Conoco station, laundromat changes in Maplewood

The pumps and awning at the Conoco station at 3600 S Big Bend Boulevard were removed on Tuesday. On Wednesday just the station remained. So far, no information to share on the plans.

The Big Bend Coin Laundry, next to the Conoco, at 3620 S. Big Bend Boulevard, is still in operation, while its replacement (Maplewood Wash House), at 3010 S. Big Bend is under construction. An employee with the general contractor said it might be finished in one or two months.

According to the new laundromat’s Facebook page, it will have 100-pound washers for ‘huge’ items and automatic doors, to get in and out of the building carrying big baskets.

New washers being installed in the Maplewood Wash House, at 3010 S. Big Bend.

While at the current laundromat location, two pinball machines have been added.

10 thoughts on “Conoco station, laundromat changes in Maplewood

  1. When the old laundromat closes, that location might be a good one for a dry cleaner. Drop off your dry cleaning on a Saturday morning, shoot a game or two of pool, pick up Porter’s for lunch and a bottle of wine at the new liquor store. Head on home and call it a day.

  2. I don’t know why there is always so much criticism of a laundromat. That is the only one anywhere in the area. They will close the old one when the new one opens and the parking will be much better. I was hoping the new place in Brentwood would have a laundromat but it only has drop off laundry service. If your washer or dryer breaks down you would be glad it was nearby. There are plenty of restaurants with bars in Maplewood and it seems like there would be much more trouble from their drunken patrons than from people just doing laundry.

    • Good point, I don’t have any problems with a laundry mat – I don’t like that it’s right on Big Bend in a major traffic zone. Should have been a market or restaurant. It’s next to single family homes. There are many apartments around shop and save- why couldn’t they move there?

  3. There is already a mattress store in Maplewood. Maplewood Custom Bedding at 3110 Sutton.

  4. I heard a rumour that Conoco was turning it into a liquor store .Does anyone know if this is true?