Airbnb request passed in June, then failed in July

Maplewood resident, Claire Martin’s request to run a short term vacation rental (Airbnb) in her home passed planning and zoning in the June meeting, but was denied in the July meeting. The agenda for the June meeting went online this week. According to a commission member, the item returned to the July meeting because the process requires public notice, which it didn’t have for the June meeting. When it returned for July the neighbor was present and spoke out against it based on parking concerns. The commission voted in July to recommend to the city council that the permit be denied.

Ward 3 candidate Jenny Schmidt follows up

Maplewood Ward 3 candidate, Jenny Schmidt, sent an update to 40 South for publication. The special election to fill the vacant Ward 3 city council seat is on August 8. Schmidt’s update:
As we get closer to August 8, I wanted to follow up on the first statement I submitted to 40 South News in April and let you know what I have been doing and some events where you can meet with me and get to know me better. Since submitting my petition to run, I have been trying to attend the city council meetings to get a better understanding of how the council works and what issues are currently being addressed by the council.  We have begun canvassing efforts and I will be walking around Ward 3 over the next few weeks trying to get to every door and introduce myself and talk with you about the issues with which you are most concerned and any ideas you have for improvements or changes that can be made.

Maplewood’s 3rd Airbnb fails planning and zoning

The owner of 7127 High Street in Maplewood went before planning and zoning on Wednesday to request to operate an Airbnb. She was denied, commission member Sandi Phillips reported to 40 South, by request. Phillips said the petition was denied after neighbors, including city council member Ray Crader, told the commission about their parking concerns. The house is at the end of a short dead-end street, and is relatively new. It was built in 2011 after the house previously at the address burned down.

Maplewood revises its court rules

The Maplewood Municipal Court Rules have been updated, according to the city’s Facebook page. 

The revised rules go into effect on July 1, 2017. No details about what has been changed is included in the post. 40 South has contacted the city for details; so far there’s been no response. A link to the new rules, an 18-page PDF file, is included in the Facebook post. In November 2016 ArchCity Defenders filed a federal class action lawsuit against the city of Maplewood for “implementing and enforcing an illegal, racially biased cash bail system that exploits low-income people in order to generate revenue,” according to their press release at the time.

Here’s the August 8 special election ballot

The St. Louis County Board of Elections has posted the ballots for the August 8 special elections. Maplewood is among several municipalities holding elections. Maplewood’s election on the date is to fill the council seat left vacant when Ward 3 council member Barry Greenberg was elected mayor. See the ballot here on the board of election’s website.

Mobilize Missouri forms action team in Maplewood-Richmond Heights; endorses candidate in Maplewood Council Race

Mobilize Missouri, a member-driven, grassroots activist organization, has expanded its mission of supporting progressive candidates and initiatives to St. Louis County. We are excited to announce the first County action team: MoMO Maplewood-Richmond Heights. Currently, our action team’s primary focus is the Maplewood City Council Ward 3 race with our endorsement of Jenny Schmidt. This is a special election that will be held August 8.

Ward 3 candidate Kristen Spencer’s interactions with residents: part 1

Kristen Spencer, Maplewood Ward 3 city council candidate, in the August 8 special election, says she has been walking Maplewood and talking to the residents. She shares some thoughts here. I have been spending a lot of time getting to know Maplewood residents in depth by asking people what they love most about Maplewood and what they would like to see improved. I want to showcase the praises and concerns that our neighbors have about Maplewood and share how I would address these issues if elected to the council. The quotes below represent sentiments from actual Ward 3 residents.

Maplewood mayor honors immigrants

Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg has signed a proclamation recognizing the month of June 2017 as Immigrant Heritage Month. It is a nationwide movement. Immigrants have built our economy and created unique social and cultrual influence, and yet have been overlooked and undervalued, to the present day, the proclamation says. The city of Rock Hill is also set to approve the proclamation at its meeting this week.

P-D reader says Maplewood ‘wastes its time on kindergarten theatrics’

A writer to the editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has criticized the city of Maplewood, which approved the ‘We Are Still In‘ environmental initiative in a resolution at its recent council meeting, telling the Post-Dispatch to “please spare me this mindless drivel.” We Are Still In is a group of city officials and other leaders who have declared they support the Paris Climate Agreement in spite of President Trump’s rejection of it. The Post-Dispatch reported the Maplewood Council’s decision on Wednesday. “A population of 8,000 people is not a city.

Council allocates funds to bus station, sidewalks; not path to Metrolink

Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg gave a report by phone to 40 South about the city council meeting on Tuesday (editor was out of town). After hearing comments from residents promoting using the Community Development Block Grant funds for a path through Kellogg Park to make the Maplewood Metrolink station more accessible, the council approved instead to use the $64,000 federal grant to improve the Yale bus shelter ($15,000), fix sidewalks ($15,000), and the remaining $34,000 for the home improvement program for low-income residents. Greenberg said using almost half of the funds for a bus shelter and sidewalks better takes into consideration residents who aren’t homeowners. He also said that he’d like a path through Kellogg Park to be part of a comprehensive plan for the park, and a plan considering public safety should be coordinated with Metro. The entire council voted to approve the ‘We Are Still In’ environmental initiative, which Greenberg had previously signed as mayor.

Mayor Greenberg signs open letter supporting climate action

Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg covered a few items coming for the city in a call to 40 South on Friday. He first mentioned an environmental initiative he supports. Greenberg said there are several environmental initiatives he could support. He has signed is the “We Are Still In” — mayors, governors, college and university leaders, businesses, and investors who continue to support climate action to meet the Paris Agreement. He said it won’t obligate Maplewood to any more than what the city already does.

Maplewood administrator receives statewide award

Anthony Traxler, assistant city manager and director of public works for the city of Maplewood, was recently honored by the Missouri Municipal League with a statewide recognition, the Mid-County Chamber of Commerce has reported. Traxler was awarded the Richard R. Noll Award for his professionalism, high standards of accomplishment and ethical conduct, at the Lake of the Ozarks annual Missouri City Managers Association meeting in May. The award is giving annually. Traxler has served Maplewood as assistant city manager and director of public works for ten years.