Tour Maplewood’s new firehouse

Maplewood firefighters will host the public on Saturday, April 14 from noon to 5 p.m. in an open house for the new firehouse. The city is asking visitors to  park behind the firehouse (north side) and enter through the main lower level doors. The building is designed for energy savings, with LED lighting throughout. The firefighters’ mattresses are from Mattress Wholesale and the closets from Saint Louis Closet Co., both Maplewood companies. See also: Maplewood’s new firehouse: Maplewood-made closets, Swiss-made garage doors

Police warn of car theft scam

Maplewood police say a man and woman in a dark colored pick up have been seen in area parking lots trying to scam people to steal their cars. Police say the couple tells drivers their wheel is broken but it’s an attempt to steal their car. Police also think a white car is involved. Police warn not to speak with these people and to call the department immediately at (314) 645-3000.

Police report arrest for illegal oxycodone purchase

Maplewood Police reported on Facebook and Twitter that Shareka Mosby, 33, was arrested and subsequently charged with ‘fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance’ after an investigation by Maplewood Police revealed that she illegally obtained 120 tablets of oxycodone with acetaminophen (Percocet) from Sam’s Club pharmacy. Also from Maplewood Police:

Artists First artist honors Maplewood Police with painting, officer buys it

Artists First artist Danny Speck wanted to honor the Maplewood Police Department, so he painted a picture of a Maplewood police car. Maplewood Police Corporal Steve Jamerson liked it so much he surprised Speck and bought it. This is a correction. Previously it was said that the department bought the painting. Artists First is a non-profit art studio in Maplewood that provides a nurturing environment for people with a variety of disabilities including pervasive psychiatric illness, cognitive challenges, acquired brain injury, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Car stolen while warming up

A resident of the 3500 block of Cambridge Avenue in Maplewood reported to 40 South that his car was stolen from his driveway Friday morning. He said that at about 7:30 a.m. he left it running, unlocked, like he’s always done, while he went inside for 10 minutes. When he went back out it was gone. He said the car, a 2015 Toyota Rav4, was a work car and loaded with expensive work-related equipment. When he reported the theft to police they told him he should have locked it.

Maplewood Police responds; stops speeders

An Ellendale neighborhood resident who lives near the Greenwood-Canterbury intersection in Maplewood said at the Maplewood City Council meeting on Jan. 9 that drivers often make rolling stops there, and asked for Maplewood Police to patrol the spot. He also said cars can hit speeds of up to 50 mph on Greenwood. The speed limit on Greenwood and Canterbury is 25. It’s also 25 on Ellendale Avenue.

Maplewood officers jabbed with hypodermic needles while making arrest

Two Maplewood police officers were accidentally stuck by hypodermic needles while struggling to arrest a suspect on Friday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The suspect, Brian Smith, 38, had jabbed his boyfriend with with the same needles and held him captive in his home in the 7600 of Jerome Avenue. Police told the Post-Dispatch the victim was Smith’s boyfriend, that they had met online about two years ago. The victim, 62, told police that Smith had used the syringes to inject meth.

No charges for Strange theft

A car owned by a Strange Donuts employee, stolen from in front of the shop in Maplewood early Thursday morning containing about 500 donuts, was returned later in the day, apparently missing only a few donuts, according to a Tweet by Strange Donuts. The car contained donuts for the store’s Kirkwood location — about 500. Maplewood Police said Monday that a suspect was identified, however the victim has declined prosecution.

Car stolen in Maplewood contained 500 donuts

A Strange Donuts employee did Thursday morning what he usually does when he arrives at the Maplewood location, at 2709 Sutton Boulevard. He left his car running and unlocked in front of the shop as he picked up the donut delivery for the Kirkwood store, and took out the trash. On Thursday someone got in his car and drove off. Maplewood police responded to 2709 Sutton for a stolen vehicle report at 5:23 a.m. Police say the running/unlocked vehicle was taken by a white male subject possibly having red hair, and the investigation is ongoing. Employees of Strange Donuts said as the employee was heading to the dumpster, on the other side of Sutton, he saw a man — drunk (“hammered”) — walking around the corner at Manchester.