Council to vote on bill to prohibit horses

Maplewood City Council on Tuesday is set to for the final vote to on an bill that would strengthen  the city’s current ordinance (Chapter 10-Animals and Fowl, Section 10-2) on animals that are prohibited.

The current law prohibits cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, pigeons, poultry (except as allowed in section 10-3), rabbits or other rodents.

The new ordinance would prohibit horses, too. A resident had requested to keep a horse; that’s what prompted the change.

Residents are allowed to keep up to six chickens or ducks.

The council is also set to vote on various zoning-related issues. See the meeting notes.

5 thoughts on “Council to vote on bill to prohibit horses

  1. Not every law is designed to “take away rights.” Is there an issue with speed limit laws? Should everyone be allowed to drive as fast as they want? And why are there laws requiring people to get a driver’s license? Why can’t anyone at any age or skill level just get behind the wheel of a car and zoom around as they please? This attitude that every law and regulation is bad and somehow crafted to remove your rights is a very short-sighted and self-centered one. Maybe this person has room for a horse, but most around here do not. But if the law says that this person can have a horse, then everyone in town would be allowed to have one, which is obviously not a good idea. Our neighbors have chickens and they are no problem, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have room for a horse.

  2. who in the town of Maplewood has a place big enough for a horse? They need some room to move and walk around. Even if the city did allow it I suspect it would not be long before the Humane Society would be out charging the owner with a place that would not be suitable for a horse.

    • No:
      Sec. 10-2. – Raising certain animals prohibited.
      No person shall raise or keep in the city any cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, pigeons, poultry (except as allowed in section 10-3), rabbits or other rodents, unless such animals are raised or kept within biological laboratories, hospitals, pet shops, poultry dressing establishments, slaughterhouses, stockyards or zoological gardens.

  3. Let’s just let them keep chipping away at our rights, little by little. Btw, if that resident would have moved a bourse in as soon as they found out it wasn’t prohibited, they would be grandfathered in and could keep it.