Former Maplewood dentist’s office location – empty lot – for sale

The empty lot at the corner of Sutton Boulevard and Flora Avenue in Maplewood is for sale. It was the location of Dr. Wayne Fischer’s dentistry office, which burned down in 2012.

St. Louis architect Lucy Williams bought the property but never built on it. It is zoned single family residential, and is being offered at $175,000, according to Redfin. Williams is the owner and agent.

9 thoughts on “Former Maplewood dentist’s office location – empty lot – for sale

  1. One thing is for sure if a new residential home is built there and not used for business purposes then the zoning might have to be changed.

    • You won’t get the zoning to be changed. If the city changes it to commercial, then they could not limit it to office, and I know they don’t want retail or restaurant there, due to parking, etc.

      A variance could limit it to office and mixed use, but I don’t know if you can do that before anything is built. For walk-ability sake, an office building or condos would be much more advantageous, especially if some parking could be added to be used by other surrounding businesses. We will probably get stuck with another single family home though.

  2. I’d always wondered what was in that spot, I didn’t know it had burned so recently. Wishful thinking – it would be so cool to build a replica of the old home there. I looked it up, it was really beautiful.

    • Yes it was a neat old house. However, I doubt that you could build something to look like that one and make the price with the lot added in and be able to sell it. I know Maplewood is very desirable but I would guess you might be getting into the $450,000 range maybe more. One thing that it would have going for it is the location as well as it looking old and fitting into the neighborhood but being all new. You can spend a lot of money bringing an older home up to today’s codes with more open rooms, central air and heating, all new insulation, etc.

    • As I understand it, the lot owner, an architect, wanted to build a new house there. But the City rejected her design. Anyone have any info on this?

  3. That is a nice neighborhood but to buy a lot at that price I don’t know how much house you could put there and still sell and make some money. Or just break even. I suspect the homes in that area are maybe $350,000 for most of them, maybe less.

    • It’s a huge lot. If you put something facing Sutton, you could put three condos in there.

      • not sure that would be able to be built there. Just seems like the lot is not that big with today’s code for parking and setbacks and such. Plus I would think the neighborhood would probably object to that type of structure being built there. Mostly single family homes with a mix of older apartments.