God’s Cod Green Beans recipe: requested, shared

It’s been said that students at Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School smell garlic throughout the halls every Friday during Lent. It’s so everyone can enjoy God’s Cod Green Beans Amandine, served at the fish fry.

A fan (other than 40 South) recently requested the recipe: “I’m not a parishioner (live about 5 miles west of you), but our family is a long-time, faithful, drive-thru MM fish fry participant. I would sooooo love to get the recipe for your green beans Amandine so that we can still have the dish when Lent is over. Would anyone share it?”

Here’s the full recipe, from Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School:

God’s Cod Green Beans Amandine
Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School
Brentwood MO

Make salsa verde

Wash and THOROUGHLY dry 1 large bunch of flat leaf parsley.
Mince 4 cups of whole, peeled garlic cloves in blender. Roll parsley into a bundle, and dice to stem line. Add parsley to blender and puree. Add olive oil up to 5 liter mark and 3 oz Kosher salt and blend (in batches if necessary).

Sauté green beans

Parboil 2 lbs green beans, and drain.
Sauté 3 scoops (3 oz scoop) chopped onions in 6 oz salsa verde in large pan over high heat until onions are transparent. (approx 2-3 minutes)
Add: a handful of sliced, blanched almonds, cook until almonds are toasted (2-3 minutes)
Add: parboiled green beans. Sauté 3-4 minutes.
Add: a handful of Kosher salt to taste and toss throughout.

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  1. As a proud member and parent of a student at St. Mary Magdalen; I’m glad reach such a large; and very diverse crowd.