Slider House replacing Baskin-Robbins

On the same corner in Rock Hill where Lucky’s Market opened in August, and where Global Brew Tap House is set to open soon, The Slider House is building out the space next to Baskin-Robins. A Baskin-Robins employee said Monday The Slider House is taking their space in the process, and they didn’t have a say in the matter. The Slider House, from Nashville, TN, is in the process of building out 9528 Manchester, and will take over Baskin-Robbins spot at 9524, next door. He said they’d close Oct. 20 or when they run out of ice cream.

Lucky’s Market soft opening Tuesday, grand on Wednesday

Lucky’s Market, a new grocery store at 9530 Manchester Road, plans a soft opening Tuesday and a  grand opening Wednesday at 10 a.m. “We’ll do a ceremonial bacon cutting,” VP of marketing, Ben Friedland said Monday at the store. “We’ll have folks from the community, it will be a lot of fun.” The store’s concept is good food for all, Friedland said. “Our goal is to get higher than expected quality to people at a price lower than they’d expect to pay for it.” He said many of the store’s items are made in-house, such as salads, sausage and bacon; and a high percentage are organic.

Business set to change hands, another sets opening date

A Maplewood business is changing hands and a new Rock Hill grocery has announced its grand opening date on Facebook. Jimmy John’s, at 7374 Manchester Road, will change hands next week, according to employees at the shop on Thursday. They said everything will stay the same, including the staff. Rollie and Boo Conner opened the sandwich shop in Maplewood. Rollie said the shop will officially change ownership on Tuesday.