Council to vote on bill to prohibit horses

Maplewood City Council on Tuesday is set to for the final vote to on an bill that would strengthen  the city’s current ordinance (Chapter 10-Animals and Fowl, Section 10-2) on animals that are prohibited. The current law prohibits cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, pigeons, poultry (except as allowed in section 10-3), rabbits or other rodents. The new ordinance would prohibit horses, too. A resident had requested to keep a horse; that’s what prompted the change. Residents are allowed to keep up to six chickens or ducks.

Horses not allowed in Maplewood: city

Maplewood city staff recently received a request by a resident to keep a horse. An item on the city council agenda for Tuesday strengthens the ordinance that allows chickens, to allow only chickens, and no other farm animals. The council will also consider granting a permit to allow Tong Moon of Kimcheese restaurant to operate a restaurant at 7405 Manchester Road, the former My Happy Place location. Planning and zoning approved the permit with a 6-0 vote. ‘Asian fusion’ fast food restaurant approved in Maplewood

Also on the agenda, the latest graduates of the Maplewood Citizen’s Academy will be awarded their certificates.

Candidate launches Facebook page

Candidate for mayor of Maplewood, Barry Greenberg, has launched a Facebook page “to list my qualifications for office and what I plan to do if I am elected.” The page is call Barry Greenberg for Mayor. He says on the Facebook page he has a list of issues he would like to address as mayor, and is in the process of developing a website to provide information to voters prior to the election on April 4. The page would also serve as a conduit for communication between the mayor and the Maplewood community if elected. is also running for mayor of Maplewood.

Council member working on internet access for seniors, students on lunch aid

Maplewood Ward 3 council member, and candidate for mayor, Barry Greenberg, is working on getting five different venues for seniors to learn how to use their tablets/laptops, have internet access, socialize with other seniors, and get coffee and pastries. Greenberg, reported to 40 South on Monday that he met with a representative of Charter Cable at the Missouri Municipal League about reduced rates (or free) internet service for seniors and children on lunch assistance (so they can do homework at home). Greenberg said resident, Bob Harsh, told him that the criteria for seniors on Supplementary Security Income is hard to qualify for. Information regarding qualifications can be found here. Greenberg is working on a ‘Senior Internet Café’ program.

List of candidates in Maplewood doesn’t include current council member

The deadline to turn in signed petitions to Maplewood City Hall to run for office in Maplewood was last week. On the ballot in April, there will be one candidate for each open ward seat and two for mayor, according to City Clerk Karen Scheidt. Running for mayor of Maplewood are current Ward 3 council member Barry Greenberg, and Patrick Jugo. Steven Mosley is running for the Ward 1 council seat. Andrew Bolin had announced he would run but pulled out.

Maplewood councilman reports on national conference

Maplewood Ward 3 council member, Barry Greenberg, attended a conference last week to learn more about governing a municipality. He sent the following report to 40 South. Greenberg will be a candidate for mayor of Maplewood in the April 2017 elections. Last week I attended the National League of Cities City Summit conference in Pittsburgh. I had the opportunity to attend classes, seminars, presentations and workshops on a variety of topics that have an impact on our community and cities of all sizes.

Students to help design skateboard park: city

The Maplewood Parks and Recreation Board on Thursday discussed mini-parks, an approved and funded skateboard park in the works, and a study of The Heights. Teresa Proebsting, PARC parks and recreation director, said The Heights will be paid off in 2017, and the Richmond Heights City Council has asked for a study of how the facility, including the library, is used. A survey will be available at The Heights and online. St. Louis design firm, Cannon Design, is involved.

‘Asian fusion’ fast food restaurant approved in Maplewood

An ‘Asian fusion’ fast food restaurant, Kimcheese, with locations in Chesterfield and Creve Coeur, received approved from Maplewood planning and zoning last week to open a new location at 7405 Manchester Road. The restaurant offers affordably-priced, multi-ethnic options, including Korean, Mexican, and American, according to its website. The proposal will go next before the Maplewood city council. 7405 Manchester is the location for My Happy Place, which is still open.

Maplewood wins park grant

The city of Maplewood has received most of a grant it requested to build a skateboard park — enough to build a basic park, according to a Nov. 4 email from Maplewood Assistant City Manager/Director of Public Works Anthony Traxler to the Maplewood Park Board. The city received $143,250 from the Municipal Park Grant Commission of St Louis County. The amount is $20,000 less than the city asked for, but is enough to build a basic park, according to Traxler. He said additional obstacles, bowls and rails can be added later.

2nd candidate for mayor of Maplewood

On Monday, October 31, Patrick Jugo picked up a petition to run for the position of mayor of the city of Maplewood in the upcoming April, 2017 election, according to an email from Jugo. Current Ward 3 councilman Barry Greenberg  turned in a petition to run for mayor in October. Who’s running for Maplewood City Council

From Jugo:
Maplewood has seen tremendous resurgence and growth in the past two decades and Patrick is excited by the opportunity to offer his  time and skills as the progress continues. A little bit about Patrick:

Resident of Ward 3 for 22 years
Married to Kirsten Jory for 19 years
Three children – Erika (15), Merritt (13) and Mitchell (8), Erika attends Rosati-Kain High School, Merritt & Mitchell are at St. Raphael the Archangel in South City
Registered/Licensed Architect — self-employed for 13 years as JugoPlus Architects LLC, working from Maplewood.

City of Maplewood sued, charged with exploiting the poor in court system

The city of Maplewood has had a law suit filed against it by Arch City Defenders, alleging it enforces a racially biased bail system that “exploits poor people to generate revenue,” according to the Riverfront Times. ArchCity Defenders, is a non-profit law firm that combats the criminalization of poverty and state violence against poor people and people of color, according to its website. From the press release (Nov. 1): “Poor people and people of color have known about Maplewood’s policies for years,” said Thomas Harvey, Executive Director of ArchCity Defenders. “Our clients say Maplewood’s police and court practices have prohibited them from driving through, shopping, and even living in Maplewood.”

According to the suit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District, the system requires anyone contacting the city to cancel an arrest warrant to first pay up.

2nd candidate for Maplewood Ward 1

Maplewood resident Steven Moseley has picked up a petition to run for city council, he said in an email on Monday. Moseley will be running against incumbent David Cerven for the open Ward 1 Maplewood City Council seat. Who’s running for Maplewood City Council

Moseley sent this statement:
He is running for city council because he believes the relationship between the school district, the businesses and the residents are imperative to quality of life in a community like Maplewood. He believes that these three groups are functioning well, but could be strengthened, especially the involvement of the residents. Steven has been the pastor of Maplewood Baptist Church for the past 12 years and his family has lived in Ward 1 the entire time.