Former Brentwood mayor trying to sue the city: source

A source has told 40 South News that former Brentwood mayor, Christopher Thornton,  is trying to sue the city of Brentwood for information on the city’s GPS systems, used to track city vehicles. Thornton lost access to the data when he left his position with the city. He contends it is public record.

Data from city vehicles was used then-mayor’s company, Geocompile, to manage and improve the delivery of public safety services to the residents.

When asked for comment, a representative said the city does not comment on pending litigation. Chris Thornton has not responded.

The Missouri Municipal League in 2018 awarded Brentwood a 2018 Innovation Award for its use of GPS tracking to improve the delivery of public safety services. The city appeared to have partnered with a company owned by then mayor, Chris Thornton, in implementing the technology.

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6 thoughts on “Former Brentwood mayor trying to sue the city: source

  1. Let’s just ALL sit back on our couches and watch the CARTOON PLAY OUT!!! He will bury himself just watch and learn a very valuable lesson folks ? he took all advantages he could while in office.

  2. The entire Thornton story has been weird from the start. I’m not sure he even wanted to be Mayor. I guess he wasn’t a bad one. At least no putrid corruption surfaced during his term, which you can’t say for the last guy. Hard to explain his exit from office, or what he was really doing there in the first place.

    • Reading the posts here (Except the insulting ones, I ignore those) I need to look into this more. I’d also like to hear from Chris before I start throwing around judgements. You know, hearing both sides of an issue before making a determination. I’m funny that way.

      • Sure, I can go with that. One problem; how often do you hear “both sides” of what happens at city hall? Don’t you get the feeling we’re all supposed to think everything is swell, all the time? They ran the one alderman (Saunders) with the stones to expose this stuff right out of government. Maybe they’re all on the straight and narrow, but past performance isn’t reassuring.

  3. Thornton should be abbreviated to just “thorn” The City’s INTERNAL working is not a theatre of either amusement (in the ‘thorn’s’ case) or chronic public disturbances (oh…also his case). BACK OFF our FR’s. The “Thorn” LOOKS for problems and when he is stupid he makes it a public worry. The ‘Thorn’ litigant has a case with NO MERIT against the City. Brentwood has already in place rapid response avenues. We are talking turn-around time from complaint to response, of 2 days max. This is the amount of time it takes for B’wood’s admin to forward complaint to proper Chief and get a response, usually from the dept. professionals themselves–See how simple your complaint can be (minus the “Thorn” injection of steroids of his personal obsession for control.) SO—–Here is what you do.
    Call BOLA AKANDE. She is only ONE MESSAGE AWAY. Ms. Akande is a relay fuse for all kinds of information re to B’wood service functions. To the “Thorn(e)” learn the PROCESS before you litigate. btw, you were one EXPENSIVE $$$$$$$ SOB as mayor… just go in grace, v inviting disgrace at this late date.
    If there comes an issue needing to be addressed, then here is your first call: BOLA AKANDE
    2348 South Brentwood Boulevard
    Brentwood, MO 63144
    Phone: 314-962-4800
    Fax: 314-962-0819
    (an aside to Doug Miner—if not for you so much stupid **** would go unnoticed. TY)

  4. I don’t think anyone other than the city employees should know the locations of our first responding vehicles. Our first responders are there to protect us. Fighting to gain such information are characteristics of a terrorist. Unless Brentwood employees Geocomplie to preform a study, live gps locations should not be public or made available to anyone.