Car stolen while warming up

A resident of the 3500 block of Cambridge Avenue in Maplewood reported to 40 South that his car was stolen from his driveway Friday morning. He said that at about 7:30 a.m. he left it running, unlocked, like he’s always done, while he went inside for 10 minutes. When he went back out it was gone. He said the car, a 2015 Toyota Rav4, was a work car and loaded with expensive work-related equipment. When he reported the theft to police they told him he should have locked it.

Maplewood Police responds; stops speeders

An Ellendale neighborhood resident who lives near the Greenwood-Canterbury intersection in Maplewood said at the Maplewood City Council meeting on Jan. 9 that drivers often make rolling stops there, and asked for Maplewood Police to patrol the spot. He also said cars can hit speeds of up to 50 mph on Greenwood. The speed limit on Greenwood and Canterbury is 25. It’s also 25 on Ellendale Avenue.

Maplewood officers jabbed with hypodermic needles while making arrest

Two Maplewood police officers were accidentally stuck by hypodermic needles while struggling to arrest a suspect on Friday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. The suspect, Brian Smith, 38, had jabbed his boyfriend with with the same needles and held him captive in his home in the 7600 of Jerome Avenue. Police told the Post-Dispatch the victim was Smith’s boyfriend, that they had met online about two years ago. The victim, 62, told police that Smith had used the syringes to inject meth.

No charges for Strange theft

A car owned by a Strange Donuts employee, stolen from in front of the shop in Maplewood early Thursday morning containing about 500 donuts, was returned later in the day, apparently missing only a few donuts, according to a Tweet by Strange Donuts. The car contained donuts for the store’s Kirkwood location — about 500. Maplewood Police said Monday that a suspect was identified, however the victim has declined prosecution.

Car stolen in Maplewood contained 500 donuts

A Strange Donuts employee did Thursday morning what he usually does when he arrives at the Maplewood location, at 2709 Sutton Boulevard. He left his car running and unlocked in front of the shop as he picked up the donut delivery for the Kirkwood store, and took out the trash. On Thursday someone got in his car and drove off. Maplewood police responded to 2709 Sutton for a stolen vehicle report at 5:23 a.m. Police say the running/unlocked vehicle was taken by a white male subject possibly having red hair, and the investigation is ongoing. Employees of Strange Donuts said as the employee was heading to the dumpster, on the other side of Sutton, he saw a man — drunk (“hammered”) — walking around the corner at Manchester.

Maplewood Police reports thefts from vehicles

Since Dec. 23 (Maplewood Police reported on Dec. 26) there have been several reports of thefts from vehicles in the 7300 and 7400 blocks of Maple Avenue. They ask residents to report suspicious activity, bring valuables inside, lock car doors and not to leave keys in vehicles. See below map for impacted area.

Maplewood man stabbed neighbor: police

Henry Robinson, 48, of the 7200 block of Anna Avenue (per county records), received multiple charges after allegedly stabbing a neighbor in a dispute on Saturday morning.Maplewood Police shared the charging information and his photo on social media.

Also from Maplewood Police on Twitter, a new hire:

Brentwood man charged with leaving the scene, after hitting bus: police

Maplewood police have arrested a man in connection with a van that clipped a Metro bus last week. The department posted videos of the van hitting the bus on social media; an anonymous tipster called the department. The tipster told police that the van was possibly located at Home Depot in Brentwood, also supplied license plate information. Officers went to the Brentwood man’s home and inspected the van in question. They determined it was the van involved in the crash.

Maplewood Police solve van-bus collision

Maplewood Police posted on Twitter (@MaplewoodMOPD) and Facebook on Saturday that they had solved a traffic collision from earlier in the week. The department posted a video of a van clipping a Metro bus on social media, asking for tips as to who might be driving it. On Saturday they said an anonymous tipster came through. Watch 40 South for charges.

Also on Maplewood Police Twitter:

ECC parents blocking intersection: police

Cars taking Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center students to school were blocking the intersection at Manchester and Laclede Station on Monday, Maplewood Police posted on Facebook and Twitter. The department has seen an increase in vehicles blocking Manchester Road at Laclede Station due to the traffic overflow from the ECC. Maplewood Police are urging parents/motorists to use caution and have patience, and also, that blocking an intersection is a violation of city ordinance and state law. Last week the police department posted that cars dropping off students have been blocking driveways on Burgess.

MRH parents continue to block driveways: police

Maplewood Police reported on Twitter Tuesday that they had received a complaint of cars blocking drives in the 2800 block of Burgess Avenue. The department Tweeted: “If you drop off or pick up your children @mrh_ecc be mindful of no parking areas and please do not block private driveways.” In August some parents parked in no parking areas, including blocking driveways, as section of Burgess was closed to finish grading and landscaping by the MRH Early Childhood Center.

Maplewood officials OK Airbnb, police car cams

Maplewood city officials on Tuesday approved new police cars, car video cameras, and also a new AirBnb. According to Mayor Barry Greenberg, the council passed, among others:

A resolution to provide $7,000 in overtime reimbursement for ‘enforcement activities involving occupant protection, hazardous moving violations and vulnerable roadway user enforcement activities.’ The grant, through Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Blueprint for Safer Roadways Program, also provides $3,060 for a new radar unit. A resolution to buy three police vehicles from Bommarito Ford for $56,178, including a trade-in. Ten Panasonic cameras for installation in 10 police patrol vehicles at a cost of $99,707.

Delivery truck hits parked car

Maplewood Police on Saturday reported to a vehicle accident in the 7300 block of Marietta Avenue after a delivery truck hit a car parked on the street. The contact apparently broke two windows and caused other damage. The driver of the truck stayed in the area and cooperated with police, the department reports.

Local man charged with DUI

Tracy Bernard Gnau, 45, of 2015 S. Big Bend, was charged last week for operating a motor vehicle while being intoxicated, according to court and police records. He was arrested in the 3200 block of Laclede Station Road on March 12, 2017. Maplewood police report that Gnau smelled strongly of an odor of an intoxicating beverage, and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Also his speech was slurred and mumbling. He refused a field sobriety test.

Man arrested for fraudulently obtaining oxycontin

Larry D. Hollins, 54, of St. Louis, has been charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance — oxycontin — in Maplewood. According to court and police records, on Nov. 11, 2016, at the Sam’s Club pharmacy in Maplewood, Hollins presented a prescription for oxycontin and asked for it to be filled. A pharmacist filled it, although he was suspicious of the prescription, and confirmed after the fact that the prescription was fraudulent.

Maplewood’s speed trailer: data shows where speeders are

The Maplewood police speed trailer, which shows drivers their speed as they approach it, also collects data.  Since June it’s been used on Laclede Station Road, and Folk, Hazel, Marietta, Woodland and Lohmeyer avenues. Folk Avenue saw the highest number of speeding violations recorded, at 58 percent. Laclede Station was next at 33. Hazel, near Myrtle was next with 31. Woodlawn Avenue followed with 30.