Driver takes out pole on Big Bend

Maplewood resident Robert Chandler sent photos of an accident that took place  Wednesday afternoon in the 2000 block of Big Bend Boulevard. Chandler said a car struck a pole and knocked it down. The city of Richmond Heights has not responded to say if there were any injuries or charges.

Firefighters honored

The Richmond Heights and Maplewood fire department posted on Facebook about recognition they received on Sunday for freeing a trapped victim in a house fire in March. The Richmond Heights Facebook post: Congratulations to Battalion Chief Brian Wideman, Captain John Soltysiak, Private Danny Miner and Medical Officer Leo Davis of the Richmond Heights Fire Department on their Unit Citation award for their assistance to the Maplewood Fire Department with a trapped victim in a house fire back in March. The Maplewood Facebook post: This afternoon Maplewood Fire Department members Capt. (Peter) Marsac, Lt. (Paul) Szydlowski, Pvts.  (Terrence) Jackson and (Eric) Kuntz were presented the medal of Valor from the Fire Chiefs Association. Chief Merrell, Capt. Marsac, Lt. Szydlowski, Pvts. Neff, Kuntz and Jackson were also presented a unit citation award this afternoon also.

Richmond Heights Fire Department names new captain

The Richmond Heights Fire Department has promoted firefighter Joel Craig to the rank of captain, the department posted on Facebook Saturday morning. Steve Carman was promoted to chief in September after being named interim chief in June, when former chief, Kerry Hogan, retired after 38 years of service. Richmond Heights firefighters climb stairs to honor 9/11 victims
Richmond Heights fire chief named
Richmond Heights firefighter wins MMA bout



Polo shirt theft fourth offense in four years

Danielle Shanklin, 22, of St. Louis, was charged with stealing Polo brand shirts from Macy’s on September 9, according to court and police records. It was her fourth stealing offense since September 2012. According to records, Shanklin took numerous Polo T-shirts into a fitting room at the Macy’s store and hid them in a shopping bag, then walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay for them. She was apprehended outside the store and the stolen shirts were recovered.

Richmond Heights firefighter wins MMA bout

Richmond Heights firefighter/paramedic Kelly D’Angelo won her first professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fight Friday night at the St Charles Convention Center. The fight was broadcast on AXS TV. The Richmond Heights Fire Department congratulated D’Angelo on Facebook: “We are all proud of her hard work and dedication in training. Happy to have her represent our department on a national level.” Kelly D’Angelo is ranked 15th out of 430 active US Midwest women (pound for pound).

Richmond Heights fire chief named

The Richmond Heights Fire Department on Thursday announced on Facebook that interim chief, Steve Carman, has been officially promoted to fire chief. Carman was promoted to interim chief in June when former chief, Kerry Hogan, retired after 38 years of service. Carman was a battalion chief before being named interim chief. He has been with the Richmond Heights Fire Department for 27 years. The department congratulated Carman on Facebook: “Congratulations to Steve Carman on your official promotion to Fire Chief.

Richmond Heights firefighters climb stairs to honor 9/11 victims

Richmond Heights firefighters Joel Craig and Stuart Stevens climbed 110 stories Sunday morning to honor all those who lost their lives on September 11 in the Clayton 9/11 Stair Climb. See videos of Craig and Stevens during their climb on Richmond Heights Fire Department Facebook.

Thefts charged in Maplewood, Richmond Heights: another failed attempt at theft by tossing stuff over fence

Thefts were attempted at Lowe’s and Macy’s, in July and August, according to police and court records. Angela Jeannine Brown, 49, of St. Louis (aliases: Sheila Coleman, Betty J. Pace, Carla R. Jones, Rhonda Jefferies, Angela Gaston, Tayvier Banks, Angie Brown and others) appropriated four bottles of fragrances from Macy’s department store on August 11. She was caught outside the store and the merchandise was recovered. She confessed the theft.

‘Unexploded bomb’ shuts down Richmond Heights fire department, city hall

Police shut down the area around the Richmond Heights City Hall, fire department and police department Friday afternoon after two men brought an “unidentified object” to the fire department, the city said. Police stopped traffic on Big Bend Boulevard and Dale Avenue as a metropolitan police department robot inspected a truck parked near the fire department, an employee of Telle Tire, across the street, said. According to Richmond Heights City Manager Amy Hamilton: “Two gentlemen brought an unidentified object to the FD that they had found at a local residence they are working on. FD called the metro bomb squad to come identify and remove the object.” Updated, with information from the Richmond Heights Police Department:

A press release titled: “Unexploded Bomb” — At about 2:15 p.m. two men found what they believed may be a pipe bomb in a Richmond Heights home they were rehabbing.

Woman struck, killed while crossing Clayton Road

Gretchen Stahlschmidt, 43, was hit by a vehicle on Clayton Road as she entered the crosswalk, northbound, at Highland Terrace, at 8:51 p.m. on September 2, according to Richmond Heights Police Captain Captain Craig A. Mueller. She was pronounced dead at Barnes Hospital. Mueller said the incident is under investigation. She was struck by an eastbound 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee as she was walking north. The driver stayed at the scene and performed CPR on Stahlschmidt, Mueller said.

Joint fire command would help eliminate waste: Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in an editorial, calls it “encouraging” that Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights and Rock Hill are talking about ways to consolidate their firefighting efforts, but says it’s unfortunate the talks are about unifying the command structures and not overall fire departments. According to the Post-Dispatch, the five fire departments serve a population of 45,031, and the five fire stations are mostly within two miles of each other. Also that the departments are top heavy with chiefs and assistants. Joint fire command to include Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights
One chief proposed for 5-city joint fire command: Post-Dispatch

The plan calls for consolidating the command functions into one management team with one chief, three deputies, three battalion commanders and two inspectors.

One chief proposed for 5-city joint fire command: Post-Dispatch

Clayton, Rock Hill and Richmond Heights have approved a resolution to work with Brentwood and Maplewood (not yet approved the resolution) to study a joint fire command for the five cities. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: A study by Emergency Services Consulting International concluded “a consolidated administrative and support branch to oversee operation of the five fire departments would lead to improved efficiency and elimination of redundant effort,” improved firefighter safety and possibly cost-savings. Richmond Heights approves joint fire command study; Brentwood and Maplewood: not yet

The Post-Dispatch went into more detail about the proposal recently:

One chief would direct operations for the five participating cities. There would be three deputy chiefs, three battalion commanders and two inspectors.