Halloween Safety for Your Pets

Halloween is one of America’s favourite holidays, I know that it is one of mine, but there are some considerations to keep in mind as we play our Spooky Games.

  • Many dogs get upset hearing the door bell.  Others want to help greet the visitors at the open door.  In order to prevent door darting past the scary Trick or Treat-ers into the dangerous street or upset from the door bell or visiting strangers, keep your pets, cats included, safely behind closed doors in another part of the house.  For dogs, provide something wonderful to chew for distraction and entertainment, such as a stuffed Kong Toy.
  • Chocolate is toxic to dogs and all candy should be kept out of range of Fido.
  • If burning candles in decorations around the house, such as Jack-o-Lanterns, keep in mind basic safety tips to prevent fires caused by interference by pets.
  • If you have indoor/outdoor cats and especially if they are black, keep them indoors.  Black cats are especially prone to wicked deeds by those pretending to play the part of devils, and many black cats have been tortured or killed by such evil people.
  •  Don’t take your dog Trick or Treating with you.  While we enjoy the little four foot goblins, it may be unnerving for Fido and there is no reason to cause your pet fear or discomfort, or at worst risk a defensive bite
  • On that last point, take Fido for a walk before the Trick or Treat folk hit the streets, so that he or she gets their exercise but not at the risk of any discomfort or danger.

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