Gobbler spotted in Maplewood: photos and video

A Maplewood resident was surprised to see a gobbler, a male turkey, near his house in the 7600 block of Comfort Avenue on Friday. He said it was around 4:30 p.m. He was able to take photos, and video of the bird running away.

A day later, a large hawk (or falcon?) was also seen in Maplewood.

6 thoughts on “Gobbler spotted in Maplewood: photos and video

  1. I saw a hen turkey a few years ago on Zephyr in the block just east of Big Bend. She went across the road in front of my car as I was driving.

  2. There was on crossing Brentwood Blvd. at Litzsinger this morning at about 8:45 am. I know there are a bunch that live over on Litzsinger further west, but I’ve never seen them this far east.

  3. That happened to us a couple years back on Easter. A lone turkey in our driveway on Lyle Ave.

  4. Well has any one seen him with another turkey?….and I am thinking this is a hen? I hate to think of him/her by themselves….would be a lonely existence without a mate….especially in a strange place. I have never heard of one around here anywhere……I have heard of peacocks….but not a turkey…..