Chamber Member in the Spotlight – Gabbit LLC

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce features a different business each month. This month it’s Gabbit LLC. 

Business Name:
Gabbit LLC

Co- Founder:
Corey Jones

How would you describe Gabbit LLC?
Gabbit provides business class phone service to small businesses and non-profit organizations in multiple cities around the US.  We pride ourselves on saving our clients money (40% to 60% versus the phone and cable companies) while providing more than 110 FREE features on our network.

Our goal is to build a customized solution for each client that allows them to serve their clients in the manner they desire. Plus, no calls to far off call-centers; we provide local service by Gabbit employees in every city we operate. Large telecommunications companies have chosen not to focus on the small business market, Gabbit exclusively supports this market.  Gabbit is proud to partner with many great businesses in the Chamber. We are very excited about our Continuity of Service Plan which can route client calls even in the event of loss of power or loss of internet service.

We believe every call is important whether it’s a million dollar deal or a call from grandma checking to make sure you will be over for dinner. Making sure a business can stay connected to their clients and potential clients is immensely important to us.

What is the most exciting thing to happen to Gabbit? 
We think the most exciting thing to happen to the industry is that small businesses now have access to the technology and benefits that large businesses have had access to for years.  Gabbit is excited to deliver our model to the small businesses across the STL region.  Large telecom companies have taken advantage of small businesses for years by over-charging for service and adding erroneous fees/surcharges to their customers’ bills.  We take great pride in explaining how we can save customers money, which helps them reinvest the savings to grow their business by taking advantage of this new technology.

Do you have a “favorite” Maplewood or Richmond Heights business?
Quite frankly, this is the hardest question to answer.  Studio X’s marketing work is outstanding and impressive.  The ‘Let Them Eat Art’ campaign is always cool and drives people from all over to the event.  The Great Rivers Greenway work is truly important.  Connecting all aspects of STL City, STL County and St. Charles County will only help us be a better region.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of STL is doing incredible work that not only improves the lives of our citizens locally, but citizens nationally.

Gabbit LLC is headquartered at 1034 S. Brentwood Blvd. # 1210 in Richmond Heights. Reach them at 314-898-0000 or visit their website:

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