Del Pietro’s to open at former Riverbend Restaurant spot

The former Riverbend Restaurant & Bar and Harvest, at at 1059 S. Big Bend, is set to be Del Pietro’s, a recreation of Del Pietro’s House of Pasta, which opened on Hampton in 1976 and closed in 2011, according to St. Louis Magazine.

Mike Del Pietro is the son of the owners of the original. He’s been thinking about doing another Del Pietro’s for years, he told St. Louis Magazine. He already owns six other restaurants.

Del Pietro plans to include “Spaghetti a la Angela, Beef Sotto (medallions of breaded and charbroiled beef, topped with cheese, and a white wine mushroom sauce), stuffed artichoke, spinach patty, and Chicken Burko (named after his father’s friend John Burk),” St. Louis Magazine reports.

Del Pietro hopes to open the doors in October after a gut-rehab. He plans to serve dinner seven nights a week and weekend brunch.

Read the full post in St. Louis Magazine.

8 thoughts on “Del Pietro’s to open at former Riverbend Restaurant spot

  1. The location was for years its most popular as Cyranos. They’ve never quite fully been able to recreate the same ambiance in Webster, but every one moves along at some point. Hanks Cheesecake was also a destination.

    Since the Del Pietro family closed the Portobello in Clayton awhile back, many have hoped for a reprise. This could be it!

    • When Cyranos was most popular, it was located at the corner of Clayton and Demun. Perhaps it later moved to Big Bend.

      • I need to amend my reply. Cyranos was originally located at the corner of Clayton and Demun. After a fire destroyed the original restaurant, it re-opened on Big Bend in Richmond Heights. I have no objective info regarding the relative popularity of the two locations. I just preferred the charm of the original…

  2. Looking forward to a great Italian restaurant! Can’t wait for a great place for brunch!

  3. Woohoo! Great news! Welcome, Mary Rose and Son!!! Great memories of your hospitality at Del Pietro’s with our dearly-missed group of water exercisers from the dearly-missed St. Mary’s warm-water pool!!! Can’t wait to see you here!!!