Chamber Member in the Spotlight – Big Shark Bicycle Company

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Big Shark Bicycle Company. 

Business Name:
Big Shark Bicycle Company

Mike Weiss

How would you describe Big Shark Bicycle Company?
We are a full service cycling store that caters to almost every niche surrounding bicycles: recreation, training, competition, family bikes, triathlon, mountain biking, commuting. We are super active in the St. Louis athletic community and have a belief that we have to give to get. We have a calendar of events that we promote and produce than runs from January through December that is super diverse. From winter runs and chocolate or cupcake themed events to the biggest professional race in the Midwest….we make sure our weekends are busy.
We have been in business 23 years and have three locations, a performance training center and an event services and management company. We also have between 3-6 dogs working in our stores depending on the day.

What is the most exciting thing to happen to Big Shark Bicycle Co.? 
The most exciting thing that has happened to Big Shark in the last 23 years is surviving! Retail and brick and mortar have a lot of pressure- and we’re pumped to still be able to do what we love. (We are also STOKED to have moved our flagship store to Richmond Heights).

Do you have a “favorite” Maplewood or Richmond Heights business?
We are still getting to know our neighbors…however based on frequency of visit and how much additional weight me and my staff have gained, Fozzie’s rules.

Big Shark Bicycle Co. is located at 1155 South Big Bend Boulevard in Richmond Heights. Reach them at 314-862-1188 or visit their website: 

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