts in Clayton for 10 years. Starting July she’ll have her own address, at 3528-1 Greenwood Boulevard in Maplewood. She said one of her old employees returned and said he wanted to work with her, and that gave her the motivation to start looking for a space of her own.

Blue Duck gets so-so reviews

The Blue Duck restaurant (2661 Sutton Boulevard), in Maplewood, was poorly reviewed in the Riverfront Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently. Both say the restaurant tries too hard. Post-Dispatch reviewer Ian Froeb picks apart the Blue Duck’s DLT (duck, lettuce and tomato), the ginger-braised duck quarter, lamb chops and the smoked-trout tartine — concluding, to say they “fail to deliver on what you promise if you give your restaurant a name as whimsical as the Blue Duck: singular, memorable fun.” The Riverfront Times, in its headline, says the Maplewood location “lays an egg.”