The Book House has a deadline to vacate children’s section — seeking volunteers Feb. 15 and 16

Owner of the Book House bookstore, at 7352 Manchester Road, Michelle Barron, has said that Red Brick Management, the owner of her building, has given her until March 1 to vacate the space in the front of the store, which is now the children’s section. Barron is using the space behind the children’s section for storage — many boxes of cataloged books which she says isn’t a simple thing just to hire movers to move. That will have to be emptied not long after the front. The children’s books will be moved to the basement, where additional florescent lights and shelves have been installed. The store is planning to move books on the afternoons of Feb.

Handmade, fair trade & sustainable market coming

The Zee Bee Market, specializing in handmade, fair trade and sustainable products, is set to open in the former Femme clothing shop location (7270 Manchester Road), which closed in mid-January. 

The new shop will carry accessories, apparel, jewelry, products for the home and kids, plus journals and cards, according to its website. The owner, Julio Zegarra-Ballon, opened his first Zee Bee Market on South Grand. He came to the U.S. from Peru in 1990. In addition to helping artists and crafts people overseas, the store plans to donate a percentage to a nonprofit in St. Louis during a week in each month.

Concours Auto closing Maplewood lot

Concours Auto Sales has had used car lots in Maplewood (7212 Manchester Road) and a block away in St. Louis city (7125 Manchester). The lot in Maplewood has closed, an employee has said. According to Maplewood ordinance, the city will grant no more than one license for a used car lot for every 3,000 inhabitants of the city or any fractional part. Full service dealerships and leasing agencies that lease least 50 new vehicles a year are exceptions.

Snack shop coming to Maplewood; work begins on Elmwood

Mirror Image Life Style Fitness (2718 Sutton Boulevard) closed at the end of 2017, with its owner saying what’s next will be exciting. Looks like it’s going to be a snack shop. Sherry’s Snacks went before Maplewood Design and  Review last week for approval for an awning sign. There’s a Sherry’s Snacks in Alton, IL, on Facebook, with this description: “Your Sweetest Destination! Come visit us for all your “sweets” needs!

Femme clothing store closes

It was reported that Femme, at 7270 Manchester Road, shut its doors on Saturday. Just one rack of assorted clothing remained on the floor on Sunday. The store began clearance sales in December, including racks and shelving.

No charges for Strange theft

A car owned by a Strange Donuts employee, stolen from in front of the shop in Maplewood early Thursday morning containing about 500 donuts, was returned later in the day, apparently missing only a few donuts, according to a Tweet by Strange Donuts. The car contained donuts for the store’s Kirkwood location — about 500. Maplewood Police said Monday that a suspect was identified, however the victim has declined prosecution.

Landlord drastically cutting Maplewood shop’s space

Maplewood shop, The Book House, will lose about half its space on the first floor due to the building’s owner (Red Brick Management) deciding to open up the east side of the first floor to another tenant. The book store uses the front of the east side for its children’s book section. The space behind that is used for storage. The store is having a clearance sale as a result.



Stolen donut delivery car returned the same day

A car owned by a Strange Donuts employee that was stolen from in front of the shop in Maplewood early Thursday morning containing about 500 donuts was returned later the same day, apparently missing only a few donuts, according to a Tweet by Strange Donuts. The car had been running and unlocked, and contained the supply of donuts for the store’s Kirkwood store — about 500. The stolen car was not the fully decaled Strange Donuts Smart car. It was the employee’s personal car an employee at the shop said Thursday night. She also said it was returned later in the day.

Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

The Maplewood Aldi store will be very busy the next five weeks, an employee said Saturday — the crowd is coming from University City. The University City Aldi, at 7701 Olive Boulevard, is closed until mid-February for interior remodeling. Employees and customers at the Maplewood store said they’re all coming here. An employee said that everyday in Maplewood has been busy since the remodeling began a week ago. She called it a “war zone”.

Maplewood Tim Hortons shuttered

Tim Hortons in Maplewood (2721 S Big Bend Boulevard) closed its doors for good at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Employees said they’ve known about the closing for about a week, but couldn’t say why. One said she plans to work at Raising Cane’s, across the street. Another said he has some options, including Raising Cane’s. The Maplewood Tim Hortons was the first St.