Pedestrian struck, killed on Big Bend

At approximately 2 p.m. on Monday a man in his 60s crossing S. Big Bend Boulevard just north of Manchester Road was struck and killed, according to Maplewood Police. Maplewood Police Lieutenant Matt Neighbor said the driver of the car was apprehended south of the area by another police department and was being questioned. The accident is being investigated as a crime scene by police. No other details were available. Traffic was moving through the intersection on Manchester, but S. Big Bend is closed from Rannells to Flora avenues until at least 5 p.m.


In the press: Law allowing eviction for multiple 911 calls

Fox 2, KMOX, KSDK, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Public Radio were among the outlets reporting on a meeting on Maplewood’s nuisance ordinance. 

Fox 2 – Maplewood residents learn making too many calls to 911 can lead to eviction
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KSDK — Police: Treasurer confesses to stealing from PTO bank account
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Community meeting set on Maplewood nuisance ordinance that prompted ACLU lawsuit
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Maplewood officials say Shop N Save departure left budget hole

Drawings for Maplewood Total Access Urgent Care submitted

Drawings of a Total Access Urgent Care are with the Maplewood building department and will be considered by the Design and Review Board on Thursday. Brian Herr, Maplewood building inspector, said that the drawings are conceptual — not a site plan. It will still need to go through planning and zoning and the city council. The building is in consideration for 7469 Manchester Road, site of the former Rafferty Auto Sales. The board will also consider:

Just Practice Yoga, 3518 Greenwood – window display sign
Taco Bell, 2750 S. Big Bend – wall and pole sign
Schnucks, 7355 Manchester – wall and ground sign
Messenger Church, 2150 Yale – wall sign
Chateau Maplewood, 7326 Manchester Road – window display sign

Her also said Thai Table restaurant (7403 Manchester Road) is ready to begin hanging drywall on its buildout.

Maplewood nuisance law meeting pulls a crowd

On Wednesday the ACLU Missouri and Equal Housing and Opportunity Council hosted a discussion on on Maplewood’s nuisance ordinance laws at the Salvation Army in Maplewood. The law allows the city to revoke a tenant’s occupancy permit for “more than two instances within a 180-day period of incidents of peace disturbance or domestic violence resulting in calls to the police,” according to the ordinance, in part. St. Louis Public Radio, KSDK, KMOV, 550 KTRS and Fox 2 were among the outlets covering the meeting.

Maplewood officials hear more from proponents of community policing

In a meeting with less on the agenda than two weeks ago, Maplewood city officials on Tuesday heard from members of the Maplewood Community Builders group about community policing and from one Marietta Avenue resident about slowing traffic on the street. They also OK’d a tattoo studio (parking was the only issue discussed) and filled the last vacant position on the city’s commissions. With many Marietta Avenue residents at the previous meeting, several Maplewood Community Builders group took the opportunity on Tuesday to speak in the public forum. About a dozen came and five spoke. They’re hoping to influence decisions about next year’s budget on how to spend the city’s Proposition P funds — more with the community’s needs in mind, rather than just hiring more officers.

Loss of Shop ‘n Save costing Maplewood thousands in tax revenue

According to the city manager, the loss of Shop ‘n Save in Maplewood is causing an adjustment to the city’s budget, currently being worked on by the city staff. Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran told 40 South that when all sources of revenue related to Shop ‘n Save are considered, the loss to the city is estimated at over $500,000. That amount will be taken into consideration in the city’s 2017-18 budget. City officials have planned a work session at the beginning of the next city council meeting to discuss the budget. To put that in some perspective, the total property tax revenue for the city (estimated) for 2016-17 is $3,450,000, and for 2014-15 it was $3,126,274 (actual).

Another good sign in Maplewood

Chateau Maplewood’s buildout is progressing in the former J&E Office City location, 7326 Manchester Road, looking at its Instagram posts. Owner Brian Hobbs told Maplewood plan and zoning last August the wine bar will have about about 20 tables and a wine bar for eight. He said then that he plans on serving lunch, dinner and desserts, but the focus will be on wine. The Mid County Chamber of Commerce plans to move its office to the second floor of the building. See also: Here’s a good sign

Front Window. #enjoymaplewood #wine @hobbspartyof3 @brianhobbswine

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Maplewood officials consider tattoo studio, Prop P funds

Maplewood city officials on Tuesday in a voice vote in the first readings, unanimously approve a proposed tattoo studio at 2801- 2803 S. Big Bend Boulevard. The third and final vote will take place at the next council meeting. Council member Ray Crader asked owner asked about age restrictions, and owner, Alan Thompson, said state regulations allow no one under 18 to get a tattoo without parental consent. He said 16 is the minimum age; also that minors aren’t allowed in the shop. Council member Sandi Phillips said she was at the planning and zoning meeting where it first approved, and that parking was the number one issue there.

Maplewood City Council discusses how to control traffic on block with 15 kids

About a dozen of approximately 30 in the audience at the Maplewood City Council meeting on Tuesday came from Marietta Avenue. Their block carries higher than average traffic for a residential street according to a city study, and a percentage of those are speeding. The residents who are also parents see it at the bus stop on Marshall Avenue.  They said drivers don’t yield to pedestrians, cut through a parking lot on the corner, exhibit road rage, and swipe parked cars as they come north on Marshall and turn left on Marietta. The city had sent a letter to the residents with a suggestion from a traffic consultant to allow parking on the north side of the street to discourage the cut-through traffic. Not one resident or council member liked the idea.

