Del Pietro’s to open in January: STL Magazine

St. Louis Magazine reported in June that a recreation of Del Pietro’s House of Pasta, which opened on Hampton Avenue in 1976 and closed in 2011, was planning to reopen in the former Riverbend Restaurant & Bar and Harvest, at 1059 S. Big Bend. There have been questions about how that’s coming along. St. Louis Magazine editor George Mahe responded on Twitter that owner Mike Pietro tried to open this December, but now says late January is realistic.

Richmond Heights honors Telle Tire’s 75th

Richmond Heights officials, at the council meeting on Monday, recognized Telle Tire, for its 75 years in business in Richmond Heights. It started out on Hoover Avenue, before moving to its current location at Big Bend and Dale. Alex and Aaron Telle are the fourth generation to own the business. Their father, Mark, retired in 2008 and Aaron became president in 2009. The fourth generation officially took over in 2010.

Waldbart Florist moving to Clayton

Alex Waldbart Florist is moving to Clayton next year. The florist has been at 7000 Clayton Road since the 1960s. The owner found out in August that the building is set to be demolished and replaced with a  new Total Access Urgent Care business. Waldbart Florist will be open through December 30 this year, and will reopen at 7801 Clayton Road in January. See also:

Alex Waldbart Florist sign dates to the ’30s
Public hearing to raze Waldbart Florist building, replace with urgent care facility is tonight
Development would replace Waldbart Florist, Jon Paul Designs

Was hard to stop the new urgent care business, official said

Richmond Heights Deputy Mayor Matt Casey said after the council meeting on Tuesday, when officials OK’d a new Total Access Urgent Care, replacing Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs, that it was “difficult to stop the re-development.” He said residents talked about it being a historic building, but that wasn’t enough to save it. “In my mind, it’s not on an historic register anywhere, but it is iconic, and believe me, I would love to see it preserved,” Casey said. “We can only operate within the rule book, and it’s difficult to hinder or stop a private transaction like that.” Asked if the other older buildings in the blocks south of the corner could also be razed for re-development, Casey said those buildings also have no historic status or protection.

Richmond Heights OK’s urgent care business, Waldbart Florist demolition

The Richmond Heights City Council on Tuesday let stand planning and zoning’s decision to allow an urgent care business to buy and demolish the building on the southwest corner of Clayton and Big Bend — replacing it with a new Total Access Urgent Care. Any council member could have made a motion to review the decision at a later date, but none did. Deputy Mayor Matt Casey (Mayor Jim Thomson was absent) said he had received quite a few emails opposing the new business. He also noted that the city wasn’t involved in the sale of the building, which went on the market in 2015 and was sold in 2016 to Total Access Urgent Care. He said no tax incentives are involved.

Richmond Heights P&Z OK’s new urgent care facility

The Richmond Heights planning and zoning commission on Thursday OK’d a developer’s plan to raze the building on the southwest corner of Clayton and Big Bend for a new urgent care facility — Total Access Urgent Care. The vote was 6-2, city building/zoning commissioner, David Reary said on Friday. He said the commission understood the feelings of residents who want to let the existing building stand, which houses longtime businesses Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs, but that wasn’t what was before the city. The development required no rezoning; no special use permit for the occupancy. He said the city doesn’t get involved in private contracts or negotiations.

Public hearing to raze Waldbart Florist building, replace with urgent care facility is tonight

The Richmond Heights Planning and Zonning Commission is set to hold a public hearing on a proposal to raze the building at Clayton and Big Bend, to be replaced with an urgent care facility; the meeting is Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. at city hall. According to the proposal to the city of Richmond Heights, the property is now under contract for purchase by TAUC Porperties, the owner of Total Access Urgent Care facilities. The redevelopment would replace the one which now houses Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs — it would “raze the existing derelict building” according to the proposal. The proposed building has “many nice architectural design features to complement the area,” the proposal says.

Development would replace Waldbart Florist, Jon Paul Designs

Richmond Heights plan and zoning is set to meet on August 24 for a public hearing for an urgent care facility on the southwest corner of Big Bend and Clayton. The building would replace the one there now, displacing two longtime Richmond Heights businesses. Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs and Collectibles would be forced to move (which  both plan to do if needed) if the city agrees to let the building owner demolish it and replace it with a new Total Access Urgent Care. Waldbart Florist has been at the location 50 years; Jon Paul Designs and Collectibles about 25. The fourth generation Waldbart is the owner of the florist.

Del Pietro’s to open at former Riverbend Restaurant spot

The former Riverbend Restaurant & Bar and Harvest, at at 1059 S. Big Bend, is set to be Del Pietro’s, a recreation of Del Pietro’s House of Pasta, which opened on Hampton in 1976 and closed in 2011, according to St. Louis Magazine. Mike Del Pietro is the son of the owners of the original. He’s been thinking about doing another Del Pietro’s for years, he told St. Louis Magazine.

Parker’s Table to offer (not just any) lunch, grow into space next door

Around the middle of this month, Parker’s Table (at Oakland and Yale in Richmond Heights) purveyor of wines, beer and specialty foods, will be offering lunch to go made onsite by Salume Beddu. Salume Beddu’s retail business, including sandwiches, salumi, salsiccia, and sides (according to Facebook) will move to Parker’s Table from its location on Hampton, where it’s been since 2010. Salume Beddu will offer will offer antipasti, bruschetta, salumi and other sandwiches, according to shop owner Jonathan Parker. Parker’s Table will also be expanding into the space next door for events, Parker said. He said the expansion will go at a “glacial” pace, which is how he likes it.

Pie Five Pizza shutters

Pie Five Pizza Pizza Co., which opened in the Menards development in Richmond Heights in July 2016, appears to have permanently closed. Hand-lettered signs on both doors say: “We are closed”

A Penn Station sub employee, next door, said  Pie Five closed on Thursday last week. According to Google, the Richmond Heights location and the one in Chesterfield are both permanently closed. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the company is in legal and financial trouble. In March the source reported Pie Five closed nine restaurants in Chicago and Minnesota amid a lawsuit from a franchisee who claims the company provided misleading information about sales and profitability, also, a franchisee of locations in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa has sued the chain over disclosures regarding sales and profits.

‘Float clinic’ opens in Richmond Heights

A ‘float clinic,’ the Wise Float Clinic, has opened in Richmond Heights, according to the owner, Jessica Wise, in an email to 40 South. From Wise: Floating is a way to enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. Research shows relief from stress, muscular pain, arthritis, insomnia, PTSD, and sports recovery. Floating enhances meditation,  memory, and creativity, and can provide a “natural high”. One-hour floats can now be booked online at