Most popular posts: Shop ‘n Save loss will cost Maplewood tops the list

Three of last weeks top read posts had something to do with Shop ‘n Save or Schnucks. A video of the Maplewood mayor’s water garden followed. Here’s the top 10. Loss of Shop ‘n Save costing Maplewood thousands in tax revenue
In the press: Schnucks reported coming, flash flood in Maplewood; RH man’s mayo business
Schnucks to take over Maplewood Shop ‘n Save location: St. Louis Business Journal
Mayor’s backyard on Pond-A-Rama tour
Brentwood resident Sue Ladage: July 4th every day
Maplewood officials hear more from proponents of community policing
Red Brick building painted red
Storm darkens sky; knocks down tree in Maplewood
Woman assaults man — he doesn’t cooperate with prosecutor
Summer PE class includes trip to book store


Top-read posts: Brentwood Public Works, Shop ‘n Save, Maplewood City Council

The most popular post last week was the one with a Brentwood Public Works agenda attached — the commission discussed banning bee keeping and replacing a truck, among other things. New truck, banning beekeeping, grass height on Brentwood Public Works agenda
The shelves are staying: Shop ‘n Save employees
Maplewood City Council discusses how to control traffic on block with 15 kids
Here’s a good sign
Maplewood History: Early Photographs from the Wiss Family
Rainbow over Maplewood, leads to frozen custard
St. Mary Magdalen parishioner: each day is a gift
Maplewood considering on-street parking to discourage cut-through traffic
Father’s Day Weekend Open Houses
Co-working space opens in Maplewood

Top posts: Tattoo studio, developer 2nd chance, coming restaurants

The most popular post in 40 South last week was on Maplewood Planning and Zoning’s approval for recommendation to city council of a tattoo studio. The post on Richmond Heights mayor giving a developer more time followed. Maplewood P&Z votes to recommend tattoo studio
Developer given another chance in Richmond Heights; growlers could be OK’d for RH Schnucks
Coming restaurants: updates
Maplewood considering on-street parking to discourage cut-through traffic
Shop ‘n Save sign is gone
The shelves are staying: Shop ‘n Save employees
June 10 Open Houses
Co-working space opens in Maplewood
Watch here for human interest stories from Brentwood contributor
Wild turkey spotted in Maplewood: it was photographed then it flew away

Last week’s top posts

The Maplewood Shop ‘n Save closing and related discounts led the top read posts last week. Taco Bell signing a lease for a Maplewood store followed. Shop ‘n Save closing pushed up: it’s Saturday
Maplewood Shop ‘n Save discounts go deeper
Lease signed for new Taco Bell
Heads up for AT&T equipment (U-verse box?) blocking Maplewood sidewalk
New retail space in Maplewood
Letter says money is missing from Brentwood PTO account, source says it’s thousands
Who ‘poodle cut’ the shrubbery in Maplewood? Maplewood P&Z to consider permit for tattoo studio
June Open Houses
Ray’s Donuts shuts its doors

Long grass, Ray’s Donuts closing led most popular posts

An article about the maximum grass height allowed in Brentwood, Maplewood and Richmond Heights was the most-read post last week. Posts on Ray’s Donuts shutting its doors, and a letter asking for funds to cover a shortfall in the BHS PTO account followed. Last week’s top 10:

Watch your grass height, the law is
Ray’s Donuts shuts its doors
Letter says money is missing from Brentwood PTO account, source says it’s thousands
Shop ‘n Save only store leaving Maplewood Square employees say
Maplewood Shop ‘n Save to close, Union Local 655 says
Bystander, Richmond Heights first responders help save woman’s life
Maplewood officials dismissed from suit targeting city’s nuisance law
Missing person in Maplewood
Businesses open in Richmond Heights
New bridge extends Great Rivers Greenway trail

Last week’s top posts: Shop ‘n Save closing, big rock, new businesses

News of Maplewood’s Shop ‘n Save closing in June led the list of last week’s top posts in 40 South. A rock as a solution to a traffic problem followed. Maplewood Shop ‘n Save to close, Union Local 655 says
Shop ‘n Save’s closing date is set, employees say
Hopefully big rock is the solution to traffic problem
Businesses open in Richmond Heights
Maplewood Square advertised for lease
More signs on the way in Maplewood
Maplewood business is hard to find, computer shop is in a basement
Lanes to be closed next week in Maplewood: St. Louis County
‘Courtesy knocks’ for Ameren Pure Power coming to Maplewood
Glowing library

Last week’s most popular posts: mayor’s ultimatum at the top

Richmond Heights Mayor Jim Thomson’s demand to a developer to start a project or plant grass was the top post last week. Brentwood officials vote to turn down an award was second. Richmond Heights mayor gives developer an ultimatum
Brentwood officials vote to decline statewide award
Attorney says Brentwood’s firehouse isn’t ADA compliant; fixing it promises to be expensive
Nordstrom Rack apologizes for wrongly accusing 3 black men of shoplifting in Brentwood: nationwide coverage
Federal court says lawsuit against Maplewood can continue
Maplewood neighbors meet Taco Bell reps: discuss noise, lights
Brentwood committee investigates any connection between city and mayor’s company
In the press: Lawsuit against Maplewood, Parker’s Table, Maven
Maplewood Police patrolling Marietta Avenue
2 Maplewood ribbon cuttings: Zee Bee Market, The Benevolent King

