Hawk? falcon? — seen in Maplewood

A wild turkey was spotted in Maplewood on Friday. On Saturday another resident posted a photo of another large bird on Facebook, perching on the roof of her car.

It’s been called a Coopers hawk, red-tailed hawk, prairie falcon and Millennium Falcon (maybe not that one).

Bird perching on a Maplewood resident’s car

Millennium Falcon

8 thoughts on “Hawk? falcon? — seen in Maplewood

  1. I noticed over the weekend that McGrath now have a couple of chickens in a small coop in their garden area.

  2. A red tail must have torn a rabbit up before it took off with the rabbit. We had rabbit hair, (hare) all over our front yard. One thing I must say there is nothing prettier than a red tail when the sun shines on their tail as they glide. I worked in Clayton for a time and when the Paragrine Falcons were out looking for something for lunch, the Pigeons would low level as fast as they could fly to their hideout. But I never did see the Falcon pursue them.

  3. One of these guys was perched on my porch raining and flew to the trash can when I came out the door … so beautiful! I have also seen great horned owls in my tree and a fox in my yard in richmond heights!

  4. Yes, my daughter took this photo. It was NOT on HER car though…lol…luckily. It is a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk. It is beautiful.

  5. I think it’s a Cooper’s.
    See them on my deck from time to time.
    Beautiful birds.
    Brandon – If that’s what got your chicken, at least it was quick.
    Those hawks don’t fool around.

  6. I am missing a chicken in Brentwood. Could be the result of this hawk, might not be, I’ll never know.

    • Sorry you lost a chicken. We keep larger breeds of chickens for that very reason. Right now we have Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock and as far as we know the hawks haven’t bothered them. However, the chickens make quit a ruckus when the hawk is around. Since the Cooper’s hawk has been around my neighborhood I’ve had fewer squirrels and rabbits raiding my garden.