MRH students, teachers take part in day of silence in support of LGBTQ students

Maplewood Richmond Heights students and teachers on Friday took part in a GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network) day designed to bringing awareness to the silencing effects of anti-LGBTQ name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools, according to a student-produced video. Science teacher, Kathleen Dwyer and coordinator of educational exploration and apprenticeship, John Capuano (not speaking) explained the purpose of the day in the video.

MRH STEM nominees

Maplewood Richmond Heights High School, on Twitter (@mrhhighschool), on Friday posted its American Association of University Women STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) nominees. The American Association of University Women is the nation’s leading voice promoting equity and education for women and girls, according to its website. It was founded in 1881.

MRH baseball honors grad, Presten Pinnell

Maplewood Richmond Heights baseball honored MRH 2015 graduate Presten Pinnell, who died on Sunday while on a spring break trip. He was a student at University of Central Missouri. Before the team’s home opener on Monday there was a moment of silence in honor of Presten Pinnell. The tribute ends with a quote from Pinnell. The audio is a little hard to hear — here’s what was said: “Over the weekend the MRH community suffered a tragic loss.

MRH director of finance leaves

Maplewood Richmond Heights director of finance, Shelley Kinder, left the position effective Feb. 1, according to MRH. She had been with MRH since July 2015. The district will form a committee of parents, staff, and administrators to review applicants and select the new director. In the interim period, the finance department will continue working with a Doug Baum with LDR AdmServices in St.

MRH junior markets her own jewelry, placed in elevator pitch contest

Maplewood Richmond Heights junior Lily Kitipitayangkul — AKA Lily Kit — took second in a elevator pitch competition sponsored by the St. Louis University’s Center for Entrepreneurship in the first weekend in December. Kitipitayangkul owns a jewelry line — “handcrafted for the stylish, minimalist, and sophisticated woman,” she said in an email to 40 South. In her pitch she discussed how successful her small business has been, and how she’d love to grow it. Her jewelry, at, sells in stores, ships throughout the US and internationally, and “brings women together enhancing their beauty and confidence with a special piece of jewelry,” she said.

MRH hosts hundreds of chess players

About 350 elementary, middle and high school students participated in the Gateway Chess League fall tournament, held Saturday at Maplewood Richmond Heights, according to MRH parent Kathy Bussey on Facebook. They came from 73 different schools. One MRH Middle School student medaled. In all, 305 students competed. Bussey said it was the first year MRH has hosted the event and everything went smoothly.

MRH 6th-grader raises funds for critical thinking

Twelve-year-old MRH Elementary student Jacob Cummings wanted to learn more about how to increase critical thinking in kids, his mother, Anne Cummings said. A teacher of his, Casey Tuths, the MRHE sixth grade language arts teacher, has instituted the “Genius Hour” curriculum. The kids must ask a question based on a passion they have, research it, create a plan that supports their passion and then communicate the results of their work with others, Cummings said. This inspired Jacob to set up a GoFundMe page with another teacher, Sarah Shondelmeyer, to raise money for a Critical Thinking MakerSpace at MRH Elementary. All the money raised in the fund raiser will be used for materials for the MakerSpace, the GoFundMe page says — supplies such as wood working materials, electronic components, crafting items and coding instructions will be purchased.

MRH Tweets: an expedition, internship fair, baseball

Maplewood Richmond Heights administrators, teachers, coaches and friends post on Twitter. This happened approximately this week:

This one is from January —

MRH Prop Y wins big

After an intense campaign, Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Proposition Y passed by a two-thirds margin: 2,199 – 1,109 votes. The results came out online a little after 9 p.m. It was expected it could have gone later after the polling place at The Heights was in danger of running out of ballots Tuesday morning. It didn’t — ballots were delivered in time, according to Richmond Heights Mayor Jim Beck. A couple hundred Prop Y supporters gathered at Juke Joint Dueling Piano Bar in Maplewood to watch the results come in. Organizer, Tonya Powell, said after the results were in, that when she first saw Prop Y was going to be on the ballot she was a bit scared.

MRH Tweets: spring break, Elephant Rocks, concerts, baseball

MRH Tweets in the past week — the first week back since spring break (plus a few during the break) — included a trip to the state capital, a trip to Elephant Rocks, community choral and band concerts, and MRH baseball ranked in the St. Louis area. Tweets are from Middle School Principal Mike Dittrich (@mikedittrich77), Coach Webb (@MRHbaseball), MRH School District (@MRH_Schools), Jennifer Jones (@JLJmath), Anne Arias (@anneebarias), MRH High School (@mrhhighschool) and Bill Henske (@MRHsciguy).

Cerven: Prop Y ballot language ‘not all of the truth’

The treasurer of the ‘Vote No On Y’ committee, David Cerven, called 40 South News Thursday to say the ballot language for Proposition Y is, according to him, “not all of the truth.” However MRH board president Nelson Mitten, when asked, said the language is correct and legal. The ballot states the adjusted operating levy of the District per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation is estimated to be $4.7869 for residential real property. “The big issue is while that is accurate it’s not all of the truth,” Cerven said. “There’s an additional $1.35 tax levy (for debt service) that is on top of that, that puts us in those highest numbers,” he said. “It’s had lots of people contacting me about that discrepancy,” he said.

