Family raises funds for funeral, being evicted

Paige Pinnell has said in a Go Fund Me campaign that her father, James “Pat” Pinnell, of Maplewood, passed on last Thursday. The family is raising funds for a funeral.

She says on the website: “My father suddenly passed away last Thursday night around 10 pm. He had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, unfortunately he did not make it. Me, my mother (his wife) and my three brothers, his sons, ( who all are  pictured with him in the cover photo) were all by his bedside as we cried and said our last goodbyes. He was the best dad anyone could ask for and we are all hurting very bad. Trying to hold each other together.”

She added later in the day, on Facebook, that her father was the only one on the lease, so they were notified that the family will need to vacate their apartment by 8 a.m. March 1.

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James “Pat” Pinnell with his sons.

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18 thoughts on “Family raises funds for funeral, being evicted

  1. What’s even more sad about this story one of the sons has just passed away this week this is horrible

  2. I’m going to take a guess that there’s considerably more to the story than is being reported at present.

  3. Unbelievable. Disgusting… Since he passed on the last day of the month did he already send his rent in for the month of March? If so, she should have no right to try and force out the family. What about a security deposit? If he paid a month’s rent in advance same principal. Of course there are laws for eviction and she is clearly our of line here trying to evict on one day’s notice.

  4. KMOV did this story last night and they’re running it this morning. They buzzed the rental office, cameras blazing HA!! The rental office woman bolted like a cockroach when she opened the door and saw the cameras. Pretty funny. Talk about bad public relations. BTW. What right thinking business person would ever put such a letter together in the first place?

  5. I just saw Channel 4’s story on this. Ms. Brown slammed the door on the reporter, who went inside anyway when a presumed tenant opened the door from inside. Ms. Brown ran farther into the office to get away.

    I agree with Steve, a well-written letter from a lawyer can help — especially now that the landlord’s gotten extremely bad publicity. Can’t get much worse locally than a top-of-the-10 p.m. news ambush interview.

    • They don’t appear to have a lot of money. I wonder if there is someone out there who would do it pro bono or for a reduced fee?

  6. I own a lot of aprtments. There is a procedure for dealing with this. Have a lawyer give him just one phone call and he will back down

  7. St. Louis County Revenue Real Estate records show the property is owned by a family revocable trust based in O’Fallon, Missouri. Perhaps the management company is to blame.

    • With out the whole story from both end, I do understand that because she has no contract with any of the other family members she can’t hold them responsible, she should try to get a short term lease that would give them say 2 to 3 months to buried and get his estate settled, find a place to move and resettle.

  8. This is shocking. Shame on the management. Doug, please keep us up to date on this situation. How do you find a place to live on such short notice?

  9. I believe this is illegal. My understanding is that you need 30 days notice to evict someone.

  10. Dear Tammy Brown. That has to be one of the most disgusting reprehensible things I have read in a long time. You should be ashamed of yourself. If you got a good night sleep last night you need to reevaluate your present job and with all due respect reevaluate who you are as a person. I am a landlord myself. What makes this situation worse is the threat that the remaining living family members have to be out by March 1. You know as well as I do you that legally yo have to file papers in the county courts for possession of property and then they will serve the tenants and you will both appear on a specific date in court. Then the judge will hand down a decision. Then the tenants will have a reasonable time to leave the premise. I will be in the first row in court to hear the judge dress you down for this despicable action. Shame on you and the company you work for!
    P.S. If anyone would like to inquire about the wonderful facilities of Maplewood Village Apartments the number is 314-647-7368.

  11. Not very GODly either!!! Do the people that own and manage Maplewood Village Apartments attend church? Maybe they should start?