Jimmy John’s is remodeling not closing

The windows at Jimmy John’s, in Maplewood, were papered over recently; it’s because the fast food restaurant is remodeling, said a man hard at work in the store on Sunday. He said it’s been open 10 years and is time for sprucing up. He said it might reopen on Thursday. The location changed hands in July 2015.

Artwork vandalized in Maplewood

The sculpture of a woman/book case — ‘Words into Dreams’ — in front of The Book House, 7352 Manchester Road in Maplewood, was apparently vandalized Thursday night. An employee, Mark Gould, found her in pieces when he arrived Friday morning. He said parts were removed and replaced randomly. For instance a Barbie Doll’s head was removed and moved. The book store filed a report with Maplewood Police.

Maplewood mayoral candidate, Barry Greenberg, expands agenda

This is the literature that I have been handing out since I began gathering signatures last year. Now that I am again making the rounds and talking to Maplewood residents, I would like to expand my agenda items on assisting seniors to also include people with disabilities. The environment and the services we provide should accommodate and support citizens with physical and mental limitations. As I speak with Maplewood residents, inclusion for ALL people has been a popular issue expressed that I strongly agree with and it is part of what makes Maplewood great.

Maplewood mayoral candidate meets & greets

Candidate for mayor of Maplewood, Patrick Jugo, attracted about 30 supporters, he said, to Foley’s Bar & Grill in Maplewood Wednesday evening. Jugo has a second meet and greet planned at Saratoga Lanes on Friday, March 10. He said he likes to reach voters face-to-face, so he’s looking for anyone willing to host a coffee gathering in their home. “I’m trying to keep it small and personal,” he said. “That’s my deal.

Driver turns onto train tracks, gets caught, hit by train — DWI charged

On March 1 at approximately 4 a.m., a car traveling south on Sutton Boulevard, attempting turn right onto Greenwood Boulevard, turned prematurely, onto the train tracks, becoming lodged on the tracks, according to Maplewood Police. A short time later, a train traveling eastbound collided with the car. The two occupants were able to exit the car before it was hit, and no injuries were reported. The driver, a 23-year-old woman living in the south St. Louis area, was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Police: man ‘returns’ $217 worth of sheets for refund

At the Walmart store in Maplewood, Brendon Joseph O’Callaghan, 21, of Ballwin, selected two sheet sets and a package of pillowcases, and without paying for them, took them to customer service and ‘returned’ the items, receiving a refund of $217 on a gift card, according to court and police records. 

O’Callaghan was identified by the temporary driver’s license he used for the refund  as well as by surveillance video, and a witness from the store. He was arrested several months later. After viewing photos taken from surveillance video, O’Callaghan admitted that he was the man in the video.

Maplewood mayoral candidate to hold meet & greet; both will be at forum next week

Maplewood mayoral candidate, Patrick Jugo, has announced by email that he will hold a meet and greet at Foley’s Bar & Grill, 3522 Greenwood Boulevard, on Wednesday from 5-7 p.m.

It’s Jugo’s first such meeting. He said in the email he wants to meet people face-to-face, going door to door, at coffee-talks in residents’ homes, and through meet and greets. Also, see both candidates — Patrick Jugo and Barry Greenberg — at a League of Women Voters candidates forum at the MRH Theater, Tuesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. Audience members will be able to ask questions of both.  


Maplewood officials OK traffic enforcement measures, nix skateboard park RFQs

Maplewood city officials will consider these resolutions, and one ordinance at meeting on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. See the full agenda. Update: All resolutions were passed at the Maplewood council meeting Tuesday evening.  A bill to amend the setbacks for an planned unit development, and create a new lot at South and Yale avenues was tabled. Resolutions:

Niel Suthar will be replacing Dan Kopman on the Special Business District Tax Advisory Commission. Suthar owns Foundation Grounds. Dan Kopman is no longer with Schlafly Bottleworks.

City drops weeds charges against Alice Hezel

The city of Maplewood has decided not to go forward with charges against Alice Hezel, according to her attorney, Bruce Morrison. She was cited multiple times by the city for failure to maintain her yard on Cambridge Avenue, and was scheduled for a St. Louis County circuit court trial on March 20. It will now not take place. Morrison said the dismissal order was entered on Friday.

Police: man stole vodka from CVS twice

Markise Lydonn Hughes, 41, of St. Louis, was charged with stealing vodka from the Maplewood CVS store on June 17 and on June 19, according to court and police records. On June 17 Hughes entered the CVS and hid three bottles of vodka in his jacket and walked out without paying. He returned two days later and took four bottles of vodka, hiding them in a bag. He was identified from surveillance video of the thefts.

48-tap restaurant shooting for April opening

Tapped, the self-serve tap restaurant moving into the former Pizza Story location in Maplewood, 7278 Manchester Road, is progressing on its build-out, per Twitter at @TappedStL. The city OK’d the restaurant’s liquor license in September. Owners Ryan and Lindsay Reel, of Richmond Heights, plan to use the iPourIt tap control system. The 48 taps will include wines, coffee, tea if they can find someone who kegs it and all local craft beers, to start out. They said there are lots of local breweries to choose from, and seven more set to open this year.

House fire injures 3, kills 4 dogs in Maplewood

Maplewood firefighters put down a house fire in the 7600 block of Weaver Avenue around 4:30 a.m. on Friday that injured three adults and killed four dogs, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The adults were taken to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. The dogs died of smoke inhalation, Maplewood Fire Chief Terry Merrell told the Post-Dispatch. City officials suspect candles left burning in the basement caused the fire.