Commenter posed as Jackie Hummert

I feel that the following information is an accurate account of what happen on 40 South News. The “Jackie” commenting implies that she is the mother of Ryan Hummert. The actual Jackie Hummert said she did not make the comments.

This was posted 2 days ago on 40 South News:

“Jackie” on March 23, 2021 at 10:03 pm said:

1. The Maplewood Fire Dept endorsed your opponent. Throwing our local first responders under the bus is pathetic and egotistical. These men and women are heroes. They deserve more than this from a municipal mayor clinging to his sinking ship.

2. That’s actually NOT how an endorsement works at all. The IAFF would not have any such agreement with a mayoral candidate, and the local fire department has specifically stated that they think Mrs. Knapper is more fit to lead.

I have supported you through a great many things, Barry. But this is a special kind of low down. Especially after everything this community went through when Ryan was killed.

You just switched me to team Knapper. I’m beyond disgusted.

Yesterday a reader chastised “Jackie” for bringing Ryan Hummert into the discussion as being distasteful and irrelevant.

This was posted today:

“Jackie” on March 25, 2021 at 3:34 am said:

Ryan was my son, you insignificant man. Don’t you dare tell me how and when to say his name. Ever.

This post implies that “Jackie” is Ryan Hummert’s mother.

A friend of the Hummert family contacted Ryan’s mother and she confirmed that SHE WAS NOT THE AUTHOR of the post.

[Editor: the comments referred to here have been removed. Also, 40 South News confirmed independently that the commenter was not Jackie Hummert.]


7 thoughts on “Commenter posed as Jackie Hummert

  1. Would you just look at this crybaby nonsense? Let’s see a verifiable statement from Mrs. Hummert saying it wasn’t her, because the comments seem very compelling.

    The rest of this is just such a “pat yourself on the back” moment. Not a good look.

    • Personally I think their family should be left alone, and they should be respected in their choice to say as little or as much about all this as they want.

  2. Politics will be politics, BUT falsely using someone else’s situation and name is saddening. My roots dig deep into Maplewood and I know the people can be better than this.

    If you can’t stand by your conversation points while using your own name – Please keep your opinions to yourself and the people in your circle. Catfish politics are not the answer.

  3. My faith in human beings has reached a new low when it became obvious that one of my detractors was impersonating the mother of a slain firefighter. The fact that this anonymous someone can do something so sick and twisted to gain political points is beyond my comprehension. What is almost as abhorrent is that these tactics apparently sway other voters. Insulting comments were made by “Jackie” on more than one discussion and others chimed in in a similar fashion.

    When I saw the video of someone taking my opponents yard sign off another person’s lawn, I strongly condemned the action. I would like to see everyone, and anyone condemn this online behavior to discourage the derailing of a respectful discourse. This exchange is vital to voters having access to multiple viewpoints considering the restrictions placed on our society by the pandemic.

    I have personally addressed a myriad of issues online, knowing that people can respond with less than factual arguments and personal attacks. I try to hold people accountable for what they do or do not do, not whoever I think they might be. While I have disagreed with rest of Council on many occasions, I have respect for their commitment to public service. If you want someone that will always vote with the majority and not question motives, then I am not your candidate.

    One question that keeps getting asked is why I even want to go through what I have been through. The answer is simple. I started this journey in 1988 when I arrived in Maplewood and saw a broken community that needed fixing. The only things that were not broken were the longtime residents who had stuck it out, a few committed businesses, a young City Manager, a Chamber of Commerce and the rich heritage of our City dating back well over a century. I set to work helping lay the foundation for everything that was to come.

    As an architect, I know that the unseen portion of a building, the foundation, determines what can be built on top of it. Foundations are particular to the environment they inhabit and are not the sexy part of the building. Every system of a building needs to be strong and coordinated. In our City, we needed the citizens, the business community and the schools to be the pillars on which our community is built. Our foundation is strong, but it also needs constant maintenance.

    Just as you need an experienced worker to fix your building systems, you need experienced elected officials who understand how and why things work to keep things operating effectively and efficiently. I worked strenuously for 13 years growing Maplewood before running for office. At was at that point that I felt that I had the knowledge and experience to serve on Council and 14 years later as Mayor. Fresh voices are helpful, and I would say they are well represented on City Council. Institutional knowledge and a proven history of accomplishments are essential and those are the qualities I bring to the office of Mayor.

  4. Back in the ’70s, really dirty politics was the norm in Maplewood.
    I thought we had left all that behind us.
    Lets get this damn election over with and get back to being civil again.

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