Thai Table tables (and chairs)

Thai Table, coming to the 7400 block of Manchester, posted a photo of their new tables and chairs on Instagram.

And also –

Getting close to serving you delicious Thai food! Finally happening🙀 #ThaiTableStl

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And Elmwood restaurant posted an update. See also: Elmwood restaurant opens up – makes a big hole in a wall

Maplewood Police: recent charges, department takes part in diversity recruitment fair

Maplewood Police posted recently on Twitter and Facebook about a man charged with domestic assault and armed criminal action, and one trying to buy a controlled substance; also about Maplewood officers taking part in a diversity recruitment fair in north county.

2 vacant lots in Brentwood waiting for plans

Two vacant lots in Brentwood are awaiting plans. Mayor of Brentwood Chris Thornton owns the vacant lot at S. Brentwood Boulevard and White Avenue (2301 S. Brentwood Boulevard). An office building for his wife’s insurance business was previously planned there. In September 2017 Thornton submitted a request to planning and zoning for a 909 square-foot custard shop called Three Monkeys. According to the city’s building department, Thornton hasn’t yet submitted plans and asked for a 90-day extension, which runs out in October.

2016: Pat Dolan commented on Big Bend turn lane now under construction

Then St. Louis County Councilman Pat Dolan (5th District) said in April 2016, posted in 40 South News, that the St. Louis County Council had approved the right-turn only lane on northbound Big Bend at Manchester, that it was an in-house county job. The city of Maplewood hadn’t been told at the time. He said the county highway department had been waiting on federal money, which came through, and that road projects take time and work goes on before a municipality might be notified.

Tackling County Waste Problems Through Sustainable Measures

Saint Louis county and the cities it encompasses is going through a tough time with trash. Despite residents’ concerns that almost 59 city garbage trucks are out of service, representing 75 percent of the total fleet, tax hikes have been maintained. The council has confirmed plans to raise waste management taxes by 1c on the dollar, bringing the yearly spend up to $100. It’s clear the county authority needs more resources, but solving a problem isn’t always a case of throwing money at it. Across the towns of the county, there are innovators and entrepreneurs showing there’s a better way to manage waste.

MRH graduating classes are growing; and here’s the 2018-’19 staff

From a photo taken recently and shared by MRH, it looks like about 72 students in the Maplewood Richmond Heights class of 2022. That’s up from the approximately 63 counted in last year’s class of 2021 photo, also taken at the start of the year. The class of 2021 had an eclipse theme. Both photos are below. And here’s this year’s staff, from MRH High School on Twitter —

Brentwood, MRH schools ranked in survey

Brentwood School District is ranked 18th in the state, and Maplewood Richmond Heights District is 30th in the 2019 survey. The survey also ranks each school individually in the state. The Niche rankings are based on “academic and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data, and ratings collected from millions of Niche users.” Brentwood High School is ranked 28th in public high schools in Missouri. MRH High School is ranked 4th in the 2019 Niche Standout High Schools list, limited to  schools with 1) at least 50 percent of students identified by the school as economically disadvantaged and 2) a Niche overall grade of B or higher.

Temporary stop light hangs low, stops traffic

Traffic was delayed during Monday morning rush hour when a temporary traffic light over Manchester Road at Big Bend sagged into traffic. Crews are constructing a right-turn only lane from northbound Bid Bend onto Manchester. These contributed photos were taken at around 9 a.m.

Maplewood History: Snipe Hunt – A New Recollection by Maplewood’s Premier Memoirist – Bill Jones

Lyndover Elementary, Maplewood, MO

In 1939, our English teacher was brilliant.  He taught us creative writing when we did not know what the term meant.  He began with the short story and had us bring our favorite short story to class and read it aloud.  I used the Mark Twain/Tom Sawyer tale of “Whitewashing the Board Fence” and the class enjoyed my reading. Next, we, as students, were requested to compose our own short story from our own experiences.  We were excited!  My composition, as I remember, was “Snipe Hunt,” a true story about my Boy Scout years.  A synopsis of the story from decades ago:

