Two suspects in multiple carjackings in Maplewood; updated with suspect descriptions

Maplewood Police are investigating carjackings and attempted carjackings that took place during the day on Sunday, according to KSDK. Maplewood Detective Sergeant John LeClerc told KSDK the first attempted carjacking happened around 4:30 p.m. outside Urban Breath Yoga on Sutton. A man asked a woman to use her phone then displayed a handgun and demanded her car keys. She went into the yoga studio and the suspect followed her inside, displaying the handgun to everyone in the studio. That’s when she handed over her keys.

Police respond to theft in progress, make meth arrest

Steven Pappas, 40, of St. Charles, was charged with having methamphetamine, after being arrested for the offense on February 28 at 1900 Maplewood Commons Drive. According to court and police records, a Maplewood officer responded to a call of a theft in progress. Pappas was identified as the subject. The officer arrested Pappas for theft.

DUI driver runs into building, arrested

A male driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident after running into a door on a building on Marietta Avenue Wednesday night, according to Maplewood Police. Residents on Marietta and employees at businesses in the 7300 block of Manchester Road heard tires squealing then a crash at around 11 p.m. — several called 911 to report it. The driver was found at the Maplewood QuikTrip in a Jeep with two flat tires, a witness said. The damage to the building was being repaired on Thursday.

Firefighters rescue kitten from storm sewer

The Maplewood fire department’s on duty crew, on Tuesday, rescued a kitten that had fallen into a storm sewer. They posted photos on their Facebook page. Smokey the kitten was rescued shortly before it started to rain. The fire department said a delay could have caused Smokey to drown if the sewer filled with rainwater. A resident took the kitten to a veterinarian, who said it was in good shape after its ordeal, KSDK reported.

Man uses stolen credit card, was charged: ‘I knew it wasn’t legit’

Clarence Wigfall, 27, of St. Louis has been charged with theft after stealing a credit card and using it at Walmart. According to court and police records, between December 18 and 19 at the Maplewood Walmart, a woman reported that her Mastercard had been lost or stolen, and it had been used to make $3,337 in unauthorized purchases at Walmart. Surveillance video from the transactions showed a man and a woman using the card to make ATM withdrawals and making purchases using the card. Wigfall  was identified by the victim from the video.

Maplewood officer honored for showing compassion, saving a life

Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri has awarded Maplewood Police Officer Levonston Hall the John J. McAtee Award, which recognizes officers who have shown compassion, concern and understanding when interacting with a person who has mental illness. The association said Levonston made a difference in the life of a person during a psychiatric crisis when he helped a Maplewood resident when he responded in a non-traditional manner. According to Maplewood Chief of Police Stephen Kruse, Hall was dispatched to the 7200 block of Anna Avenue on Dec. 30, 2016 on a report of a distraught person threatening to kill himself with a knife. When Hall arrived he saw a man sitting on the curb who appeared distressed and incoherent.

Richmond Heights Police badges awarded

Monday night at the Richmond Heights council meeting new Police Chief Doug Schaeffler, Police Major Craig Mueller, and Police Captain Gerry Rohr received their badges. Chief Doug Schaeffler said he’s seen six mayors and four chiefs in his time with the department. Also in the council meeting, city officials approved using the city’s $20,000 Community Development Grant Fund allocation for repair of low income residents’ homes. It is to be administered by St. Louis County’s Home Improvement Program, as in the past.

Maplewood police, fire respond to report of moving ceiling tile, updated

According to a Maplewood police detective at the scene in the 7400 block of Manchester Road Wednesday morning, a tenant of a business there thought she saw a ceiling tile move, so she called the police. The detective said it’s a dropped ceiling so it couldn’t support a person. He said it maybe it was a rodent. Maplewood fire came with a ladder so they could inspect above the ceiling. Update: Karen Smith, owner of the shop — Get the Word Out Vintage, Antiques, Global Goods — moving in at 7405 Manchester Road, said Wednesday afternoon that when she went in at around 9:15 a.m. she heard noises in the ceiling, and then two of the ceiling tiles moved six inches.

Seeking hosts for dinners to thank first responders

Flora Avenue neighbors, Laura Miller and Erin Sullivan, have kicked off a monthly thank you to Maplewood’s first responders. For two months they have organized neighborhood pot luck dinners for the fire and police departments. The first one was in March, at Miller’s house. In April it was on Vine Avenue. A couple months ago they went to a city council meeting to get the city’s blessing.

Witnesses act, police catch hit-and-run suspect

On Sunday at around 1 p.m. a driver in a rented GMC Acadia with Illinois plates pulled forward, and right, out of a parking space at Shop ‘n Save too sharply, damaging a 2013 Ford Focus sedan. The crunching sound caused a pedestrian on Sutton Boulevard to look and see the accident. Immediately following the accident, the driver of the GMC accelerated, left the parking lot, crossed Sutton heading west behind The Blue Duck, then turned north on Margarette Avenue. He then turned south on Lyle Avenue and stopped at the intersection at Manchester — two blocks from the accident, possibly to inspect the damage to his car. The witness on Sutton, and about seven other people, who were in the Blue Duck parking lot, walked over to inspect the damaged car.

Ryan Hummert scholarship awarded

Maplewood Richmond Heights senior, Michael Langston, was recognized last night for winning the Ryan Hummert scholarship award. Langston said on Facebook, “Honored and humbled to be this year’s recipient of the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship. Words can’t express my sincere gratitude to Maplewood Fire Chief Terry Merrell, the Hummert family, and my mom, dad, and brother. I can still remember that day back when Ryan was taken from us, and it will stay with me forever.” The scholarship is a $1,000.