The shelves are staying: Shop ‘n Save employees

One thing known about the now-vacant 57,575 square foot space (per leasing info) is that the shelves are staying. That’s according to some Shop ‘n Save employees wearing corporate badges when the store was closing. Rumors have been floating about the future of the site. One local grocery chain — Schnucks — when contacted, didn’t confirm or deny anything — just: “In keeping with company policy, we don’t comment on rumor or speculation. As always, if we have news to announce regarding future locations, we will share it at the appropriate time.”

Shop ‘n Save sign is gone

The now closed Maplewood Shop ‘n Save lost its sign on Tuesday. It closed on Saturday with the final discount hitting 75 percent for everything in the store. So far no word about the future of the location. See also: Shop ‘n Save closing pushed up: it’s Saturday, Shop ‘n Save only store leaving Maplewood Square employees say

Maplewood P&Z votes to recommend tattoo studio

The Maplewood Plan and Zoning Commission on Monday voted to recommend to the city council that the owners of All Star tattoo studio be permitted to move their business from its current location in University City to 2801- 2803 S. Big Bend Boulevard. Most members of the commission, and two neighbors that spoke in the hearing, were mostly concerned with parking. One owner said there could be 10 – 12 cars parked there at any one time. Owners Nate Strautkalns and Alan Thompson said they plan to buy all three parcels and use the now empty lot to the north for a parking lot, which can accommodate 14 spaces, City Public Works Director Anthony Traxler said. Neighbor Susan Johnson said she wasn’t opposed to a tattoo studio but still wished it was opening on Manchester Road, though she said she preferred this to a Jack in a Box at that location.

Shop ‘n Save closing pushed up: it’s Saturday

As shoppers empty the shelves at the Maplewood Shop ‘n Save on Friday, word from an employee now is that the store will shut its doors for good at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 2. Residents haven’t have much time to adjust. The Union Local 655 told its members the store would close just two weeks ago. Then, the word was that the store would close its doors on June 15. If you’ve been waiting to go for a good price on your favorite item you might be too late.

Hearing planned for ‘vintage boutique’ in Maplewood; update: it’s been postponed

Some Maplewood residents received a notice in the mail for a planned ‘vintage boutique’ at 2714 Sutton Boulevard. Shana Watkins Photography moved from the location at the corner of Sutton and Marietta Avenue. Katie May has made a request for a conditional use permit for the shop. Maplewood Planning and Zoning will consider the request and hear citizens’ comments on June 4 at Maplewood City Hall. The commission will vote on a recommendation to the city council at the meeting.

Lease signed for new Taco Bell

Dan Lesseg, who owns the property in Maplewood where Tim Hortons built a shop and operated until it closed in December, has said Taco Bell signed a lease on Tuesday. The news that Taco Bell was moving there (2721 S. Big Bend Boulevard) from the 6660 Manchester Avenue location broke in April, when employees from there and other locations said it was impending. At the time an employee at the 6660 Manchester Avenue location said it would happen around November 2018. See also: Taco Bell taking over former Maplewood Tim Hortons location: employees, Maplewood neighbors meet Taco Bell reps: discuss noise, lights


Maplewood Shop ‘n Save discounts go deeper

The Shop ‘n Save in Maplewood, which is shutting its doors in mid-June, has gone to the next level of discounts, an employee at the courtesy counter said Wednesday morning. Some items have been discounted 20 percent. The discounts is now are 40 to 75 percent. See also: Maplewood Shop ‘n Save to close, Union Local 655 says, Shop ‘n Save’s closing date is set, employees say

So if you’ve been waiting now’s the time. FYI, the beer aisle was already getting sparse on Tuesday.

Police continues to search for missing Maplewood woman

Maplewood police are continuing to search for a Maplewood woman who has been missing since last week. Barbara Johnson, 62, was last seen on May 16  around 3 p.m. in the 7200 block of Manchester Road. According to the Search and Rescue Facebook page, Johnson is about 4-foot-10, she is suffering from osteoarthritis, anxiety, bipolar, and severe alcoholism. She does not have her house keys, wallet, ID, bus pass, metro pass, money or cell phone on her. She hasn’t been seen or heard from for about nine days.

Maplewood biz owner takes part in Trailnet Bike to Work Day

The only Trailnet Bike to Work Day coffee stop in Maplewood Friday monring was at Zee Bee Market, manned by owner, Julio Zegarra-Ballon. At 8:30 a.m. he said he had seen seven bikers go by (in the rain). Two took the time to stop. He was serving coffee and scones from Foundation Grounds. Zegarra-Ballon said he plans to participate every year.

House fire in Maplewood doused; residents think caused by cigarettes tossed on leaves

Maplewood and other area fire departments put down a house fire in the 3600 block of Commonwealth Avenue that started at a little after 8 p.m. on Tuesday. There were no injuries reported. Second floor resident Christian Hoppenjans said when they first noticed smoke they thought it was an electrical appliance so they turned everything off, then saw that it was coming through the vents. “So we just did a lap around the house and the fire was in the back porch, it was about this tall [five feet],” he said. “We immediately started pulling out buckets, and we obviously immediately called the fire department, but they came out, they said you don’t understand, it’s in the basement.