Maplewood P&Z OK’s antique store, group home

Maplewood Plan and Zoning on Monday OK’d a conditional use permit (pending approval by city council) for an antique store to operate at 7405 Manchester Road. The spot was a barber shop for 17 years (Yokley’s), then a gift shop (My Happy Place), then considered for an Asian fusion restaurant (Kim Cheese) — they backed out. They also approved a conditional use permit for a single-family house at 7406 Flora Avenue to be used as a group living facility/group home for Loretto Volunteers. From the Loretto Volunteers website, “The Loretto Volunteer Program pairs volunteers with social justice organizations for a formative year of service.  Through meaningful work and communal living, volunteers live out the Loretto Community’s mission to work for justice and act for peace – guided by the core values of social justice, community, simplicity and spirituality.” Yokley’s, Aikido spaces new rent ‘reasonable’

Maplewood mayoral candidate, Barry Greenberg, expands agenda

This is the literature that I have been handing out since I began gathering signatures last year. Now that I am again making the rounds and talking to Maplewood residents, I would like to expand my agenda items on assisting seniors to also include people with disabilities. The environment and the services we provide should accommodate and support citizens with physical and mental limitations. As I speak with Maplewood residents, inclusion for ALL people has been a popular issue expressed that I strongly agree with and it is part of what makes Maplewood great.

Maplewood mayoral candidate meets & greets

Candidate for mayor of Maplewood, Patrick Jugo, attracted about 30 supporters, he said, to Foley’s Bar & Grill in Maplewood Wednesday evening. Jugo has a second meet and greet planned at Saratoga Lanes on Friday, March 10. He said he likes to reach voters face-to-face, so he’s looking for anyone willing to host a coffee gathering in their home. “I’m trying to keep it small and personal,” he said. “That’s my deal.

Maplewood mayoral candidate to hold meet & greet; both will be at forum next week

Maplewood mayoral candidate, Patrick Jugo, has announced by email that he will hold a meet and greet at Foley’s Bar & Grill, 3522 Greenwood Boulevard, on Wednesday from 5-7 p.m.

It’s Jugo’s first such meeting. He said in the email he wants to meet people face-to-face, going door to door, at coffee-talks in residents’ homes, and through meet and greets. Also, see both candidates — Patrick Jugo and Barry Greenberg — at a League of Women Voters candidates forum at the MRH Theater, Tuesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. Audience members will be able to ask questions of both.  


Maplewood officials OK traffic enforcement measures, nix skateboard park RFQs

Maplewood city officials will consider these resolutions, and one ordinance at meeting on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. See the full agenda. Update: All resolutions were passed at the Maplewood council meeting Tuesday evening.  A bill to amend the setbacks for an planned unit development, and create a new lot at South and Yale avenues was tabled. Resolutions:

Niel Suthar will be replacing Dan Kopman on the Special Business District Tax Advisory Commission. Suthar owns Foundation Grounds. Dan Kopman is no longer with Schlafly Bottleworks.

City drops weeds charges against Alice Hezel

The city of Maplewood has decided not to go forward with charges against Alice Hezel, according to her attorney, Bruce Morrison. She was cited multiple times by the city for failure to maintain her yard on Cambridge Avenue, and was scheduled for a St. Louis County circuit court trial on March 20. It will now not take place. Morrison said the dismissal order was entered on Friday.

Maplewood mayoral candidate Patrick Jugo states his points

I appreciate and am fully aware of the opportunity for all to submit content as well as to post on 40 South News. I will respond to the recent exchange in three parts . . . First, I am an active and avid 40 South reader.  I value Doug’s daily posts and rarely receive his emails without almost immediately opening and reading the stories.  Regardless of the content or subject, the posts keep us informed and give us a digital glimpse of what is happening on the streets immediately surrounding us in Maplewood and our adjacent communities.  This is Social Media working as a tool for us.

Maplewood mayoral candidate, Barry Greenberg, on importance of a comprehensive plan

I had lunch yesterday with Scott Ogilvie, City of St. Louis Alderman for Ward 24, which abuts Maplewood’s eastern boundary. We met at Michaels to discuss how our two cities can work together to improve the Manchester Road corridor and extend our business district to McCausland Avenue. We spoke with several businesses in the area, looked at properties that could be improved and talked about how the area could be best used. There was also discussion of signage at the city limits and other topics.

Maplewood mayoral candidate on aging in place

I recently brought my 91-year-old father and 84-year-old mother back from Phoenix because of concerns we have for them living on their own. It highlighted an issue that I have been attempting to address for some time: that we don’t have assisted or even independent living facilities within walking distance of our downtown business district. Statistics indicate that the aging baby boomers are becoming a significant demographic and we need to plan for a community that is inclusive of our senior population. Aging in place here is difficult, as the cost of living, maintenance costs, and property taxes are just a few of the many financial problems facing seniors on a fixed income. The immediate future holds no promises from our federal government on maintaining social security, Medicare and other programs at rates that don’t further erode retirement plans.

Maplewood mayoral forum venue set — now working on the date

A League of Women Voters (LWV) forum for the candidates for mayor of Maplewood is set for March 16, or maybe 15, at 7-9 p.m. Update: MRH has agreed to the use of the theater for the forum, but most of the week of March 13-17 is parent-teacher conferences, so other dates are being explored. Candidates Barry Greenberg and Patrick Jugo are in contact with 40 South about their availability for the forum. The election is April 4. In a LWV forum, the candidates take questions from the audience, read from cards by a LWV moderator. The candidates will also give opening and closing statements.

Officials OK apartment on Zephyr; city sells lots involved in Ryan Hummer shooting

Maplewood City Council on Tuesday night gave the OK, granting a conditional use permit, for 22 Company, owned by Matt Williams, to use 7263 Zephyr Place as an apartment building. The 3-story, 6-unit building was built in 1925 as apartments, but has been vacant for about six years. A resident who lives next to the building objected, saying there are several reasons why the permit shouldn’t be granted. He said it doesn’t meet setback regulations and doesn’t have enough parking. He also said the roof leaks and has interior water damage.

Council to vote on bill to prohibit horses

Maplewood City Council on Tuesday is set to for the final vote to on an bill that would strengthen  the city’s current ordinance (Chapter 10-Animals and Fowl, Section 10-2) on animals that are prohibited. The current law prohibits cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, pigeons, poultry (except as allowed in section 10-3), rabbits or other rodents. The new ordinance would prohibit horses, too. A resident had requested to keep a horse; that’s what prompted the change. Residents are allowed to keep up to six chickens or ducks.