Our Maplewood Boy Scout Troop was on a weekend camp-out out at Lions Den, a Scout Camp spot about an hour south of Maplewood.  With our mess tent and pup tents erected, we settled in for our initial night of camping.  I was only a Second Class Scout, so I watched as the older scouts gathered our half-dozen “tenderfoot” scouts and handed each a burlap bag.  “You are on your first camp-out and get to try to capture the little fowls know as ‘SNIPES’ and bring them back to our camp   We will turn them loose but you each will get credit.”   The tenderfoot scouts took their burlap bags and went happily on their way.  We stoked up our camp fire and told stories and laughed at the youngsters’ foolish venture. About an hour later, there was a real commotion and the tenderfoot scouts brought the burlap bags to the camp fire and took out one of  their squawking “guinea hens”.  I knew what they were because my own grandmother kept guinea hens at her own country home to act as an “alarm” for foxes or other intruders.  The little hens squawked so loudly they awoke everyone. Our Scout master said the boys would take the guinea hens back to the farmer and the older scouts would apologize to the farmers after dawn.  We toasted marshmallows for the tenderfoot scouts and let them feel good about themselves. Our teacher retyped my “SNIPE  HUNT” story and submitted it to our Boy Scout magazine, “Boys Life”.  The tale was published and they sent me a check for $27.00.  Dad cashed the check in singles and I gave it to our English teacher for treats for our class.  In 1939, $27.00 kept us in treats for eight weeks so we celebrated Billy Jones’ first published article.

In the press

Found in the press this past week: the new Schnucks, the ‘Beastwich’ at Bolyards, Rachelle L’Ecuyer’s new job, Ben Poremba’s cooking. Feast — Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions Celebrates National Sandwich Month With the ‘Beastwich’
Fox 2 — Schnucks announces grand opening day for new Maplewood location
Fox 2 — Try the ‘Beastwich’ at Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions
KSDK — Schnucks opening this month in former Shop ‘n Save in Maplewood
St. Louis Business Journal — Amid industry changes, Maplewood architecture firm positions for job, revenue growth
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Rachelle L’Ecuyer named Delmar Loop’s executive director
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Ben Poremba returns to cooking at the excellent Moroccan-inspired Benevolent King

In Maplewood: new signs, new names

The Maplewood Design and Review Board met Wednesday to discuss requests for commercial alterations and new signs, and residential alterations. The city clerk said some of the signs are for existing businesses being renamed. Toasty Subs is being renamed to Yummi Tummi. It was the result of more than 200 customer votes for the name in a poll. Expect to see the new sign in a couple of months.

Airedale Antics to donate percentage to help former employee with health care costs

Maplewood pet care supply store, Airedale Antics, will donate 25 percent of all sales this weekend to help a former employee cover her health care expenses before she could begin a new planned job. She was found unresponsive in her home. From Airedale Antics:
Some of you may remember Tracy George, our previous groomer. She was with us for many years until she obtained her college degree and pursued a new career in the not-for-profit world.  Tracy had just recently taken a new job and was in transition when she was found unresponsive in her home. She was in the hospital in ICU for weeks and is now home, but has a long road ahead of her. With her transitioning into a new position, she had not had time to secure her Cobra medical insurance or find new private insurance.

Decades-old class photo found

A resident (Maplewood? Richmond Heights?) shared this photo of a West Richmond School 1931 class she found recently while doing some house rehabbing. See anyone you know?

Charity ride aims for $10k for local nonprofit

Dr. William Madosky, area chiropractor and avid biker, is planning a two-day, 186-mile solo ride on the KATY Trail to raise money for a Maplewood non-profit. Madosky is planning the ride for Labor Day weekend — Sedalia to Jefferson City on Friday and Jefferson City to Creve Coeur Lake on Saturday. Last year he rode 100 miles in one day, raising about $4,000 for Artists First, in Maplewood. This year a donor has agreed to match everything raised up to $5,000, so Madosky hopes to make it a total of $10,000 for the charity — giving himself the extra challenge of a two-day, 186-mile ride. “This is the season for these large charity events,” Madosky said.