MRH to ask voters to approve $30 million bond issue

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Board of Education on Thursday agreed to ask voters to approve $30 million dollars in bond sales to pay for brick-and-mortar improvements district-wide, MRH reported. The request does not require a change in the current tax rate in order to repay the bonds. “Proposition E” will appear on the April 7, 2020, election ballot. A 4/7ths majority of “yes” votes is required for passage. The text of Prop-E is as follows:
“Shall the Board of Education of the School District of Maplewood Richmond Heights, St.

Shop vandalized, owner says it’s because he speaks out against hate groups: KMOV

In the press: two young boys are accused of robbery in Maplewood, and more. Fox 2 — Beauty shop bandits: Four stores hit on the same morning, police believe cases are connected
Fox 2 — Boys, ages 11 and 14, accused of robbery in Maplewood
KOAM (Joplin) — Woman dozes, spends night after testing store mattress
KMOV — Police investigating shooting in Richmond Heights
KMOV — Maplewood business owner says he was target of vandalism because he speaks out against hate groups
KMOV — Pizza delivery driver shot by masked men in Richmond Heights
Media Hq — ‘Better backup does not exist …’: an American woman falls asleep in the store while trying to display mattresses
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Boys, 11 and 14, arrested in Maplewood robbery

Almost a block of mature trees removed in Maplewood

The management at Maplewood Village Apartments, in the 7200 block of Anna Avenue, are removing approximately eight mature trees in front of the apartments. Hayley Baker, property manager for the apartments, said the trees are damaging the roofs and foundations of the buildings, and that there is new landscaping planned that will include new trees and make the property more aesthetically pleasing and add to the value of the property. Some tenants outside on Thursday said they hadn’t been told why the trees were coming down, but that they don’t like it. One said their air conditioning bill will probably be higher.

Maplewood History: On the Rediscovery of Random Bits of Unrelated Information

I’m sure no one would be surprised to hear that the rediscovery of the history of our small inner ring suburb involves keeping track of very many different bits of info gotten from a wide variety of sources.  Roughly three times a month I attempt to gather in a single post many of these randomly acquired bits that are somehow related to one another. In my mind, and in my computer, these bits are floating around waiting to be drawn together by some common theme.  My computer is much better at keeping track of these things than my mind is. Truth is this blog would not be possible without the record storing abilities of the computer.  I was terrible at keeping track of pages of information back in the analog days of filing cabinets. I can’t tell you how many times I searched for that certain piece of paper that I just saw a moment ago but now is nowhere to be found. These days I often am looking for information online.  The bits I find, first, go into my Documents folder – the plan being to file them in separate more specific folders later.  Some are cross filed in a few different folders.

New restaurant coming to Maplewood, Sauce magazine reports

Food of Latin America is coming to a new Maplewood restaurant, Asador Del Sur, in the former home of Reeds American Table, Sauce reports. Look for fresh seafood and grilled meat. Also, more on the woman who fell asleep in a Richmond Heights mattress store. Blue Ridge Public Radio — Mattress Store Calls Police On Woman Accused Of Stealing A Few Z’s
Fox 2 — Two beauty stores burglarized in less than 24 hours
KMOV — 4 suspects on the run after Maplewood beauty store break-in
Maine Edge — Weird National Briefs (01/08/2020) (woman falls asleep in mattress store)
Sauce — Asador Del Sur will open in former home of Reeds American Table

In the press: business closing, woman falls asleep in mattress store

Two local items have made the news locally and nationally. Alton Telegraph — St. Louis area woman reportedly shopping for mattresses falls asleep on store display overnight  
KMOV — Larder & Cupboard will be closing its store in Maplewood
Rolla Daily News — Woman dozes, spends night after testing store mattress  
Sauce — Larder & Cupboard to close Maplewood shop on Dec. 30
St. Louis Business Journal — Why this isn’t the end for Maplewood retailer that’s closing its doors

Stricker Auto in Maplewood sold, developer David Schlafly to renovate

Maplewood auto repair shop John Stricker Automotive is moving to Brentwood. Owner John Stricker has sold the building at 7416 Manchester Road to developer, David Schlafly. Schlafly said he plans to renovate the building, with a new glass storefront replacing the garage doors, creating an open space for either retail or studio. He said it’s approximately 1,900 square feet. Stricker’s last day at the Maplewood shop will be Jan.

