Fire consumes 4-flat in Maplewood

A fire reported to have started from a barbecue on Sunday afternoon made a total loss of a four-flat apartment building in Maplewood.

Residents of the building, on Greenwood Boulevard, said everyone got out safely, also that the building was a total loss. After the fire was out all windows in the building, including the second floor in the front, were broken out and the inside appeared to be damaged by  fire.

Several residents said the fire started from a barbecue on the back porch, attached to the building.

Resident Lori Allen said on Facebook: “A four-plex in Greenwood was totally engulfed with black smoke billowing from the roof. Six fire departments responded: Maplewood, Brentwood, Rock Hill, Ladue, Clayton and St Louis. Possibly Webster as well. The building is a total loss. The siding on the house next to it was peeled and melted from the heat but no other damage.”

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Maplewood resident Lisa Clancy  said on Facebook that “a Maplewood firefighter said that the Red Cross  had arrived and made sure that the families had somewhere to go and were each given $250 gift cards to help address any immediate needs. He also said that he has been in touch with the high school principal to let them know that one of the families had an MRH student. He said he will be in touch with me and with this group as further needs are identified that we might be able to help with.”

Mike Fortmann photo

Lori Allen photo

Lori Allen photo

The house to the west of the building showed melted siding after the fire. Lori Allen photo

Video by Joshua Kryah


4 thoughts on “Fire consumes 4-flat in Maplewood

  1. I lived in flat under the one that burned. My aunt and uncle lived in the one upstairs on the other side. We lived there about 13 years. That was from about 1945/1958. I have so many good memories of that place
    There were 9 kids that lived there at that time from babies to pre teen. It seemed like we always had a lot of kids in our yard.

  2. I have worked on that building but it was years ago. As I recall it had a huge 2 story wood built back porch. Seemed to run the full width of the building and about 5 or 6 ft wide. From the pictures I am guessing that is most of what was on fire but then you have to wonder if it got into the roof/ceiling area of the house.

    Depending on the rest of the damage I suspect the building can be saved but I am pretty sure there will be a lot to be done to be able to keep it.

    • That may be the 4 family next door you may be thinking of, they look identical from the front. This one had steps to the first floor units with enclosed porches above.