Charge your phone at the Sutton Park sunflower

Paul McKnight of EFS Energy on Tuesday completed installing an almost 10-foot tall sunflower in Sutton Loop Park.

The sunflower is functional art. The center of the flower is a solar panel, and with USB ports on the base anyone can charge a cell phone or computer.

McKnight said St. Louis artist, Ellie Shepley made the sunflower. He drew up the plans and she welded it. They started with a smaller prototype that they showed to Maplewood Community Development Director Rachelle L’Ecuyer for the OK.

McKnight had to run to Scheidt Hardware for the USB ports when he was installing it. “There’s always something,” he said.




12 thoughts on “Charge your phone at the Sutton Park sunflower

  1. How about some USB ports? Those 120V outlets won’t be very useful to charge a phone unless someone happens to have a wall adaptor.

  2. I love that this is both artistic and functional. Nice! Was this given to the community by Paul McKnight?

  3. I saw the sunflower and admired it but, I wondered if it will be painted. It’s all aluminum colored now and would look better painted.

  4. I’m new to this news source and think it’s great! Two questions that have probably been answered in the past: What business is going in the building being renovated next to Jay B. Smith funeral home? Is any business planning on building on the former site of McDonald’s at Big Bend and Oxford?

  5. I love this! Good example of public art that adds function and beauty to the community.