Maplewood History: From the Fennell Trove – Sam Bland’s Journal

Included amongst the large assortment of interesting artifacts that make up the Fennell Trove is a journal that is the feature of this post.  At first I just gave it a cursory flip through. I assumed it was a workman’s record of his jobs, bids and expenses, etc. Not that those aren’t interesting, they are.  But if that were all it was, it might play to a very limited audience. I would be in that audience, don’t get me wrong. But as part of this job I have to decide just how much time should I spend deciphering and translating an artifact such as this.

Cooking school planned for former Brentwood Lanes

The Brentwood planning and zoning commission at its meeting on Wednesday is set to consider a conditional use permit for a cooking school  at 9001 Manchester Road. That’s according to the commission’s published meeting agenda. The address is the former Brentwood Lanes.

Reeds, Muddled Pig, Slider House among 2019 closed restaurants; Man admits to molesting boy at MRH: In the press

Stories in the press covering the Brentwood, Maplewood and Richmond Heights area. Fox 2 — Fatal train accident kills 34-year-old man from St. Louis
KMOV — Man killed after being struck by train in Maplewood overnight
KMOV — The giant Amoco sign is back, with a new look
Riverfront Times — The Best St. Louis Restaurants That Closed in 2019
St. Louis American — Activists protest Galleria, demand answers in police killing of Terry Tillman
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Man admits to molesting boy at Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

Pedestrian struck and killed by train in Maplewood: police

A 34-year-old man was struck and killed by an eastbound Union Pacific train near Greenwood and Sutton boulevards in Maplewood at around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7, Maplewood Police reported. The man, a St. Louis city resident, was pronounced dead at the scene. Both Maplewood Police and Union Pacific Police Department are continuing to investigate.

Maplewood History: Links to Sutton / Thomas Posts

For convenience I have decided to include all of this family of blog posts in one place.  Below are links to the 28 blog posts that I made regarding the stunning collection of material that was made available to me by the descendants of James C. Sutton and Ann Wells Sutton and also William Lyman Thomas and Kate Sutton Thomas.  I can’t thank these folks enough. Their names appear in each of the posts created from their material.

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Maplewood History: William Lyman Thomas’ School and Home Magazine

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Maplewood History: The Mostly Happy Life of Kittie Thomas

Maplewood History: Emma Thomas Grumley

Maplewood History: Emma Thomas Grumley continued

Maplewood History: William Lyman Thomas – On Slavery

William Lyman Thomas and his 1911 History of St. Louis County, Missouri

William Lyman Thomas and his 1911 History of St. Louis County, Missouri (continued)

Still More Images from William Lyman Thomas’ 1911 History of St. Louis County, Missouri

Still More Yet – Images from William Lyman Thomas’ 1911 History of St. Louis County, Missouri

The Troubling Legacy of our Pioneer Families

Even More Images from William Lyman Thomas’ 1911 History of St. Louis County

Maplewood History: The Last Bunch of Images from WLT’s History of St. Louis County

Maplewood History: William Lyman Thomas – Found Amongst his Personal Effects

William Lyman Thomas – Found Amongst his Personal Effects – Part Two

William Lyman Thomas – Found Amongst his Personal Effects – Part Three

Doug Houser  December 4, 2019

In the news: Standoff in Maplewood ends peacefully, shooting at Galleria, Richmond Heights neighborhood is remembered, man charged in 2018 Steak ‘n Shake robbery

Some area news covered in the media. The Final Call — Video brings more questions about police shooting
Fox 2 — Town hall held to update community on response to Get Justice for Terry Tillman
Fox 2 — Community leaders demanding action after releasing video in officer -involved shooting
KMOV — Activist to discuss shooting death of Terry Tillman at St. Louis church
KMOV — Activists claim video shows officers plant gun in fatal police shooting near Galleria
KMOX — Maplewood salon offers sensory-friendly day only open to children with special needs
STL News — St. Louis Man, Frank Brothers, Pleads Guilty to Robbing Maplewood Steak and Shake at Gunpoint
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Photos: Richmond Heights dedicates plaque in remembrance of Hadley Township neighborhood

Brentwood School District to hold elementary school facilities forum

The Brentwood School District will hold a community forum to discuss elementary facilities on Wednesday, Dec. 4. Join the Brentwood School District on Wednesday, December 4, 6 – 7:30 p.m. at the Brentwood School District Conference Center, 1201 Hanley Industrial Court, for a community forum to discuss elementary facilities. The school district will gather feedback and input for the Board of Education.

Maplewood History: Fennell Trove Contains Some Extraordinary Images – Addenda

Addenda is a word that I don’t often use.  At least, I don’t remember the last time I used it.  I knew the word I wanted for the title of this post was either addenda or addendum but I admit I didn’t know which was correct.  I now know that addenda is the plural of addendum. It is not the feminine form of addendo as some of you might suspect. I’m talking to you, Antonia and Antonio. If this post had only contained a single image or a single document then I would have used addendum, I think.  It contains much more than that as you’ll see. Thanks to the vast amount of space the internet allows for this sort of thing, I am able to post many more images of the historic items that these many kind folks have let me copy.  Much thanks to Nancy Fennell Hawkins for sharing her trove of Fennell memorabilia with all of us.

AT&T store opening in Maplewood, Sonic has closed

Signs are posted for an AT&T store between Clarkson Eye Care and Fantasy Shop comic book store in Maplewood Square. Now only one ls

Also the Sonic Drive-In at 8124 Manchester Road is permanently closed, according to the Sonic website.

