Richmond Heights Police badges awarded

Monday night at the Richmond Heights council meeting new Police Chief Doug Schaeffler, Police Major Craig Mueller, and Police Captain Gerry Rohr received their badges. Chief Doug Schaeffler said he’s seen six mayors and four chiefs in his time with the department. Also in the council meeting, city officials approved using the city’s $20,000 Community Development Grant Fund allocation for repair of low income residents’ homes. It is to be administered by St. Louis County’s Home Improvement Program, as in the past.

Maplewood police, fire respond to report of moving ceiling tile, updated

According to a Maplewood police detective at the scene in the 7400 block of Manchester Road Wednesday morning, a tenant of a business there thought she saw a ceiling tile move, so she called the police. The detective said it’s a dropped ceiling so it couldn’t support a person. He said it maybe it was a rodent. Maplewood fire came with a ladder so they could inspect above the ceiling. Update: Karen Smith, owner of the shop — Get the Word Out Vintage, Antiques, Global Goods — moving in at 7405 Manchester Road, said Wednesday afternoon that when she went in at around 9:15 a.m. she heard noises in the ceiling, and then two of the ceiling tiles moved six inches.

Seeking hosts for dinners to thank first responders

Flora Avenue neighbors, Laura Miller and Erin Sullivan, have kicked off a monthly thank you to Maplewood’s first responders. For two months they have organized neighborhood pot luck dinners for the fire and police departments. The first one was in March, at Miller’s house. In April it was on Vine Avenue. A couple months ago they went to a city council meeting to get the city’s blessing.

Witnesses act, police catch hit-and-run suspect

On Sunday at around 1 p.m. a driver in a rented GMC Acadia with Illinois plates pulled forward, and right, out of a parking space at Shop ‘n Save too sharply, damaging a 2013 Ford Focus sedan. The crunching sound caused a pedestrian on Sutton Boulevard to look and see the accident. Immediately following the accident, the driver of the GMC accelerated, left the parking lot, crossed Sutton heading west behind The Blue Duck, then turned north on Margarette Avenue. He then turned south on Lyle Avenue and stopped at the intersection at Manchester — two blocks from the accident, possibly to inspect the damage to his car. The witness on Sutton, and about seven other people, who were in the Blue Duck parking lot, walked over to inspect the damaged car.

Ryan Hummert scholarship awarded

Maplewood Richmond Heights senior, Michael Langston, was recognized last night for winning the Ryan Hummert scholarship award. Langston said on Facebook, “Honored and humbled to be this year’s recipient of the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship. Words can’t express my sincere gratitude to Maplewood Fire Chief Terry Merrell, the Hummert family, and my mom, dad, and brother. I can still remember that day back when Ryan was taken from us, and it will stay with me forever.” The scholarship is a $1,000.

Woman finances Audi with toddler’s social security number: police

Superior M. Clark, 29, of St. Louis was charged with identity theft, after using a social security number issued to a two-year-old child in purchasing a 2011 Audi Q7 at Dean Team Volvo of Brentwood, in Maplewood. According to court and police records, Clark bought the Audi on March 13 with $1,000 down, financing the rest. She provided a Social Security number — issued not to her but to a two-year-old — in applying for the loan. After discovering the fraud, the dealership contacted Clark, saying she needed to bring the car back for servicing.

Car stolen from Flora Avenue resident

According to court and police records, Eric Wallace, 38, of Blackwell, MO, stole a 2002 Toyota Highlander from a Maplewood resident in the 7300 block of Flora Avenue. The victim reported that his car, containing tools and other property valued at $6,610, had been stolen while it was parked overnight outside his house. The car was recovered two days later being driven by Wallace in Jefferson County. The victim said Wallace was an acquaintance of his, but had no explanation as to how Wallace had the key to the car. Wallace claimed that he had taken the car not realizing that it belonged to the victim because hew was angry with the victim’s house mate.

Rape, DWI charges in Brentwood, Maplewood

Charges were made for rape, and driving while intoxicated recently, according to court and police records. Davion Howard, 19, of St. Louis city, was charged with second degree rape in Brentwood on April 13. According to records, Howard had sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent on February 15. Howard admitted to police that the victim told him ‘no’ multiple times.

Man steals iPhone at Walmart, gets caught

Derrick L. Cartwright, 37, of Florissant, was charged with a Class C felony of receiving stolen property in the theft of an iPhone from the Maplewood Walmart, according to court and police records. The victim reported that her iPhone, which had her driver’s license and a credit card contained in its case, had been misplaced while she was shopping at the Walmart store in Maplewood. The phone and case were valued at $550. A review of surveillance video showed a man picking it up from the ground near the exit. The victim sent a text message from her daughter’s phone to her stolen phone, offering a $500 reward for the return of the phone.

Police substation opens at Lowe’s

On Tuesday the Maplewood Lowe’s Store held a dedication for a new Maplewood Police substation, according to a post on Facebook. The new substation will provide an office for police officers for completing reports, while offering onsite police assistance to the store, patrons and the business community.  

Also — As part of the planned Mid County Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Spirit Week, March 20-24, an event is planned to honor First Responders (Police and Fire) in Maplewood and Richmond Heights. Look for an event on March 21 from 8-9 a.m. at Citizens National Bank. Tim Hortons will provide donuts and coffee.

Artwork vandalized in Maplewood

The sculpture of a woman/book case — ‘Words into Dreams’ — in front of The Book House, 7352 Manchester Road in Maplewood, was apparently vandalized Thursday night. An employee, Mark Gould, found her in pieces when he arrived Friday morning. He said parts were removed and replaced randomly. For instance a Barbie Doll’s head was removed and moved. The book store filed a report with Maplewood Police.

Driver turns onto train tracks, gets caught, hit by train — DWI charged

On March 1 at approximately 4 a.m., a car traveling south on Sutton Boulevard, attempting turn right onto Greenwood Boulevard, turned prematurely, onto the train tracks, becoming lodged on the tracks, according to Maplewood Police. A short time later, a train traveling eastbound collided with the car. The two occupants were able to exit the car before it was hit, and no injuries were reported. The driver, a 23-year-old woman living in the south St. Louis area, was arrested for driving while intoxicated.