City drops weeds charges against Alice Hezel

The city of Maplewood has decided not to go forward with charges against Alice Hezel, according to her attorney, Bruce Morrison. She was cited multiple times by the city for failure to maintain her yard on Cambridge Avenue, and was scheduled for a St. Louis County circuit court trial on March 20. It will now not take place.

Morrison said the dismissal order was entered on Friday. “On compliance” is handwritten on the order.

40 South also received an email notification from the court about the case: “This e-mail is to inform you that the Jury trial, scheduled for 3/20/2017, has been deleted for this defendant and court case number 16SLMU00811.”

Alice Hezel at her house in summer 2016.


This means only certain people can see it (court, judge, prosecutor, defense attorney). There are many reasons for this. What document was it raised on? Was it the entire case? This is actually a good thing in many ways.

4 thoughts on “City drops weeds charges against Alice Hezel

  1. The plants in her yard could definitely use some maintenance, but you know, the bees and butterflies don’t mind a bit. Habitat for our pollinators is valuable. These plants may not look pretty to many of us, but they are very attractive to insects. And insects are what birds need to feed to their babies. No insects — no birds.

  2. If this woman lived in Chesterfield or Florissant the public works department would have stepped in and cut down the weeds and sent her a bill for $200…

    • I wouldn’t want to because now you’re living next to a neighbor who believes they can do whatever they want.