Family in dire need seeking help

A neighbor of a family in critical need, living in an apartment at 7232 Sarah Avenue, contacted 40 South hoping something could be done to help. 

The mother, Kimberly Jones, is on a fixed income, getting only disability and social security checks. She pays the rent, which takes it all. She lives there with her two boys: Zack and Josh Kottkamp. The boys’ father just had back surgery and is in rehab in the hospital.

Jones said on the phone Friday she is disabled and wheelchair-bound. She has to crawl down the steps because the elevator has been broken for six months.

Her lease goes through November, and her landlord told her that if she breaks it she’ll owe for the remainder. She said she’s found a place that’s doable, but her landlord won’t answer the phone to talk to her about it.

The neighbor said the younger son is expecting to be unable to finish high school at MRH. The older son — Zackery Kottcamp — set up a Go Fund Me site but at first felt embarrassed to do it. He opened it with a goal of $1500. The neighbor told him to set it higher, so he changed it to $10,000. See the site here.

From the Go Fund Me site:

I’m gonna be blunt here: my dad broke his back and he’s in the hospital. We almost can’t pay for rent and food and we’re at wit’s end. We’re screwed unless you can be able to save us. This is not a joke, we barely have anything left. I also wanted to say that the reason why 10k is needed is that we are trying to stay here for at least another 10 months. We need your help, otherwise, we might not last much longer in our own home.

Update: 40 South visited Jones and her sons, Zack and Josh Kottcamp, Friday afternoon at their apartment on Sarah Avenue. By coincidence, while there, an employee of the county health department came by to tell Jones that because the elevator was working when she moved in, and now it’s not, she can break her lease with no penalty. Jones needs the elevator to get to doctor appointments when her sons aren’t there to help.

The health department worker said the property manager said she didn’t know Jones was in a wheelchair. Jones said she’s been in the wheelchair for the six years she’s lived there, and the manager has seen her in it many times.

Kimberly Jones with her sons Zack and Josh Kottkamp. Zack will start at Meramec Community College in the fall. Josh will be a junior at MRH.


3 thoughts on “Family in dire need seeking help

  1. I’d love to know the property manager and building owners name and company name. This way people can call (if they answer) and also ‘harass’ them about the mistreatment the family has been going through. Also would like the information so people know to stay away from this ‘slum lord’.

  2. From here to eternity, thank you each and every one of you kind-hearted people for helping these two boys to keep their family together. And thank you so, so very much, Doug.