Last week’s top 10 posts: Brentwood award, Pie Oh My break-in…

The most popular 40 South post last week was about Brentwood winning a statewide award for a city program in which the city partnered with a company owned by the mayor. Second was the post about a break-in at Pie Oh My: the suspect stripped to his boxer shorts before breaking a jar and throwing jam all over the inside of the shop. Here’s the top 10:

Brentwood wins statewide award; city partnered with company apparently owned by mayor
Pie Oh My, other Maplewood business vandalized: suspect arrested wearing only boxer shorts
Bystander hit as shots fired on Shop ‘n Save parking lot
Brentwood has ‘no relationship’ with company state group says it partnered with, city says
Maplewood officials OK new greenway work through Greenwood neighborhood
Metro bus traffic on Bellevue could greatly increase — fill out a survey
Great Rivers Greenway path under construction nearby
Maplewood officials discuss problem traffic areas; new council member sworn in
Brentwood award application shows ‘partnership’ with company owned by mayor
Weekend Open Houses


Last week’s most popular posts

The MRH school walkout on Wednesday was the most-read post last week. Posts on restaurants that said no to straws were in the top five. MRH students, staff to protest Parkland shooting, joining nationwide walkout
3 restaurants say no more straws
Stolen car found: totaled, with chicken bones, Vess bottles inside
Maplewood restaurants go strawless; others use compostable, paper
Website names Richmond Heights, Brentwood as top US places to live
In the news: Blaze Pizza, Brentwood carjacking, Del Peitro’s
Thai Table buildout underway
Next steps on GRG trail, restaurant liquor licenses, new 911 system: Maplewood council meeting
Church in old Maplewood Theater building can stay
MRH students gather to remember 17 shot

Last week’s top posts: plan for trail rejected, Parkmoor, Iron Nest

The post on Great Rivers Greenway’s rejection of Maplewood’s list of stipulations to proceed with a trail through Maplewood was the top-read post last week. The Parkmoor in the news and the closing of The Iron Nest in Brentwood followed in the top 10. Great Rivers Greenway rejects Maplewood proposal
Parkmoor, MRH, robbery in the news
The Iron Nest is closing
Demolition, construction and rehab in Richmond Heights
Artists First artist honors Maplewood Police with painting, officer buys it
Candy shop owner backs out — not coming to Maplewood
Maplewood History: The McGregor Bakery and the Family Behind It
Big Bend Liquor to open next week: employee
Great Rivers Greenway giving Maplewood a 2nd chance
Police report arrest for illegal oxycodone purchase

Last week’s most popular

A post on the joint fire command structure, now that the Rock Hill and Clayton fire departments have removed themselves from the plan, was the most read last week. The Maplewood-made mosaics that helped unify a block was second. Joint fire command plan update: Richmond Heights would save, not Brentwood, Maplewood
Mosaic house stones help bring a block together
Eagle spotted in Maplewood
Maplewood man sues his kidnappers
Top January posts: Crossing at Richmond Heights, new Maplewood restaurant
Maplewood History: “Angel’s Car” by Bill Jones
Car stolen while warming up
The Book House has a deadline to vacate children’s section — seeking volunteers Feb. 15 and 16
In the news: missing boa constrictor dominates; hippies, meat doughnuts too
Maplewood plan and zoning to consider another AirBnb, more food trucks at Christ Church
Crossing at Richmond Heights: what’s coming

Top January posts: Crossing at Richmond Heights, new Maplewood restaurant

The post on who’s coming to the Crossing at Richmond Heights was the most popular in January. In addition to a Marriott Courtyard: Red Robin, Starbucks, Cyclebar, Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe, Firehouse Subs and Blaze Pizza. Crossing at Richmond Heights: what’s coming
Award-winning chef set to open restaurant in Maplewood
Landlord drastically cutting Maplewood shop’s space
Snack shop coming to Maplewood; work begins on Elmwood
Car stolen in Maplewood contained 500 donuts
Maplewood restaurant to close
Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks
Misspelled signs may not be sign-maker’s fault
‘Hippies’ study names Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Brentwood
‘Puncture hazard’ on Commonwealth explained


Last week’s top posts

The most popular posts of last week were led by the news of a Maplewood restaurant closing. A puncture hazard on Commonwealth came in second. Maplewood restaurant to close
‘Puncture hazard’ on Commonwealth explained
Award-winning chef set to open restaurant in Maplewood
‘Hippies’ study names Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Brentwood
Maplewood History: Ted’s Corner to Toasty Subs
Maplewood man charged with 1st degree robbery
Brentwood firehouse being abated for mold
Larder & Cupboard wins national honor for preserves
Misspelled signs may not be sign-maker’s fault
Who’s running for office in April

