Pilot with ‘clipped wings’ flies at Ryan Hummert Park

George Tronicek once flew gliders out of Highland, IL, but stopped when he got married; now he flies radio controlled gliders. He was at Ryan Hummert Park Saturday evening with a small model and his little dog Piper.

Tronicek said he defected from Communist Czechoslovakia 30 years ago. He works at Erwin F. Schwarz, Ltd., European cars specialists.

He’s is the father of Maplewood Richmond Heights 2016 graduate Chris Tronicek, and Joey and Steve, class of 2017. He said he plans to start flying full-size gliders again after all his boys have graduated from MRH.



4 thoughts on “Pilot with ‘clipped wings’ flies at Ryan Hummert Park

  1. George, glad to see you still have your E-flight WhipIt. Hope to see you at the park soon. My WhipIt needs some quick repair first. Also, looking forward to seeing you back a St. Louis Soaring. The soaring has been great their this season.