“He sure looks like me,” said suspect about man in surveillance photo

According to court and police records, Andrew Jamal Frye, 26, of St. Louis, was charged with theft after the victim reported on Oct. 14 the keys to his car had been stolen from an unlocked locker at The Heights, and his iPhone and wallet containing credit cards had been stolen from his car. One of the credit cards was used at the Lids store at the Galleria.

The man who made the purchase at Lids provided a name for a store rewards account. The same name was used by a man who had received a guest pass at The Heights shortly before the victim’s property was stolen.

A witness from The Heights and the manager of the Lids store each identified Frye from a photo lineup as the man who had applied for the pass and made the purchase, each time using the same name. Frye was seen in video surveillance from The Heights entering the locker room shortly before the victim and leaving a few minutes after. Frye was interviewed while in custody in St. Louis city. Although he denied any involvement in the theft and the subsequent use of the victim’s car, he pointed at still photographs taken from video surveillance and said, “he sure looks like me.”


3 thoughts on ““He sure looks like me,” said suspect about man in surveillance photo

  1. It is amazing how many guys put stuff in their locker without locking it. I sometimes come in and open 3 or 4 lockers before I find an empty one. So this story should not be a surprise.