Fastest internet service coming to Brentwood too

AT&T announced on Thursday that Brentwood will be added to the list of St. Louis area cities with access to its fiber network internet, with speeds of one gigabit per second. Shrewsbury and Belleville are also being added. 

Last month AT&T announced that Maplewood had access to the service, along with parts of Kirkwood, Swansea, Edwardsville, and Webster Groves. In Maplewood the faster service option is approximately $70 a month. In November 2016, AT&T began offering high-speed fiber internet — called AT&T Fiber — to parts of Maplewood, Kirkwood, Swansea, Edwardsville, and Webster Groves, the St. Louis Business Journal reported.

Brentwood congregation gives to repair Maplewood vandalism

Pastor Will Hanke, of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, in Brentwood,  stopped by the Book House at 7352 Manchester Road, on Thursday to give the owner a big check. A sculpture in front of the shop was vandalized on March 2. The artist, Jewell McGhee, said the cost to repair it would be about $1,000. Pastor Hanke gave the Book House a check for $565 to help repair it. Hanke said Friday that sometimes there’s a need, and (fighting) vandalism is one of them.

Election is April 4: ballot info, candidate priorities

The League of Women Voters has an online service that makes it easy to see what will be on your ballot on April 4, and see information supplied by the candidates themselves. It’s Just go to, enter your address, then click ‘Get personalized information on candidates and issues.’ Any city council or mayoral races will show up for your address. In Maplewood, Barry Greenberg and Patrick Jugo are running for mayor, Greenberg has supplied information to the League of Women Voters.

MSD to restart work on Bellevue

The Metropolitan Sewer District has restarted its work on Bellevue Avenue, according to  a letter from the MSD a resident of the street received from the contractor this week. The work was delayed due to ‘utility conflicts’ on Manchester Avenue, the letter says. The work will continue up Bellevue to Stanley Avenue. During that time, Bellevue will be open to local traffic only (‘local traffic only’ is in bold in the letter.)

‘There will be some congestion and inconvenience; please bear with us,’ the letter says. The project is expected to be finished by June 15.

Presten Pinnell obituary published; memorial balloon release planned

The Valley Morning Star of Harlingen, Texas, on March 22, published an obituary for Presten Pinnell, 2015 graduate of Maplewood Richmond Heights, who died on Sunday. His sister posted the funeral service arrangements on Facebook. Presten’s sister, Paige Pinnell, posted the funeral service arrangements on Facebook: The wake will be this Saturday, March 25 at Jay B. Smith Funeral Home, 7456 Manchester Road, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. From there everyone will proceed to the MRH High School auditorium for the life reflections service from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Then we will all gather on the MRH field for a memorial balloon release, and then to the MRH cafeteria for the repass. She said: “My family and I would like to thank each and every person for all the love and support. Please keep us in your prayers.

Louise Charboneau friend compiled a tribute; “Be kind,” Louise said

Friends of Brentwood stalwart, Louise Charboneau, who passed on in February, got together in the St. Mary Magdalen basement on Sunday to remember her life. Alderman Steve Lochmoeller and his wife, Mary Jo — Madge Avenue neighbors — hosted. Neighbor to Louise Charboneau, Cathy Hwang Zahniel, compiled clips from 40 South News to share and sent 40 South a copy. Tribute to Louise Charboneau’s Engagement as a Citizen in Brentwood Government – Compilation from 40 South News

Brentwood officials honor Louise Charboneau
By Doug Miner | March 8, 2017
Brentwood resident, Louise Charboneau, who passed on last month, and who was known for her passionate activism for Brentwood’s trees, was recognized in a new city tree guidelines manual on Monday.

Dog found in Richmond Heights

Messaged to 40 South: This little guy was found in Richmond Heights on 3-21-17 at 9:30 a.m. on Yale Ave. Puppy, not chipped. He’s been brought to the APA on Hanley waiting for his owners. He was well loved on and was left in good hands. Please share.

Recent MRH grad dies: ‘fell from a balcony’

Maplewood Richmond Heights graduate (2015) Presten Pinnell died over the weekend, according to many Facebook posts. His father, James “Pat” Pinnell, died just last month. Immediately following that, the family received an eviction notice. Pinnell (known as PP) was known for his big smile. A Facebook friend called him a “free spirit and amazing soul.”

City leaders, then-MRH superintendent drove Maplewood turnaround: St. Louis Magazine

In a little more than 10 years, Maplewood has gone from having many, many vacant storefronts to thriving. St. Louis Magazine reported that Maplewood Community Development Director Rachelle L’Ecuyer and then-Maplewood Richmond Heights superintendent Linda Henke had much to do with the turnaround. 

Community development director, L’Ecuyer, grew the business district by focusing on attracting small businesses rather than chains, and promoted events, like the Schafly’s farmers and brokers’ tours to bring people in. Henke became the MRH superintendent in 2000, when the school district was close to failing. According to St.

MRH chef Tweets food, students & food

MRH chef Robert Rusan Tweets as he cooks, at @ChefRobRu on Twitter — Tweeting food, and students enjoying food. He hashtags #realschoolfood #vegetarian #breakfastintheclassroom #EGGPOPS (?) and more. Rusan and employee Monica Perry were given internal awards by the high school in February during a Black History Month presentation.

Sumo wrestler spotted

Maplewood Twitter user, @seeninmaplewood, said this was the first sumo wrestler he has ever seen in Maplewood. The wrestler appears to be near Big Bend and Flora, near the unopened Toasty Subs.