Changes coming to 2 commercial addresses on Manchester Road

Commercial property owner, Dan Lesseg, said Thursday that Collision Express, at his property at 7552 Manchester Road, has decided not to renew its lease. The building is across Manchester Road from Maplewood Richmond Heights school. Lesseg said there is currently nothing in the works for a new tenant. Also, Maplewood business Kakao Chocolate suggested on Facebook that it has plans for the former Larder & Cupboard location, 7310 Manchester Road, which closed Dec. 30.

Maplewood Police report shots fired on New Years Eve

Maplewood Police posted on Facebook incidents they handled on New Years Eve and New Years Day. On New Years Eve Maplewood police officers responded to 1900 Maplewood Commons for a report of shots fired at 9:10 p.m. Their investigation revealed that one of three occupants of a black, newer model Dodge Charger fired three shots from a semi-automatic pistol with one of the rounds striking an unoccupied Ford Mustang parked on the lot. Police recovered three spent .40 caliber shell casings. Police detectives are investigating. No injuries were reported.

Maplewood History: A Bill Jones Double Header

Maplewood’s premier memoirist, Bill Jones, is at it again. What better way to kick off the New Year than with a couple of Bill’s latest recollections.  Remember they are typed by his wife, Barb. MISSOURI ADULT DRIVER’S LICENSE – 25 CENTS

On February 6, 1943, my dad had his driver’s license but my mom did not and I, on my 16th birthday, needed a driver’s license.  My mother was reading the information for obtaining a driver’s license.  They took our ID”s and my dad and I sailed right through. Then came Mom!  The man at the counter was leaning over and whispering to my mom. We suddenly realized Mom had taken the man’s face in her hands and said “Sonny boy, I see you at Maplewood Baptist Church and I think you may be a Christian, too.  I have been a Christian all my life.

Maya Cafe to become Casa Maya under new ownership

Maya Cafe is set to become Casa Maya. An owner of a planned new restaurant to locate at the former Maya Cafe address, 2726 Sutton Boulevard, will request a full/Sunday liquor license at the Jan. 14 Maplewood city council meeting. A public hearing is planned. See also: Larder & Cupboard to close

Larder & Cupboard to close

Cindy Higgerson, owner of Maplewood business Larder & Cupboard, announced on Instagram that she has decided not to renew her lease and will close after the business day on Dec. 30. She said she will continue to work with local artisans and take her goods to farmers markets. See also: New restaurant requests liquor license in Maplewood, Maya Cafe to become Casa Maya under new ownership

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It is with a heavy heart, that I must announce my decision to not renew my lease and close the Larder & Cupboard brick and mortar storefront. The retail store will be open through Monday, December 30th. Although I am sad to close our storefront, I am excited about the future and the opportunity to continue to work with our local community artisans. I will continue to supply my wholesale customers, and you will still be able to find Larder & Cupboard and our products at local farmer’s markets, pop-ups, events, and retail partners, such as Union Studio. My next market is scheduled for January 25th at Schlafly Bottleworks. Watch for more announcements at the end of January. . 🍓. I am proud of what Larder & Cupboard has brought to St. Louis, and I loved being part of Maplewood’s thriving small business community for the past five years. I will miss our neighbors and our customers, and I will forever cherish the relationships I have built with all of the small producers and artisans. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the support and for making my time in Maplewood so memorable. . 🍓. I ask you to continue your support for Larder & Cupboard and our local artisans by helping us sell the remaining inventory. In addition to the remaining inventory, many of the store’s fixtures and displays will be on sale, including, the rustic farm table and the vintage/reclaimed wood pieces. Sales start Thursday, December 26th, with a few exceptions. I will be posting more details about sales on social media, so keep an eye out. . 🍓. Due to the closing of the storefront, all gift certificates must be redeemed by December 30th. . 🍓. Thank you for your continued love and support, Cindy Higgerson

