How to run for Richmond Heights City Council: 4 seats available

Candidate filing has begun for four Richmond Heights City Council District seats. A regular municipal election will be held Tuesday, April 3, 2018, for the four-year term seats. These council members’ terms will expire:

District 1, Matt Casey
District 2, Reginald Finney
District 3, Edward Notter
District 4, Dan Sebben

Election Packets are available for pickup at City Hall. Candidates must file their nomination petitions (signatures of 25 registered qualified voters) and acceptance of nomination forms at Richmond Heights City Hall between November 21, 2017 and January 12, 2018. If you have questions, please contact Deputy City Clerk Pat Villmer, or at 314-645-4595.

Richmond Heights notifies Airbnb operators it’s not allowed

The city of Richmond Heights pointed out in its newsletter email this week that nightly rentals are ‘NOT’ permitted in residentially zoned areas — “pretty much everywhere except hotels!” —  though some resident Airbnb operators show up on the Airbnb site. According to city assistant manager Pam Hylton the city individually contacted the owners of the Airbnbs operating in Richmond Heights to ensure they understand that nightly rentals in residentially zoned areas are not permitted. It’s also not permitted in Brentwood. Maplewood officials voted to allow short term vacation rentals in 2016.

Was hard to stop the new urgent care business, official said

Richmond Heights Deputy Mayor Matt Casey said after the council meeting on Tuesday, when officials OK’d a new Total Access Urgent Care, replacing Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs, that it was “difficult to stop the re-development.” He said residents talked about it being a historic building, but that wasn’t enough to save it. “In my mind, it’s not on an historic register anywhere, but it is iconic, and believe me, I would love to see it preserved,” Casey said. “We can only operate within the rule book, and it’s difficult to hinder or stop a private transaction like that.” Asked if the other older buildings in the blocks south of the corner could also be razed for re-development, Casey said those buildings also have no historic status or protection.

Richmond Heights OK’s urgent care business, Waldbart Florist demolition

The Richmond Heights City Council on Tuesday let stand planning and zoning’s decision to allow an urgent care business to buy and demolish the building on the southwest corner of Clayton and Big Bend — replacing it with a new Total Access Urgent Care. Any council member could have made a motion to review the decision at a later date, but none did. Deputy Mayor Matt Casey (Mayor Jim Thomson was absent) said he had received quite a few emails opposing the new business. He also noted that the city wasn’t involved in the sale of the building, which went on the market in 2015 and was sold in 2016 to Total Access Urgent Care. He said no tax incentives are involved.

Richmond Heights P&Z OK’s new urgent care facility

The Richmond Heights planning and zoning commission on Thursday OK’d a developer’s plan to raze the building on the southwest corner of Clayton and Big Bend for a new urgent care facility — Total Access Urgent Care. The vote was 6-2, city building/zoning commissioner, David Reary said on Friday. He said the commission understood the feelings of residents who want to let the existing building stand, which houses longtime businesses Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs, but that wasn’t what was before the city. The development required no rezoning; no special use permit for the occupancy. He said the city doesn’t get involved in private contracts or negotiations.

Public hearing to raze Waldbart Florist building, replace with urgent care facility is tonight

The Richmond Heights Planning and Zonning Commission is set to hold a public hearing on a proposal to raze the building at Clayton and Big Bend, to be replaced with an urgent care facility; the meeting is Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. at city hall. According to the proposal to the city of Richmond Heights, the property is now under contract for purchase by TAUC Porperties, the owner of Total Access Urgent Care facilities. The redevelopment would replace the one which now houses Waldbart Florist and Jon Paul Designs — it would “raze the existing derelict building” according to the proposal. The proposed building has “many nice architectural design features to complement the area,” the proposal says.

Red Robin restaurant seeks permit, RH officials to vote on fire command structure

At the Richmond Heights City Council meeting planned for Monday, a Red Robin restaurant is seeking a permit for 8115 Dale Avenue, according to the council agenda. The address is on the northeast corner of Dale Avenue and Hanley Road — the location for The Crossing at Richmond Heights; now under construction. The completed development is to include a five-story hotel, restaurants and retail shops. The Red Robin is the first business named. Richmond Heights officials are also scheduled to vote (second reading) on the East Central Fire Command, combining the command structure for the fire departments of Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, Brentwood, Maplewood and Clayton.

Richmond Heights finance department honored 27 consecutive years

The City of Richmond Heights reported on Tuesday it has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the Government Finance Officers Association for the 27th consecutive year. The recognition was for the city’s report for the financial year ended June 30, 2016. The certificate of achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, the city says. The city’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) met high standards, including a “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate its financial story and motivate people to read the CAFR, according to the association. The City of Richmond Heights Finance Department is led by Director Sara J. Fox.

Richmond Heights officials OK blighting, tax relief plan for apartment development

Richmond Heights officials on Monday approved blighting, and a plan for tax relief for the developer for Boland Place, a multi-use building on the corner of Dale and Boland — making way for demolition to continue for the project. The bill passed the council 6-2. Council members Ed Notter and Joan Provaznik cast the no votes. Telling the council why he needed the tax plan, developer Joseph Cyr said the gap between what he had valued the property at and the county’s assessment was $2.5 million, affecting the value of the property, what a bank will loan, and the rent he would need to charge; and ultimately the project’s success. He said he is committed to paying his fair share of taxes.

Richmond Heights Council hears tax relief plan for Boland Place

In a hearing at the Richmond Heights City Council meeting on Monday, the council heard details of a proposed tax relief plan for the developer of Boland Place, a mixed-use development at Dale Avenue and Boland Place. Richmond Heights City Manager and the developer, Joseph Cyr, called the tax relief a PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes). Under the proposed plan, which the city council has yet to vote on, the annual property taxes on the completed project would be capped at $297,000 for ten years. It’s estimated that the plan would save Cyr $100,000 over the 10 years, paying about 72 percent of what the tax would be otherwise. If, in an an assessment, the taxes go under the $279,000 cap, the lower tax would be owed.

Richmond Heights streets to be resurfaced, sealed

Richmond Heights officials Monday night approved Pace Construction Company to resurface seven city streets this summer. More streets will be sealed, to extend their life. Bellevue, Ethel, Hoover, Mabel, Dale and El Moro avenues, and Commodore Drive will all be resurfaced this spring, according to the city on Twitter. In addition to resurfacing those streets, Pace will also apply an thin sealant to the asphalt on other streets that are in good condition, which a Pace representative at the meeting said would extend their life for an additional four to seven years. After the sealant is applied a substance he described as “kitty litter” will be applied for about a day, then swept off.

One item on Richmond Heights council agenda

The agenda for the April 3 Richmond Heights City Council meeting was released on Thursday. No new business is on the agenda; the only old business is the second vote on a bill to enable city to join Missouri Clean Energy District and Show Me PACE. City Manager Amy Hamilton’s report is on the agenda, like usual. At the March 6 meeting the officials gave the OK for city staff to take steps to analyze if the city will consider proceeding with tax abatement for Boland Place apartments, at Dale Avenue and Boland Place. In the mean time, demolition of the church on the site is almost complete.