Donny’s Cuba photos

Donny Blake, known around Maplewood as a promoter and DJ — seen occasionally at Tiffany’s Diner and Stone Spiral Coffee — has returned from a trip to Cuba with Doctor K Stone (Stone Kraushaar) and a film maker to shoot a movie on the Cuban Olympic boxing coach.

Doctor K Stone is known for promoting hugging between strangers.

Blake posted photos from the Cuba trip, with some comments, on Facebook:


I get Castro! We are kind of a like! After taking over Cuba, it seems to be kind of not taken care of and broken! Kind of like what happened to some of the cars I’ve owned over time, and the things I’ve borrowed and hadn’t given back!


This is the man cave, our film team stayed at, in Cuba! The ladies stayed at a more family friendly place, down the street!


Jesus has been a great Lord and Savior, to me! Always got my back! I know he’ll be fine about me dropping in on a little bit of some Cuban church! A small offering to this Santoria! Not my first choice for real Church! But, expecting some good things to happen! Lol




A little Cuban body shop! Hand painted. On the street. While you wait!


Dropping in on a Cuban Quick Trip!


I promise to return your Cuba, back to you, in better condition, then I found it, when I’m done being your benevolent leader, and subsequently exiled!

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