Here’s the August 8 special election ballot

The St. Louis County Board of Elections has posted the ballots for the August 8 special elections. Maplewood is among several municipalities holding elections.

Maplewood’s election on the date is to fill the council seat left vacant when Ward 3 council member Barry Greenberg was elected mayor. See the ballot here on the board of election’s website.

The candidates appear on the ballot in the order they filled. The “removed by court order” refers to Patrick Richards. It was at his request.

9 thoughts on “Here’s the August 8 special election ballot

  1. It is really great to see differing viewpoints here. It is good to see people care, really care, about this community. As long as we all keep it civil, the engagement is good. A little bit of friction ain’t necessarily a bad thing.

  2. In reality hyper-socialism aka communism is at the opposite end of free market capitalism (very limited central government). Actually the countries with the greatest economic and political freedom offer the most justice to those less capable of prospering and improving themselves. Social justice is a term like evolution, different people can pour their own personal meaning into it, making discussing it problematic without specifying its definition.

  3. I’m with you MJA. These types of organizations have no place in our small community elections. These are our neighbors and friends and we don’t need these radical outside groups trying to stir something up in Maplewood.

    • Dave, The group in Maplewood-Richmond Heights is made up of MRH residents, so I’m not sure I understand calling them outsiders.

      • Sorry, Ben. Radical inside groups. You must be media. You are focusing on a very minor point. The major point being that this is a non-partisan election, and an endorsement from ANY party is an encroachment on that tradition in Maplewood council/mayorial elections.

  4. I have to say, after reviewing Mobilize MO’s website, I am not comfortable having an activist group like this involved at this level. But, that is not my call, they are not doing anything illegal. My assumption is that the endorsed candidate requested their endorsement here, look at the bottom of Mobilize MO’s Bio page (her requesting the endorsement is a total assumption on my part, I have no knowledge of this, but it would make sense)
    The progressives’ grassroots strategy is quite slick. Boiling of a frog comes to mind…..[from wikipedia; The (boiling frog) story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of threats that arise gradually.]
    From the Mobilize MO website:
    “We are committed to the dismantlement of socioeconomic and racial injustice through the democratic means of electoral politics, policy and activism.
    We fundamentally believe that strong, widespread progressive relationships and coalitions are essential to socioeconomic and racial advancement; thus, we have built these ideals into the heart and soul of Mobilize Missouri”
    Uh, yea, my vote will be going to someone other than whomever this group endorses……but I am one of those odd people that still believe Capitalism works (gasp!).

    • Hello MJA, Capitalism is not mentioned in the statement you quote from, nor am I entirely sure why someone would be pro-racial and socioeconomic INjustice. But hey, I guess that’s just me.

      • Socio-economic justice and capitalism are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. So, while “anti-capitalism” is not mentioned in the statement as you say, if it was mentioned the boiling frog theory would not apply.