Clementine’s Creamery set to open Maplewood location

The St. Louis ice cream shop, Clementine’s Creamery, plans to open a new location in Maplewood. It was confirmed to 40 South through Instagram.

The planned location is the now vacant space on the southeast corner of Manchester Road and Sutton Boulevard. The space is part of what was previously The Live Juke Joint Dueling Piano Bar. When the piano bar closed the space was subdivided. The Elmwood restaurant has opened in the other section of the space with a new door on Sutton.

They’re planning to open in the fall they reported, also through Instagram.

Clementine’s Creamery offers ‘handcrafted’ ‘Naughty and Nice’ flavors. The ‘naughty’ ice cream is ‘booze-infused.’

via Clementine’s on Instagram


14 thoughts on “Clementine’s Creamery set to open Maplewood location

  1. Clementine’s does a great job with visual branding but Serendipity in WG would win in a blind taste test. Boardwalk Waffles is a different creature entirely.

  2. Good luck to them but that location is cursed. Nothing that’s moved there has lasted more than a year.

    • They split the space in half, so it’s not really accurate to compare to previous issues.

      • Exactly… Elmwood took part of the piano bar space and is EXCELLENT and BUSY. I’ve been there many times! Great place.

        Clementine’s will very very well. Heck I drove past the one off Demun last night and it was PACKED… and Maplewoods a better location.

        I see Maplewood strip getting hotter and hotter. It keeps getting better!

  3. As long as another fried chicken or other fast food place doesn’t go in there or in the recently vacated Reed’s American Table space, I am happy with whatever new business opens on the strip and brings lots of business to Maplewood. Welcome, Clementine’s!

  4. New business is always great! But the Maplewood strip does not need another ice cream parlor, it needs night life revitalization. Most attractions on the strip are either geared for the older crowd, or is something that closes early most nights (5/6pm). What the Maplewood strip needs is more entertainment options for varying ages. Hopefully this is a small step towards that.

      • Surprisingly if you put two places like that together, there’s more business drawn for both. If one is busy people fall over to the other. It will work.

    • There’s plenty of things to do for the night light crowd. The Post, Elmwood, Dubliner, Schlafly, Side Project Cellar, Crows Nest, Bugaloo, Tapped, Acero, Blue Duck, Chateau Maplewood, The Benevolent King, onward…

    • But if competition really hurt businesses, we would have only one saloon in Maplewood. As it is, there are five saloons for every church. And I’m going to try every one of them. (I mean the churches of course.)