Maplewood History: Fennell Trove Contains Some Extraordinary Images – Part Four

The Fennell Trove of historic images and documents has been providing us with a very interesting glimpse into the past of our community.  Nancy Fennell Hawkins left Maplewood in 1954. Yet still she feels connected to this small plot of turf. Just what is it that makes some folks feel most connected to the planet when they are within the city boundaries? I’ve thought about this.  I don’t know the answer. I’m one of the connected, I suppose.  I have been 44 years in the same house.

Brentwood School Board considering combining elementary schools, resident says

Brentwood resident Lois Marie Truman added a comment on 40 South that the Brentwood School Board is considering consolidating the two elementary schools into one. She reports that residents may want to attend the Brentwood School District Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Nov 19 at 7 p.m. in the BSD Conference Center, 1201 Hanley Industrial Court. “A recommendation is being presented to combine our two elementary schools into one consolidated school and many of the citizens are not in favor of this decision,” Truman says. “I’m trying to get the word out to citizens to attend and hear what is being recommended prior to this going on the April, 2020 ballot.”

Maplewood History: Fennell Trove Contains Some Extraordinary Images – Part Three

Parts One and Two of the Fennell trove are both loaded with terrific images.  Many folks have taken the time to express their appreciation for having been able to view them.  I, too, am grateful to Nancy Fennell Hawkins for having had the opportunity to present them. But we’re not done yet.  When I wrote the title and included the word “extraordinary” I was thinking of a couple of images that the reader will see in this post.  These images are very rare. They truly are treasures. It is immensely rewarding to discover images like these. Rediscover in this case.

Well known ‘Walking Man’ has died; Mass to be at Immaculate Conception

The man known to many in the area for the great distances he walked every day, in later years hunched over, and always at a fast clip, died last month, a relative said. His name was Murray Cantwell. A relative, Sally Cantwell, said he was 88. She shared this notice. Murray Cantwell, who was known to many as “the walking man”, passed away peacefully on October 30, 2019.

Press release: Madosky Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center welcomes new doctor

Madosky Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center announced: “Beginning November 1 we are very pleased to welcome Dr Pam Waske to our office. Dr. Waske, a graduate of Logan University, has a strong interest in women’s health, pain management and athletic performance. She credits chiropractic care for her ability to overcome headaches, neck and low back pain and her pursuit of chiropractic as a career. “Dr. Waske’s presence will enable us to extend our hours to include Thursday, Saturday afternoon and Monday evening. Call our office at 314-645-8805 to make an appointment with Dr. Waske.”

Maplewood P&Z votes to approve medicinal marijuana shop

The Maplewood Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday voted positively, 4-0, to send a request for a medical marijuana facility on to the city council for its consideration. The request is to locate the facility at 7238 Manchester Road, the former location of The Fantasy Shop, which has moved to Maplewood Square.

Maplewood History: Fennell Trove Contains Some Extraordinary Images – Part Two

Just a few of our fellow Maplewoodians ever hit the big time.  Regular followers of this space will recall my series on famous Maplewoodians that wrapped up last July. 

Aided by a powerful search engine driven by computers with speeds that were unimaginable just a few years ago, I was able to offer nearly incontrovertible evidence that Pee Wee Russell, the jazz clarinet virtuoso, was the most famous citizen of our fair town.  He was followed closely by Paul Christman, a mere football god. Christman lived on Anna. I haven’t figured out Pee Wee’s address yet but I’m still trying. Why bring this up now while we’re taking a look at the Fennell family trove graciously provided by Nancy Fennell Hawkins?  These images of Nancy’s are just as important as the ones of Russell and Christman. Look closely.

New Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream floor plan revealed

Owner of Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream, Eric Moore, is set to move his shop from 7326B Manchester Road to the southeast corner of Manchester and Sutton, a Red Brick Management property. He posted the floor plan on Facebook. Moore posted on Wednesday that “the architectural plans are finished, stamped, sealed, and delivered. Construction on the flagship Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream location starts next week..” See also: Boardwalk Waffles to move to Manchester & Sutton

MRH volleyball wins district tourney in straight sets

MRH won the Class 2 District 5 championships on Tuesday, downing Crossroads and Brentwood both in two sets. MRH stands at 24-2. Brentwood finished its season 8-14-1. The Blue Devils will play Fatima (17-5-4) in the sectional game on Saturday, Nov. 2, at either O’Fallon Christian or Whitfield.

Maplewood History: Fennell Trove Contains Some Extraordinary Images – Part One

Yep. You read that right.  Another trove of Maplewoodiana has come to light.  This time it is made available by the kindness, generosity and patience (waiting on me) of Nancy Fennell Hawkins. For many decades Fennell family members lived in Maplewood. Nancy has done her family and us a great favor by producing her 224 page, hardbound book, I Remember When – Memories of Growing Up in Maplewood, Missouri 1936 – 1954. 

And, boy, remember she does.  This book is absolutely loaded with details and anecdotes from the lives of her family and friends. I have just finished reading it.  You can too because she is donating a copy to the Maplewood Public Library.

MRH cross country team wins record number of medals

The MRH cross country team in a meet on Saturday won the most medals in one day in the program’s history, taking second out of 16 teams, MRH posted. According to MRH:

The varsity boys (Malik Stewart, Micah Grawer, David Marino, Josh Helle, Josh Clark, Andrew Robinson) earned the program’s first ever Invitational trophy, with a 2nd place team finish out of 16 teams at the Hancock Invite. They had to beat much larger schools in order to accomplish this. Varsity Boys Medalists: Malik Stewart, Micah Grawer, David Marino, Josh Helle
JV Boys Medalists: Jacob Cummings, Lucas Conkling, Alan Lowery, Blake Morris
Varsity Girls Medalists: Nastia Stetskiv, Katherine Barron

Photo via Twitter