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Traveling Tea, Strange Donuts in the news

Strange Donuts owner has bought World’s Fair Donuts, which closed earlier this year. He says the shop name and all recipes will stay the same. KMOV — Strange Donuts owner buys World’s Fair Donuts
KMOV — Car alarm scares off would-be carjackers after woman punched outside Maplewood Walmart
KMOV — Officer injured when shoplifting suspects hit squad car in Maplewood, police say
Ladue News — Find Your Favorite Tea at Maplewood’s Traveling Tea
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — 7 restaurants that closed this year that our critic will especially miss
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Voters in Maplewood will decide sales tax increase for fire services

New restaurant requests liquor license in Maplewood

Maplewood city council is set to hold a public hearing on Jan. 14 to hear citizens’ comments for a planned new restaurant in Maplewood, Asador Del Sur, seeking a full/Sunday liquor license, according to a notice sent to residents nearby. The new restaurant is planning to take to former location of Reeds American Table, 7322 Manchester Road, which shut its doors in July 2019. See also: 2 restaurants close in Maplewood; new plans for both locations

Police report attempted carjacking

Maplewood Police released a press release Tuesday regarding an attempted carjacking of a Walmart employee. Maplewood police detectives are investigating an attempted carjacking that occurred at 1900 Maplewood Commons Shopping Center shortly after midnight on December 22, 2019. The female victim just ended her work shift at the Walmart department store and was walking to her car on the parking lot when three male suspects approached her from behind on foot. One of the suspects punched the victim in the head knocking her to the ground. The other two suspects began punching and kicking the victim while attempting to grab the keys to her vehicle, which was parked nearby.

2 restaurants close in Maplewood; new plans for both locations

Maplewood restaurants, Reeds American Table (7322 Manchester Road) closed in July and Maya Cafe ( 2726 Sutton Avenue) closed on Dec. 21. Plans are now in the works for both locations, according to sources familiar with the spots. No details have been released yet for either. Update: New restaurant requests liquor license in Maplewood

Maplewood History: From the Fennell Trove – Sam Bland’s Journal – Part 2

Although the response to the first installment of Sam Bland‘s Journal was somewhat less than enthusiastic, I’m going to post the second part anyhow.  In my opinion it contains much of interest, but I know how it is when one has a lot of emails and limited time to spend on them. I skim some of the more complicated ones intending to get back to them later.  If you’re doing that too, you’re forgiven. Maybe I didn’t point out enough of the interesting things Sam recorded?  Much of it is about gardening – planting things. That is not one of my interests.  But I know there are many gardeners out there. Is there nothing of interest to a gardener in Sam’s journal?  We’ll try it again.

Brentwood had 1st corporate-owned McDonald’s, resident discovers

Brentwood resident, Barry Williams, had a hunch that Brentwood’s original McDonald’s, which opened in 1959, might have been one of the first of the chain nationally. He wrote to the McDonald’s Corporation and eventually got his reply that the Brentwood McDonald’s (now the site of a Popeye’s Chicken) was the first corporate-owned store opened, and the third nationally. Williams wrote the Brentwood Board of Aldermen and copied 40 South with the news, and suggested a historic marker for the spot. He said he is waiting for an answer from McDonald’s Corporation about when the restaurant closed, and moved to Hanley Road. The original 1959 Brentwood store closely resembled this one in Downey, California.

Maplewood resident announces run for Ward 2 city council seat

Maplewood resident Sarah Crosley announced on Twitter Thursday that she is running for Maplewood City Council, Ward 2. Ward 2 council member Ray Crader’s term expires April 2020. Eleanor Pardini won the other Ward 2 seat in April 2019, while long-time councilman, Tim  Dunn, decided not to run. Crosley’s Twitter profile: “Candidate for Maplewood City Council, Ward 2 / comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable / handful & hard to manage”