Landlord drastically cutting Maplewood shop’s space

Maplewood shop, The Book House, will lose about half its space on the first floor due to the building’s owner (Red Brick Management) deciding to open up the east side of the first floor to another tenant. The book store uses the front of the east side for its children’s book section. The space behind that is used for storage. The store is having a clearance sale as a result.



Assistant city manager: new tax would add $19 per $100,000 appraised value

Maplewood City Assistant Manager Anthony Traxler explained in an email to 40 South how the measure city officials approved to be on the April municipal elections ballot would effect home owners. The proposal for an increased tax to cover trash and recycling pickup would add $0.10 per $100,000 assessed valuation. The current residential rate is $0.218 per $100 assessed valuation. This rate was passed by Maplewood voters in 2004. See the 2004 resolution here.

Stolen donut delivery car returned the same day

A car owned by a Strange Donuts employee that was stolen from in front of the shop in Maplewood early Thursday morning containing about 500 donuts was returned later the same day, apparently missing only a few donuts, according to a Tweet by Strange Donuts. The car had been running and unlocked, and contained the supply of donuts for the store’s Kirkwood store — about 500. The stolen car was not the fully decaled Strange Donuts Smart car. It was the employee’s personal car an employee at the shop said Thursday night. She also said it was returned later in the day.

Car stolen in Maplewood contained 500 donuts

A Strange Donuts employee did Thursday morning what he usually does when he arrives at the Maplewood location, at 2709 Sutton Boulevard. He left his car running and unlocked in front of the shop as he picked up the donut delivery for the Kirkwood store, and took out the trash. On Thursday someone got in his car and drove off. Maplewood police responded to 2709 Sutton for a stolen vehicle report at 5:23 a.m. Police say the running/unlocked vehicle was taken by a white male subject possibly having red hair, and the investigation is ongoing. Employees of Strange Donuts said as the employee was heading to the dumpster, on the other side of Sutton, he saw a man — drunk (“hammered”) — walking around the corner at Manchester.

Now a possible 4 running for Maplewood Ward 1 seat

A fourth possible candidate has turned in her petition to run for the vacant Maplewood Ward 1 council seat. Sandi Phillips, who has served on Maplewood’s planning and zoning commission for four years, she said, turned in her petition this week. It’s yet to be certified. Phillips joins Owen Skoler, Kyle Oberle and Tyler Merkel. Two of them have had their petitions certified.

Maplewood officials stress safety over route preference for greenway

In a discussion Monday in the Maplewood City Council meeting about a proposed Great Rivers Greenway route through the city, officials came to a consensus, and it wasn’t to prefer a north or south route. They want bikers and pedestrians to be safe. “Safety is number one,” councilman Shawn Faulkingham said. He said everything else is “moot.” The main issue is how the route will conduct bikers and walkers across S. Big Bend Boulevard.

Waste pickup tax increase to be on ballot; residents will pay cost one way or another

Maplewood officials voted unanimously on Tuesday to place on the ballot on April 3, an additional tax of 10 cents per $100 of evaluation to cover the rising costs of trash and recycling pickup in the city. City Department of Public Works Director Anthony Traxler said if voters don’t approve the tax the city will need to bill residents to cover the, currently, approximately $280,000 budget deficit, coming out of the general fund. If the measure fails residents will be billed approximately $97 annually in monthly payments, he said. Update: The city plans to send out all the information related to the propostion for residents. It will be sent it out in advance of election day to give residents ample time to review the information and ask questions.

Maplewood officials to consider waste pickup tax, 2 liquor licenses

On the agenda for the Maplewood City Council Jan. 9 meeting:

The 7-Eleven, at 2425 S. Big Bend, is requesting a packaged liquor and Sunday packaged liquor license limited to the sale of beer and wine. Somying Fox of of Thai Table, at 7403 Manchester Road, is requesting a liquor license by the drink to serve beer and wine. The officials will also consider a resolution authorizing and directing the submission of a ballot proposition for Maplewood voters, the question of whether the city’s solid waste tax shall be increased by 10¢ for residential property, commercial property and personal property to continue to provide trash pickup and recycling services for single family, and multi-family residential properties. Further discussion on the planned greenway through Maplewood is also on the agenda.

Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

The Maplewood Aldi store will be very busy the next five weeks, an employee said Saturday — the crowd is coming from University City. The University City Aldi, at 7701 Olive Boulevard, is closed until mid-February for interior remodeling. Employees and customers at the Maplewood store said they’re all coming here. An employee said that everyday in Maplewood has been busy since the remodeling began a week ago. She called it a “war zone”.

Maplewood officials could consider putting trash pickup tax on ballot

Maplewood now provides trash and recycling pickup for residents for free, but that might change. The city council is set to consider options to have residents help cover the cost. Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran sent a memo to the mayor and city council in October outlining some options. The cost to the city for the service is approximately $43,000 per month or $552,000 per year, according to a memo from the city manager to the council in October. The pickup costs are expected to increase this January and January 2019, each one an increase of one and a half percent.

Maplewood Police reports thefts from vehicles

Since Dec. 23 (Maplewood Police reported on Dec. 26) there have been several reports of thefts from vehicles in the 7300 and 7400 blocks of Maple Avenue. They ask residents to report suspicious activity, bring valuables inside, lock car doors and not to leave keys in vehicles. See below map for impacted area.