Tackling County Waste Problems Through Sustainable Measures

Saint Louis county and the cities it encompasses is going through a tough time with trash. Despite residents’ concerns that almost 59 city garbage trucks are out of service, representing 75 percent of the total fleet, tax hikes have been maintained. The council has confirmed plans to raise waste management taxes by 1c on the dollar, bringing the yearly spend up to $100. It’s clear the county authority needs more resources, but solving a problem isn’t always a case of throwing money at it. Across the towns of the county, there are innovators and entrepreneurs showing there’s a better way to manage waste.

St. Louis Grapples With Rising Divorce Rates

Amidst shifting patterns in the city’s demographics, St. Louis, along with the rest of Missouri, bears witness to a marked increase in divorce rates over the past decade.  In Missouri, divorce rates have spiked recently after a relative decline from 1990 to 2015, a pattern which is consistent with the United States’ rise in divorce rates nationally. The rise in dissolving marriages leave the city of St. Louis to grapple with the implications of divorce for communities, educational institutions, and families. Cost breakdown of divorce in Missouri
As in the rest of the country, a contested divorce is the most expensive form of divorce in St.