‘Monkey Business’ custard shop planned in Brentwood: mayor is the owner

Brentwood Planning and Zoning last week considered a request for a custard shop at 2301 S. Brentwood Boulevard, at the corner at Brentwood Boulevard and White Avenue, according to the meeting agenda.

Brentwood Mayor Chris Thornton owns the property, doing business as Three Monkeys LLC according to state records. Thornton had previously planned to build a new office for his wife, Pam’s, insurance business.

Plan and zoning considered a 909 square-foot drive-thru custard shop with parking. The new shop will be called Monkey Business Frozen Treats, according to the site plan.


Preliminary site plan for Monkey Business Frozen Treats

8 thoughts on “‘Monkey Business’ custard shop planned in Brentwood: mayor is the owner

  1. I think this would be a great addition to the neighborhood. There is no other ice cream shop in walking distance in BW. We could walk with kids to library and then head over and grab ice cream after. Or stop for ice cream on way home from school. Now we just need some more local (non-chain) restaurants we can walk to — and a bridge/tunnel at BW and White Ave where the kids cross to get to school.

  2. I’m feeling a bit ambivalent. Actually, I think the interaction between Starbucks and an Ice Cream shop would compliment each other fairly well (much like the church across the street from a bar).

    As I’ve been growing older I’ve started to appreciate the local cities trying to develop themselves and not doing everything they can to maximize the speed and volume of people cutting through their 30 MPH streets. In fact, I’ve pretty much done a 180 on our culture’s desire to make everything optimized for cars.

    If more Brentwood residents found themselves on Brentwood Boulevard enjoying a local shop, I think the likely traffic outcome is some folks might take 270 around instead of cutting through Brentwood. Some folks might consider their commute is very expensive and time wasteful and relocate their house of their job.The net effect would essentially be the same: those that complain, make excuses, and don’t do anything to actually improve their situation would still live in their own misery.

    As an aside, I’ve always wondered who owned that lot and why construction crews always get to use it to park machines and materials. I hope everything was on the up-and-up here. I like to think out of goodwill the land was offered free of strings, though I’m a bit more skeptical than believing it.

  3. While I would love a nice ice cream shop in Brentwood, I dread more traffic driving thru the White Ave/Brentwood Blvd intersection. Someone needs to rethink the traffic flow in the neighborhood before allowing another traffic debacle like the Starbucks creates on the east side of this same intersection. Cars could line up on the west side of Brentwood clogging the side streets that feed into White. PLEASE think about it in great detail before approving this new business.

    • You are so right. I drive BB everyday at 5-530 and go thru 3-4 cycles crossing Manchester. Some of the worst traffic in STL….

        • It doesn’t even have to be a Friday. Last Wednesday while trying to get to Maryland Heights by 4:30: 2 car accidents on highway 40/I-64 and another car accident on 270. Rush hour fun.