Maplewood firefighters, police officers help young girl found on the street

The Maplewood Professional Firefighters Community Outreach group on Sunday night helped a young girl found on the street by Maplewood Police with “nothing but the clothing on her back,” they reported on Facebook. The police department asked the fire department if they had a blanket for her. Update: The girl was released to the state Family Services Division, Maplewood police said. The fire department went to Walmart and bought clothes, shoes, some toys, and a tooth brush and tooth paste. While the firefighters were shopping police officers fed her dinner and entertained her with the movie, Tangled.

Maplewood officer honored

Maplewood Police Cpl. Steven R. Jamerson was honored with the department’s Award of Excellence at last week’s city council meeting for thwarting the theft of several cars from Dean Team Volvo on Christmas morning, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jamerson was on patrol around 4 a.m. when he saw three occupied cars, each with a Dean Team license plate holder, parked near the dealership, Police Chief Stephen Kruse said. Jamerson radioed for help as they sped off. He and other officers caught one of the suspects in Sunnen Business Park.

Cashier stole from Walmart: police

A St. Louis man, Haikeem Abdul Seabrook, 24, was charged with taking cash from the Maplewood Walmart store, while an employee there. According to court and police records, between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1, 2016, Seabrook was seen on surveillance video taking cash from his register and hiding it in his pockets over a period of several days.

Gifts, gun stolen; police say don’t leave valuables in cars

Maplewood police are telling residents not to leave valuables in cars, following a rash break-ins Tuesday night. According to Maplewood police, thieves broke into eight cars — mostly unlocked — on Rannells and Jerome avenues and Lyndover Place, stealing wallets, purses, a gun and Christmas presents. A Rannells Avenue resident said all the vehicles were unlocked in the street or driveway and one had Christmas presents sitting on the trunk.

Pedestrian hit on Manchester

A Maplewood merchant took photos out his window of Maplewood police and fire  responding to a pedestrian that was hit by a car in the 7300 block of Manchester Road on Wednesday. Maplewood police said the pedestrian was taken to a local hospital for treatment. They also urged pedestrians and drivers to be alert and use caution in the area.

Theft at Marshalls: multiple offender

According to court and police records, O’Neal Hart Saunders III, 38, of St. Louis, was charged with hiding a Polo Ralph Lauren sweater at Marshalls at Deer Creek Center on Nov. 14. Saunders hid the sweater in his pants and walked past all points of sale without paying. He was caught at the door and the stolen sweater was recovered.

7-Eleven robbed at gunpoint; cops have photos, video

Maplewood police hope that surveillance video of a robbery of the 7-Eleven on Big Bend will help them catch the suspect, according to Fox2 News. The 7-Eleven was robbed at gunpoint on December 7 at around 9 p.m.

The suspect pointed a pistol at the clerk and demanded the money from both cash registers. He struggled with a man who refused to hand over his watch and fired a shot, which missed. No one was hurt. Police believe someone will recognize the suspect by his size, and the distinct piece of clothing he is wearing.

Unattended car, warming up, stolen at Jack in a Box

Last week, Maplewood Chief of Police Steven Kruse warned not to leave unattended cars warming up because they’re an easy target for thieves. On Sunday one was stolen, Kruse reported. Kruse said in a followup, on Monday, that on Sunday, Dec. 11, an employee of Jack in the Box restaurant at 7520 Manchester Road started her car at 6:30 a.m before leaving work. She left it unattended on the parking lot while it was warming.

Don’t warm up your car unattended: police

The Maplewood Police Department cautions residents that as the weather gets colder, especially in the mornings, not to leave their cars unattended with the engine running to warm it up. The department released this warning:

During the winter, there is an increase in motor vehicle thefts when people leave their cars running unattended in their driveway or on the street, or when they leave their car running when they go into a store. Organized groups will come into an area looking for the opportunity to steal cars in this manner. Many times, three or four thieves are already riding in a stolen car, looking for the chance to steal multiple unattended autos. If you see a stranger drive off with your car, it’s safer just to let it go and report it to the police department.

Man shot out dozens of car windows, police charge

A St. Louis man has been charged with shooting out car windows in Maplewood, as well as Shrewsbury, Clayton and St. Louis, with charges pending in Rock Hill and Webster Groves for the same crime, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Andre Armstrong, 19, told police he and some friends used a BB gun to damage parked cars in mid-November, according to court documents.