Dental office going up in Brentwood

A dental office, Aspen Dental, is building an office on Hanley Road next to Buffalo Wild Wings, the city of Brentwood reported.

According to Wikipedia: “Aspen Dental Management, Inc. is a dental support organization — a dental practice management corporation that provides business support and administrative services in the US. Its headquarters is in DeWitt, New York.”

4 thoughts on “Dental office going up in Brentwood

  1. Rip off, I was actually approached while I was in the chair to make payment arrangements. This even with insurance coverage. Rather have Taco Bell.

  2. Have been to Aspen and quality is high. BUT!!!!! When you are through with the exam and work needing to be done, you are USHERED into a finance room. There your total bill for all care is calculated and you can get ‘a low int.rate’ credit for the full amount. WHAT IS NOT OBVIOUS is that you are paying for work before it’s done and you have no time to prioritize your needs based on your personal finances. You will have a perfect smile, but PAY AS YOU GO. Don’t take the credit offer as you may decide to postpone or ultimately decline some work, yet pay for it anyway. Highly recommend dentistry, though.

  3. Same here. Thought yet another chain restaurant was trying to jam themselves into this congested space.