Church in old Maplewood Theater building can stay

Worshipers at the New Destiny Apostolic Church, at 7174 Manchester Road, can continue to use the space on the first floor of the building that was once the Maplewood Theater, and they will, despite water pouring through their ceiling.

Dawn Medina, with the church, said the condition of the building affects them tremendously.

A judge said the tenants in the apartments in the two floors above them have to vacate, but the church and the other commercial tenants are allowed to stay.

“Water pours from the ceiling into the foyer, into the sanctuary where we have instruments, and into my husband’s office,” Medina said. She thinks it could be coming from pipes above the church, so if a tenant moves out the water might stop. She said that could be an improvement for now.

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One commercial tenant, Elements Of Design Studio, at 7182 Manchester Road, said they were forced to move, and found a new location at 2718 Sutton Boulevard.


One thought on “Church in old Maplewood Theater building can stay

  1. It is horrible that any business, church or tenant has to deal with this kind of water problem. The owners should have insurance on their building. Any building owner should have proof of insurance before occupancy. The City of Maplewood needs to step in and condemn this building.