Christmas puppies growing up

As you can see from the photo, these 14-week-old puppies are able to inflict a lot of chaos and pandemonium without the correct play and stimulation.  They should be crated anytime they cannot be supervised.

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 10.51.06 AMConversely, they can be left in a small, puppy proof room.  One does not want your fine Persia carpet soiled on or chewed up, you also don’t want to come home to a dead puppy that chewed his way through an electrical cord or got into the d-CON.

Don’t underestimate the importance of socialization. The world that is familiar is a comfortable world to a dog.  Unfamiliar things or people might be drive away with barking and aggression.  Expose you pup to every type of age, race, and type of person that you can find.

I don’t mean just your next door neighbors.  Go to shopping malls, playgrounds; hang outside of Lowes, UPS people and mail people, men with beards wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.  People with wheelchairs, garbage cans, pushing walkers as well as those who move strangely can easily be construed as “dangerous” and this can result in aggression later in age.

NEVER force a puppy up to anything person or if she is expressing fear towards.  Instead, retreat to safer distance and create an idea for her that this scary stranger or thing results in the appearances of YUMMY treats.  Real meats, cheeses and organic/grain free pet treats are very different from stale, dry, full of inappropriate ingredients from the grocery store. Although, to their credit, many retail stores are now carrying healthier brands.

All puppies should have a basic puppy obedience class.  The only proper collar should be a flat, buckle collar for her at her tender age.  Very carefully question the instructor about her own training methods, background, experience and education.  Training should never involve punishment, pain, fear or force. It is appropriate to ask to sit in on one of their classes and observe interactions not only between trainer and puppy but also trainer and families.

Finally, if you are having trouble adjusting to your new family member, a private trainer can also be called into your home.  There are many different styles and routines that each trainer employs.  I will describe how to go about how to go about doing in my next blog.

Till then, take care everybody, see you next time,

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