Witnesses act, police catch hit-and-run suspect

On Sunday at around 1 p.m. a driver in a rented GMC Acadia with Illinois plates pulled forward, and right, out of a parking space at Shop ‘n Save too sharply, damaging a 2013 Ford Focus sedan. The crunching sound caused a pedestrian on Sutton Boulevard to look and see the accident. Immediately following the accident, the driver of the GMC accelerated, left the parking lot, crossed Sutton heading west behind The Blue Duck, then turned north on Margarette Avenue. He then turned south on Lyle Avenue and stopped at the intersection at Manchester — two blocks from the accident, possibly to inspect the damage to his car. The witness on Sutton, and about seven other people, who were in the Blue Duck parking lot, walked over to inspect the damaged car.

Maplewood officials postpone $64,000 question

Maplewood officials did not vote, at their meeting on Tuesday, on how to use the $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. The vote was tabled, Mayor Barry Greenberg said on Wednesday. Greenberg said the city has until the council’s June 13 meeting before a decision has to be made. There won’t be a second meeting in May. He said the council would like to hear any more comments from citizens until then.

Toasty Subs to open this month

St. Louis Magazine recently quoted 40 South from 2014, where it was said that Toasty Subs, at 3001 S. Big Bend, “never opened and never will.” That was a year after the signs went up with no progress. St. Louis magazine now says,”never say never,” and that Toasty Subs will open soon.

These are the Block Grant ‘Low to Mod. Income Areas in Maplewood’

The city of Maplewood will hold a Public Hearing at its Tuesday council meeting to discuss the allocation of $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. In past years much of it has gone to the city’s home improvement grant program, which are available to areas that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) designates as ‘low to moderate income’. Below is a map of those areas in Maplewood. Parts of all three wards are included. See the full map of the HUD Low to Moderate Income Population here.

Ryan Hummert scholarship awarded

Maplewood Richmond Heights senior, Michael Langston, was recognized last night for winning the Ryan Hummert scholarship award. Langston said on Facebook, “Honored and humbled to be this year’s recipient of the Ryan Hummert Memorial Scholarship. Words can’t express my sincere gratitude to Maplewood Fire Chief Terry Merrell, the Hummert family, and my mom, dad, and brother. I can still remember that day back when Ryan was taken from us, and it will stay with me forever.” The scholarship is a $1,000.

Sutton Avenue becomes Sutton Boulevard, and another street name mystery

Until approximately last year, the street called Sutton, in Maplewood, was Sutton Boulevard south of Manchester Road and Sutton Avenue north of Manchester. It’s now Sutton Boulevard the whole way. A resident mentioned it recently. Google Street View from July 2016 shows a street sign as Sutton Ave, though Google now calls it Sutton Boulevard when any addresses are searched, such as Stone Spiral Coffee, now at 2500 Sutton Boulevard. The city’s only comment was that Sutton Boulevard is the proper name for all blocks of Sutton — no comment on a change.

Hearing set for $64,000 Maplewood grant; Trump budget recommends elimination

The city of Maplewood will hold a Public Hearing to discuss the allocation of $64,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The hearing will be held at the  May 9 city council meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m. In past years much of it has gone to the city’s home improvement grant program. Update: According to the city’s notes for the meeting, President Trump has recommended in his proposed budget that community development block grants be eliminated. At this time, Congress has not begun to act on the budget. The council is scheduled to discuss how to use the funds this year, and possibly take a vote.

Seventh candidate for council seat

A woman in Maplewood’s Ward 3 is the sixth candidate to pick up a petition to run for the vacant seat on city council. Kristen Spencer shared this introduction, her qualifications and her hopes for Maplewood. Correction: Spencer is the seventh candidate to pick up a petition — Alexandra Goodfellow was number six. My name is Kristen Spencer, and I am thrilled to be running for the Ward 3 Council seat.  I have lived in Maplewood for almost eight years and the St. Louis area for almost ten.

Woman finances Audi with toddler’s social security number: police

Superior M. Clark, 29, of St. Louis was charged with identity theft, after using a social security number issued to a two-year-old child in purchasing a 2011 Audi Q7 at Dean Team Volvo of Brentwood, in Maplewood. According to court and police records, Clark bought the Audi on March 13 with $1,000 down, financing the rest. She provided a Social Security number — issued not to her but to a two-year-old — in applying for the loan. After discovering the fraud, the dealership contacted Clark, saying she needed to bring the car back for servicing.

Airedale Antics began as Airedale Antiques, marks 10 years

Airedale Antics, started in St. Charles as Airedale Antiques, co-owner Sheri Phipps said at the store on Saturday, at 7316 Manchester Road in Maplewood. She and her husband, Tony, were opening an antique furniture restoration shop on First Street in St. Charles and loved their Airedales, so they named it Airedale Antiques. They’d take the dogs to work and it would be first in the phone book she said.

Stringfest was rain or shine: good thing

Maplewood’s third annual Stringfest, on Saturday, was billed as rain or shine. Not by choice, musicians played inside in downtown shops Saturday afternoon as it rained steadily outside. Folks still came. Harpists were featured, but others such as a string quartet, kids on classical guitars, and various other groups on stringed instruments entertained folks that came out. The city of Maplewood Special Business District sponsored the event.

Stringfest, Bookstore Day, Airedale Antics 10th on Saturday; Active Aging Expo Monday

Dodge the rain this Saturday for these fun events in Maplewood. The Active Aging Expo is Monday at The Heights. Saturday, April 29

Stringfest in downtown Maplewood — 4 to 7 p.m. — More than a dozen roaming musicians and maverick harpists will perform on the streets of Maplewood. Enjoy food and drink sold on the sidewalks by Maplewood’s award-winning food purveyors. Visit your favorite shops for open houses.