Deer Creek Greenway to be extended; officials to discuss connecting Maplewood

The Deer Creek Greenway paved biking trail is set to be 1.5 miles longer, connecting Deer Creek Park with Webster Groves, it’s been announced.

Construction to extend the Deer Creek Greenway from its current endpoint in Deer Creek Park and connect it with Lorraine Davis Park in Webster Groves is scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 16. The extension will add 1.5 miles to the existing 0.7-mile greenway, for a total of 2.2 miles, according to Great Rivers Greenway.

The Maplewood City Council is considering how Maplewood residents can connect to the route.The council will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, October 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the upper room of Foley’s, 3522 Greenwood Boulevard, to discuss the Deer Creek Greenway.

Map via Great Rivers Greenway

5 thoughts on “Deer Creek Greenway to be extended; officials to discuss connecting Maplewood

  1. I see a plan for a future trail going north on McCausland. As a resident AND cyclist of sw city your project has completely negatively impacted our neighborhood. Every resident is extremely upset on what a debacle they have made of wabash. It is a complete waste of money and a complete disasster as far as motorists go. And to see a future plan connecting it to Forest Park has me concerned that it will mean loosing another ENTIRE lane of traffic. The person responsible for this should be fired and fines. And please keep in mind…..IM A CYCLIST and your civic planning on this is disgusting

    • I think the work Great Rivers Greenway is doing is absolutely stellar. I’m all for deleting a driving lane on mccausland in support of this if that’s what it takes to help modernize our city and get people out of their glorified wheelchairs car and back into the fresh air. Maybe a better approach is to suggest your better idea for compromise rather than just uselessly complaining on a forum that GRG almost surely won’t be monitoring.

      • I was driving up and down Union trying to find what turned out to be a wrong address on a section of street where there is now a bike lane instead of having a second lane. Cars behind me were impatient, honking at me, and getting aggressive, even trying to pass me where it wasn’t a good idea. Too bad. I didn’t design the road that way and I didn’t think I was allowed to drive over the bike lane (although not a single bike was on it).

        We need to have streets that work for everyone. Oh yeah. That might include motorists who may be trying to get to work and other engagements in a timely manner. Instead let’s imagine that everyone lives a life of leisure (wealthy and doesn’t have to work) and gets out on their bicycles and leaves their cars in the garage. Let’s also imagine that nobody has a disability preventing them from riding a bicycle.

        • I’m for biking trails where they also work as walking and running trails. I don’t want them around busy streets where cars are an added danger. I’m also sensitive to car exhaust. I have extensively walked the paths in Forest Park.

  2. It would be great to get an update from any Council members or citizens who attended on how the meeting was last night.