Coming snack shop was top post

News of a snack shop coming to Maplewood led the list of last week’s most popular posts; followed by an existing Maplewood business looking at having its space cut by its landlord. Last week’s top posts:

Snack shop coming to Maplewood; work begins on Elmwood
Landlord drastically cutting Maplewood shop’s space
Misspelled signs may not be sign-maker’s fault
Femme clothing store closes
Liquor store to open soon on S. Big Bend
Maplewood Police responds; stops speeders
Concours Auto closing Maplewood lot
Del Pietro’s in wall board stage
No charges for Strange theft
Maplewood officers jabbed with hypodermic needles while making arrest

Most popular posts from last week: What’s coming to The Crossings tops the list

Last week’s list top 10 most popular posts in 40 South was led by the list of businesses coming to The Crossings at Richmond Heights. Ellen DeGeneres surprising a local cashier came in second. Crossing at Richmond Heights: what’s coming
Ellen DeGeneres surprises Walgreens cashier
Boland Place update: preliminary plans at city hall
Anticipated restaurants, Tim Hortons, Brentwood wrestling in the news
Brentwood officials OK purchase on Manchester to ‘enhance flood protection’
Waldbart Florist closes, to reopen in Clayton
Total Access Urgent Care now owns Waldbart Florist building
Maplewood officials could consider putting trash pickup tax on ballot
Armed robbery at Galleria parking lot: police
Maplewood Aldi will be super busy for 5 weeks

Top 20 for 2017: firings, closings, openings

Breaking the 40 South 2017 top stories into categories, people being fired is number one: the most popular by far was when lifeguards at the Maplewood Family pool were fired over their use of a chat app, second was the firing of four Brentwood city employees in a day. Then there’s business closings: Pie Five, Waldbart Florist (end of 2017), Tim Hortons; and openings: Homegoods, Side Project Brewing (a long line for beer), Maplewood Wash House, Toasty Subs. Some locally sad news: an MRH sixth-grader and a well-known Brentwood woman died, a Maplewood family needed funeral costs for their father. In crime, Maplewood Police identified some carjacking suspects, and a Maplewood woman was shot in St. Louis city.

Last week’s top posts

News of Del Pietro’s opening in January led the news last week. The Tim Hortons closing came in second, at the end of the week. Del Pietro’s to open in January: STL Magazine
Maplewood Tim Hortons shuttered
Owner removes tree at Sutton and Flora
Police arrests suspect in porch theft, thanks all who shared photo on social media
40 South editor invited onto Jennifer Blome radio talk show
Maplewood man stabbed neighbor: police
Maplewood History: Crossing to Safety
Historical maps show area through time
New Maplewood restaurant, MRH chef in the news
MSD cleaning sewerage spill in Richmond Heights, Maplewood

Last week’s most-read posts

The post on the Hendels’ Christmas decorations, and that this is the last year for it, was the most popular of the week. City of Brentwood news, and a new Maplewood restaurant followed. Last year for Maplewood’s Christmas house
Brentwood considered 6 others to be laid off in November
Restaurant planned for former piano bar space
Maplewood police post video, photo of theft suspect
In the news: smash and grab at jewelry store, more
Brentwood man charged with leaving the scene, after hitting bus: police
Maplewood business closing — what’s coming is “exciting”
Brentwood to use Prop P for street lights, protective equipment, furniture
Maplewood Police solve van-bus collision
Two filed to run for Brentwood board of aldermen

Last week’s top-read posts

A business closing, and one coming is the top-read news in 40 South last week. MRH parents blocking an intersection going to school was second. Maplewood business closing — what’s coming is “exciting”
ECC parents blocking intersection: police
4 Brentwood city employees fired in one day, sources say
Maplewood P&Z to consider condo proposal
Brentwood removes houses
Brentwood considered 6 others to be laid off in November
2 options to connect Maplewood to greenway presented
Condos to be ‘commercial’ condos; more from Maplewood P&Z
Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights sales tax rates among 5th highest (2014)
Crowds for the Maplewood Christmas Tree Walk

Top November posts in 40 South

The 40 South post about four Brentwood city employees being fired in one day was November’s most read post. The closing of Maplewood Little Caesar’s Pizza followed, and a planned Brentwood apartment complex being nixed came after that. The top 10:

4 Brentwood city employees fired in one day, sources say
Maplewood Little Caesar’s closes
Once-planned apartment complex is no more
Liquor license being requested for former piano bar location
Man shot dead in Richmond Heights, woman charged
MRH parents continue to block driveways: police
Brentwood officials consider sales tax for flood mitigation plan
Maplewood police seize guns, marijuana
Man shot at Brentwood Metrolink: Fox 2
Maplewood Walmart has more police calls than any other Maplewood business: Fox News