Fire command collaboration study complete, to be presented

Since September of 2016, the five cities of Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights and Rock Hill have been collaborating to determine if a combined fire command staff (chief, battalion chiefs, administration) would be beneficial.

The city of Richmond Heights has announced in a general email that the study is finished and that the city’s staff will present the finding to the city council on Monday, July 17 at a public hearing before the regular city council meeting. Richmond Heights is the first of the five cities to present the findings.

The public is welcome to attend as always to learn more and give input, according to the email.

For more information on the study, click here.

One thought on “Fire command collaboration study complete, to be presented

  1. I unable to attend this meeting and feel completely defeated if the decision is to consolidate the commands into one command. Another complete dog and pony show. The person who pays the salaries have no say. This doesn’t sound like a Democracy to me but another form of Socialism. If I were a person of wealth I would have an attorney to get a judge to stop this insanity and put it to a vote of the citizens of the five muncipalities.