Blue Devils R&B release new video

The Blue Devils R&B bands — middle and high school — performed their Fall Concert Wednesday night, and on Thursday released a YouTube video, ‘Back to the Sixties’.

MRH to end suspensions for Pre-K through 3rd grade

Maplewood Richmond Heights School District is one of three St. Louis County districts that say they’ll end out-of-school suspensions for preschool through third-grade students, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The announcement was made Sunday at MRH at an assembly for Break the Pipeline — an effort to break the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

Instead of suspensions, the MRH, Normandy and Ladue school districts will use social workers and behavioral health specialists to reduce the need to discipline students. MRH promised to ban suspensions for the young students in the next school year.

MRH ECC cuts ribbon, soccer wins, honor roll, honored teacher

At Maplewood Richmond Heights schools: ribbon-cutting, volleyball senior night, soccer wins districts, honor roll is posted, Washington University business students talk to MRH students, and more — all on various MRH-related Twitter posts.

No ‘creepy clowns’ threat at MRH, superintendent says

The MRH School District has not been the subject of any specific or credible threat from “creepy clowns” according to a notice posted online Thursday by Karen Hall, superintendent of schools. The school staff tries to dispel rumors among students, but it is hard to stop them once they start, especially in this age of social media, according to Hall. She asks caregivers to speak with their children, and help the school to teach them not to spread rumors, especially those that can scare or harm other children. From the school district’s post — see the full post here

Remind your children that people who care about them are handling the situation — Schools and their police partners take threats to school safety seriously. School threats made on social media most often turn out to be hoaxes, but we will always investigate the threats and take necessary steps to protect our students and staff.

MRH classes visit Maplewood businesses

Some Maplewood Richmond Heights students learned about some Maplewood businesses on Tuesday in a walking tour — the event was posted on Twitter.

Tufts & Batson: Maplewood’s bamboo fly fishing rod makers

Famous actor to help out at MRH Middle School

Actor, Gregory Sporleder, uncle of Maplewood Richmond Heights High School student, Riley Sporleder, has worked with actors such as Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman and John Cusack, and played parts in movies such as American Horror Story, Friends and G-Men from Hell. Sporleder (See his IMDb profile) is set to begin helping MRH Middle School students ramp up their video productions. In an MRH High School video, students welcomed him to MRH.

MRH Teacher of the Year named

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District recognizes teachers each year who go above and beyond. This year, Early Childhood Center kindergarten/first grade looping teacher, Olivia Strazewski is the 2016-2017 MRH District Teacher of the Year and Early Childhood Center Teacher of the Year, the district announced on Tuesday. Strazewski will be honored at the district’s annual employee appreciation event held in the spring. She will also be recognized at the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce annual dinner in October. Strazewski has been with MRH Early Childhood Center for the past six years and is currently a looping kindergarten/first grade teacher.

MRH game caller takes it to mid-Missouri

Maplewood Richmond Heights 2012 graduate, Scott Lunte, got into calling Blue Devils games his sophomore year. He called his last MRH game at 2016 homecoming — Monday was his first day in the office at radio station KRES in Moberly, MO. After studying sports journalism at Webster University he called play-by-play for Prepcasts. Moving to Moberly, about 25 miles north of Columbia, is a big deal. “It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, leaving home,” he said Friday night between periods in the homecoming soccer game against Brentwood.

MRH students visit Wash U, race cardboard boats; student-made videos

Recently Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School students used a drone for a school-wide portrait and visited the Washington University engineering school. The Brownie troop cleaned up around the elementary school too.

MRH student produced videos:

See also: MRH homecoming: HOF inductees, games vs Brentwood, Blue Devil R&B

MRH homecoming: HOF inductees, games vs Brentwood, Blue Devil R&B

The Maplewood Richmond Heights Blue Devils R&B band played a set for the crowd in the Commons Courtyard between the volleyball and soccer games. Both games were against Brentwood. MRH won the volleyball game against Brentwood in two sets — 25-20, 25-22. See photos from the volleyball game. The Blue Devils also won the soccer game against Brentwood, 4-1.

MRH tweets: middle school on Metro, coach is USA coach, Hall of Fame inductees

Maplewood Richmond Heights administrators and teachers reported taking the Metro, congratulated a coach and a soccer team, reported Hall of Fame inductees and PE goals, and more on Twitter this past week.

MRH 2016 Hall of Fame inductees; to be recognized at homecoming game

The Maplewood Richmond Heights Hall of Fame 2016 inductees have been announced. The honorees will be recognized during the homecoming festivities before the start of the soccer game on Friday, Sept. 23. The Hall of Fame highlights MRH alumni who have made exceptional strides in their careers. On the MRH website: “It is vital to engage our community and past alumni into the current culture of our district and honor those who have helped pave the way for the younger generation of professionals who are continuing their education and entering the workforce.”