Council allocates funds to bus station, sidewalks; not path to Metrolink

Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg gave a report by phone to 40 South about the city council meeting on Tuesday (editor was out of town). After hearing comments from residents promoting using the Community Development Block Grant funds for a path through Kellogg Park to make the Maplewood Metrolink station more accessible, the council approved instead to use the $64,000 federal grant to improve the Yale bus shelter ($15,000), fix sidewalks ($15,000), and the remaining $34,000 for the home improvement program for low-income residents. Greenberg said using almost half of the funds for a bus shelter and sidewalks better takes into consideration residents who aren’t homeowners. He also said that he’d like a path through Kellogg Park to be part of a comprehensive plan for the park, and a plan considering public safety should be coordinated with Metro. The entire council voted to approve the ‘We Are Still In’ environmental initiative, which Greenberg had previously signed as mayor.

Mayor Greenberg signs open letter supporting climate action

Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg covered a few items coming for the city in a call to 40 South on Friday. He first mentioned an environmental initiative he supports. Greenberg said there are several environmental initiatives he could support. He has signed is the “We Are Still In” — mayors, governors, college and university leaders, businesses, and investors who continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement. He said it won’t obligate Maplewood to any more than what the city already does.

Maplewood administrator receives statewide award

Anthony Traxler, assistant city manager and director of public works for the city of Maplewood, was recently honored by the Missouri Municipal League with a statewide recognition, the Mid-County Chamber of Commerce has reported. Traxler was awarded the Richard R. Noll Award for his professionalism, high standards of accomplishment and ethical conduct, at the Lake of the Ozarks annual Missouri City Managers Association meeting in May. The award is giving annually. Traxler has served Maplewood as assistant city manager and director of public works for ten years.  

3 on final ballot for Maplewood council race

Maplewood’s Ward 3 residents will have four candidates to vote on in a special election on August 8 to fill the vacant council seat. The deadline for approved petitions was May 23. Each petition needed 50 signatures approved by the St. Louis County Board of Elections. The candidates will appear on the ballot in the order their petitions were returned to Maplewood City Hall (below).

Maplewood city council race update: now 5 candidates

Of the seven petitions taken out to run for the vacant Maplewood Ward 3 council seat, five have been returned with the required 50 signatures (updated May 17), which means the ward’s voters will have five candidates on the ballot, so far. The seat was vacated when former council member Barry Greenberg was elected mayor. These Ward 3 residents picked up petitions to run for the vacant seat as of May 17. Clayton Gissler (Elm Avenue)
Alexandra Goodfellow (Commonwealth)
John Harbaugh (St. Elmo Avenue)
Patrick Richards (Walter Avenue) 
Jennifer Schmidt (Elm Avenue)
Kristen Spencer (Oxford Boulevard)
Steve Terelmes (Hazel Avenue)

Of those above, these have returned their petitions to city hall with signatures, so will be on the ballot in the August 8 special election.

Maplewood officials postpone $64,000 question

Maplewood officials did not vote, at their meeting on Tuesday, on how to use the $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. The vote was tabled, Mayor Barry Greenberg said on Wednesday. Greenberg said the city has until the council’s June 13 meeting before a decision has to be made. There won’t be a second meeting in May. He said the council would like to hear any more comments from citizens until then.

These are the Block Grant ‘Low to Mod. Income Areas in Maplewood’

The city of Maplewood will hold a Public Hearing at its Tuesday council meeting to discuss the allocation of $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. In past years much of it has gone to the city’s home improvement grant program, which are available to areas that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designates as ‘low to moderate income’. Below is a map of those areas in Maplewood. Parts of all three wards are included. See the full map of the HUD Low to Moderate Income Population here.

Sutton Avenue becomes Sutton Boulevard, and another street name mystery

Until approximately last year, the street called Sutton, in Maplewood, was Sutton Boulevard south of Manchester Road and Sutton Avenue north of Manchester. It’s now Sutton Boulevard the whole way. A resident mentioned it recently. Google Street View from July 2016 shows a street sign as Sutton Ave, though Google now calls it Sutton Boulevard when any addresses are searched, such as Stone Spiral Coffee, now at 2500 Sutton Boulevard. The city’s only comment was that Sutton Boulevard is the proper name for all blocks of Sutton — no comment on a change.

Hearing set for $64,000 Maplewood grant; Trump budget recommends elimination

The city of Maplewood will hold a Public Hearing to discuss the allocation of $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The hearing will be held at the  May 9 city council meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m. In past years much of it has gone to the city’s home improvement grant program. Update: According to the city’s notes for the meeting, President Trump has recommended in his proposed budget that community development block grants be eliminated. At this time, Congress has not begun to act on the budget. The council is scheduled to discuss how to use the funds this year, and possibly take a vote.

Seventh candidate for council seat

A woman in Maplewood’s Ward 3 is the sixth candidate to pick up a petition to run for the vacant seat on city council. Kristen Spencer shared this introduction, her qualifications and her hopes for Maplewood. Correction: Spencer is the seventh candidate to pick up a petition — Alexandra Goodfellow was number six. My name is Kristen Spencer, and I am thrilled to be running for the Ward 3 Council seat.  I have lived in Maplewood for almost eight years and the St. Louis area for almost ten.

Watch for an open forum for vacant council seat — could be 5 running

Maplewood’s new mayor, Barry Greenberg — sworn in on Tuesday, told 40 South he’d like to have an open forum where the candidates for the now vacant Ward 3 council seat will have an opportunity to communicate their views and qualifications. Currently, of the five that have picked up petitions at city hall, three have been returned with signatures. Greenberg also said he’s planning on personally meeting with everyone running for the vacant seat to find out what their vision for the city of Maplewood is and what qualifications they would bring. He said he’s met one of the candidates so far. He hopes to see all of them serving Maplewood in some way.

MRH board member resigns

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District announced on Monday that board of education member Ray Crader resigned on April 24. Crader was appointed to the board to fill Brooke Rintoul’s seat in 2014. Crader was elected to the Maplewood City Council (Ward 2) in the April elections. He said in his resignation letter to the board that he needs to focus his energies there. He also said he looks forward to strengthening the relationship between the school district and city government in his new post.