Confused driver turns onto RR tracks, exits car before train hits it

A driver apparently was disoriented and turned onto the train tracks instead of the road at Sutton and Greenwood boulevards Saturday night, according to Maplewood Police.

Police said the car got stuck on the tracks. The driver got out, and several people tried to move it off but a train came and couldn’t stop in time and hit the car. The train finally came to a stop as the engine — pushing the car in front of it — was on the bridge over Big Bend.

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There were no injuries or charges.

Maplewood resident Onis Harper said he saw the collision after leaving The Piccadilly, and called 911 at around 6:20 p.m. he said.

The train pushed the car from Sutton Boulevard to the bridge over Big Bend, where it came to a stop. Ben Triola photo

Athena Hall photo

The car is towed away – the rear of the car smashed in by the train.

Rail road officials inspect the track after the train has moved on. They said there was no damage to the tracks.


6 thoughts on “Confused driver turns onto RR tracks, exits car before train hits it

  1. more lighting or a do not enter sign might help. Not sure exactly how you turn and drive down the tracks at that intersection. If you are familiar with the place it seems that you would know that it is a huge hump you have to drive before you cross the tracks to get to Greenwood or to Cherry.
    Maybe they need to install a crossing arm over the tracks that stays down when no trains are coming and raise up when the train comes thru. Just the opposite of the ones that block Sutton when the train is coming which come down.

    • The Great Rivers Greenway project is going to work on this intersection for the path they’re building, and some of the changes to the intersection could also make it safer for cars. More lighting, speed control, better signage, etc. There are a lot of problems with that intersection – it’s a good example of why it’s a good idea to make it easier to get around in other ways besides driving a car.

    • I’ve seen people miss that turn from Greenwood and start to halfway drive off of Sutton. Probably it’s more of an issue for people who are unfamiliar with it at night.

  2. Umm. What is the context of the quote? It makes no sense in the context presented in the story.