‘Keep MRH Strong’ files financial report

The campaign supporting the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District’s Proposition Y, Keep MRH Strong, filed its 8 Day Before campaign finances report online with the Missouri Ethics Commission. The contributions and expenditures below are from the Keep MRH Strong 8 Day Before Report:

Shevaun McNaughton is the campaign’s treasurer. Total receipts for the election previously reported, $1,892
Total receipts for this election are $7,977


David Slater, $100
Bond Architects, $1,000
Cindy Crader, $160
David Pole, $100
Karen Hall, $200
Kathryn Kaufman, $115
Nelson Mitten, $220
S.M. Wilson & Co., $1,000
Sandra Richason, $361, in-kind
Stacy Dick, $140
Christy Scheidt, $120
Caroline Strong, $125
Ben Stotler, $100
The Post Sports Bar & Grill, $310
Beverly Sporleder, $100

Total contributions from event: $1,343


Food for canvases, $122
Bank fees, $25
Office supplies, $33

Expenditures over $100

Tiny Little Monster, t-shirts, $450 total
St. Louis Presort, printing and postage, $1,070
J&E Office City, $126
OR Pechman, yard signs, $1,860 total

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Majorette grand opening shows value of unique new event space in Maplewood/St. Louis

Majorette, a new event space located at 7150 Manchester on the border of Maplewood and St. Louis, held its grand opening Wednesday night with fanfare. The 87-year-old building was originally a furniture store, and owners Pat and Carol Shuchard preserved some of the original features while dramatically modernizing the space which has a capacity of up to 400. Before the opening, General Manager Erinn Hall reported that they have contracts for nearly 30 weddings, corporate galas, and fundraisers. Also the general manager of the Shuchard’s other event space Boo Cat in St.

National acts to play Ryan Hummert Park

Two local groups with national touring schedules — Clockwork and Bella & Lily — are set to play the Maplewood Community Betterment Foundation concert at Ryan Hummert Park, on Wednesday, Aug. 26. Clockwork is a St. Louis-based group consisting of Jordan Slone (guitar/vocals), Logan Slone (bass/vocals) and Logan Mohler (drums/vocals). They have been creating their brand of “sometimes-raucous/sometimes-beautiful rock music slathered in memorable melodies and striking harmonies” since 2011 — before they were of legal driving age.

MRH student hit by car at Manchester and Big Bend

A Maplewood Richmond Heights High School student was hit by a car while crossing the intersection of Big Bend and Manchester Tuesday morning, according to a letter sent to parents from the high school and middle school principals. The letter states that at approximately 7:55 a.m. the student was hit by a car turning onto Manchester. A Central Office administrator and the MRH crossing guard at the intersection witnessed the accident and immediately called 911. Maplewood emergency personnel arrived quickly and attended to the student. In addition, multiple MRH personnel arrived to assist.

MRH Blue Devils softball dominates!

The MRH Blue Devils Girls Softball team (4th – 6th grade) brought home another win on Sunday, winning 21-7, continuing their winning streak! Last year the team tied for 1st place, and is on track for another great season. Support local sports in Maplewood!  For more information on youth sports in Maplewood, visit MRH Youth Sports.

MRH voters to decide Prop K

On Tuesday, Maplewood and Richmond Heights voters will decide Proposition K, a bond issue to fund a proposed new Maplewood Richmond Heights building on the grounds of the current Early Childhood Center to house eight to ten new preschool classrooms and also the Parents as Teachers program. A tax increase of $0.15 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation; from $1.20 to $1.35 per one hundred dollars assessed valuation of real and personal property would result if the proposition passes. It equals approximately a $28.50 tax change per year for each $100,000 of valuation. The new building would sit on what is now the ECC parking lot, and approximately an acre of Brentwood Volvo, to the west, would become the school’s new parking lot. The school district has become a “destination” district, superintendent Karen Hall has said, drawing an unexpected number of families with children of preschool and elementary school age.

Record food drive in 2014: Dr. Madosky does 175 pull-ups

Dr. Bil Madosky of Madosky Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center has sponsored a food drive during the holiday season the past 18 years in the Maplewood area. He said Monday that the 2014 drive was the best, collecting more than 600 food item. “Help came from my patients, Maplewood Chamber members and the Stephanie Sausele’s Maplewood Richmond Heights pre-K class,” Madosky said. He promised to do one pull-up for each of  the 175 food items collected. Last year he did 169 pull-ups, for 169 cans collected.

MRH communications director responds to bond questions

Maplewood Richmond Heights School’s director of communications, Brian Adkisson, responded over the weekend to questions that have come up about Proposition K, the bond issue announced last week that the school will put on the April ballot to build a new preschool. Here’s what Adkisson said by email:

Location: The Board is actively looking at multiple sites and negotiating as we speak. If a contract is signed prior to the election, I am certain we would share the location with our community. Ultimately we want to secure the best location for our students and at the best (lowest) possible price for our community. To divulge specific sites we are looking at would likely result in their price increasing. See also: MRH Prop K: cost to home owners, MRH asks voters to approve bond for new preschool

Length: The tax is ongoing—not one-time. (Adkisson said he didn’t know the the exact length because he was at home for the weekend when asked.) Essentially, a bond is like a loan.

Madosky Chiropractic begins 18th annual food drive

Madosky Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center began its 18th Annual Food Drive on December 1. Madosky gives all food collected to the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church food pantry. 

As in the past, Madosky will donate one food item for every item donated. Last year more than 600 cans were donated. Last year Madosky told an MRH preschool class he would do one pull-up for every can they donated. The students contributed 169 cans and it took him three days to complete the pull-ups.